Chomsky on Politics and Health Care in America

At some point in the not very distant future, people will wonder why no one paid more attention to Chomsky. He’s been telling the truth for 50 years…and America still can’t manage to do something every other industrialized nation on earth does for its citizens – provide some basic level of universal health care. Here, Prof. Chomsky explains why.


One Response

  1. I disagree. Only 38 year old virgins will give a shit about what Chomsky had to say 20 years from now.

    By then, Twittering will be considered what 500 page academic books and 1hr lectures from droning-but-brilliant intellectuals who aren’t even remotely “hot” are today.

    By then, intellectual discourse probably won’t even exist. But if it does, it will be done by genetically engineered and surgically perfected spokes-models and will take place in 3 second video clips and “brought to you by” major corporate sponsors.

    That said, Chomsky is smack on, as usual.

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