ClimateGate: What an Asshole!

Watching scientists face off with yammering cranks is generally always amusing. But this is a gem. Professor Andrew Watson (educated scientist who knows what he’s talking about) and Marc Morano (climate change denier / blowhard / blithering idiot).

Watch to the end…right to the very end. Perfect.


6 Responses

  1. Monbiot denying global warming? Hardly

    Avi, check out:

    BTW, I grab the vid to put in my “it’s not easy being green post”.

    Toda Raba.
    (Aside You like Shiksas, I’m a goy married to a member of the tribe).

    • If SHE’S a member of the tribe, then all your children are members of the tribe.

      Gotta piss you off a little bit to know how they will guzzle Manischewitz and dance on your grave, Goy Boy.

      UPDATE: Thought this was a comment from Sedate Me…just now realized it’s from Laci…
      And so, having married out, your husband forgoes all claims to a progeny that can legitimately recite the Baruchas and light the Hanukkah candles. No great loss. We’re all godless around here.
      But I understand where you’re coming from, dearest…once you experience the kosher dill, you can’t go back…and good for you!
      Still though. I make a MEAN fucking latke.

  2. It would piss me off if they guzzle Manischewitz since there’s Kosher wine out there that isn’t piss.
    If the little mamzers can’t tell good wine, then I would be upset!

    • I’ve heard the Israeli vintners have been stepping up their game.
      Still though…for me there’s only two kinds of wine: French and Italian.
      I once stole a bottle from Pops, despite not being a fan of wine at the time – 1976 Barrolo.
      It was fucking delicious!
      I looked it up in this coffee table book my mother gave me – Wines of the World.
      Turned out Barrolo is one of the premier, old school, original vintners in all Italy, and the 1976 Barrolo was some kind of “Oh my GOD what perfection!!!” red.
      I felt only slightly more guilty for nicking it. Pops was not the sort to appreciate good wine, preferring a half snifter of Baileys or draught beer slopped with tomato juice.
      Still though…it was a good theft. To this day, I will experiment with various product (excepting anything with the word RIOJA in it, and anything from Germany that comes in a blue bottle).
      I believe, off that one stolen bottle, that I possess a discerning (if inexperienced) palette.

      Mamzers! LOL. I love it when shiksas pick up Yiddish!
      LT, baby.

  3. Oi! That’s English slang (not yiddish) I’m a bloke!

    Try Teal Lake Shiraz, It’s Aussie. We bought some for Passover and drank it by mistake a few weeks early. We didn’t know what hit us it was so good.

    Kosher wine can come from anywhere as long as it is made kosher.

    • Waitasec. I’m confused. You’re a bloke?
      Laci’s a bloke. OK…Laci’s the dog…but then my original proposition re: matrilinear Hebe descendency holds.
      You did this on purpose. You’re TRYING to fuck with me…
      And the only reason you would do that is because you’re a…

      Yeah…Kosher is as Kosher does.

      Baruch atuh adonai elohanou bamitzvatov….

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