Baby, I’d Pee Through Your Mail Slot Anytime

Let he who has not peed through the mail slot of some chick he thought was hot cast the first stone.

From Japan (of course):

Police said that 22-year-old Yuuki Oshima, a resident of Noda Cioty, visited the woman’s apartment after midnight on Nov 19 and urinated through the mail slot in the door onto a towel that was hung inside to keep people from peeping into the apartment.

Police said Oshima admits to the charges, and quoted him as saying, “I absolutely went crazy for her the first time I saw her, and just did it.”


4 Responses

  1. What? Not everyone does this?

  2. I can’t say for sure I’d pee through her mail-slot until I see a photo.

    I’m picky, don’t you know.

    • It’s not that folks are lining up in Fukoku…or wherever the hell it was…to urinate through this particular girl’s mail slot.
      It’s that this is now the new way to express affection for ANY chick you think is hot.
      Of course, in your case, you can use the keyhole.
      ZING! POW!

  3. I’d prefer to use Sarah Palin’s mouth. It’s almost big enough.

    By the way, the latest scuttlebutt on Slutty Flight Attendant Barbie is that, after a run in with Marg Delahunty, she’s decided to come to a Hamilton, Ontario hospital fundraiser and (for $200,000 dollars) lecture Canadians on how to run our healthcare system. I have half a mind to go there and see if it will fit in her mouth. Either that or recreate the recent Silvio Berlusconi incident with Palin, only not with a statue, but with my cock.

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