Deepak Chopra – Ignorance for the Gullible

More silly foolishness from Deepak Choprah. Why anyone listens to this self-serving, ignorant drivel concocted of wish thinking, fairy tales and sugary glasses of hope flavoured Kool-Aid is beyond me.
Writing on HuffPo, Choprah can’t understand why more folks don’t embrace his universe of What ifs and Could bes:

If you’ve ever used Google Alert, you know the jolts it can deliver. Whenever anyone in the blogosphere decides to blow a poison dart your way, Google is happy to deliver the news, along with the more positive mentions, of course. Most of my stinging darts come from skeptics. Over the years I’ve found that ill-tempered guardians of scientific truth can’t abide speculative thinking. And as the renowned Richard Dawkins has proved, they are also very annoyed by a nuisance named God.

Ill-tempered? Dawkins is anything but. Apparently a desire to see wild claims supported with at least some evidence beyond the scribblings of fantasists amounts to a perpetual bad mood. And to say that Dawkins is annoyed by god is simply stubbornly foolish. How could one be annoyed by something that isn’t there? What annoys Dawkins, clearly, are those who run about insisting, in the face of no evidence whatsoever, that not only does god exist but that they have particular knowledge of its nature, its wants and desires, and who’s going to hell if they don’t wise up. Frankly anyone who doesn’t find that annoying is suspect.

Statistically, cynical mistrust is correlated with premature sudden death from cardio vascular disease. Since the skeptics who write venomous blogs trust in nothing, I imagine that God will outlive them. In the interests of better health, these people should read scripture, or at least a poem, twice a day. Doctor’s orders.

One wonders what kills those who suffer from gullibility and an aching desire to find some hope beyond this veil of tears. It certainly wasn’t skeptics who conducted the Crusades, or who stand outside of clinics shouting at women and murdering doctors. Death comes to all, Mr. Choprah. The question is how one chooses to live, n’est pas?
Having tagged Dawkins as a skeptic, and now asserting that such folks “trust in nothing,” I am forced to say, quite plainly, you LIE, sir.
Richard Dawkins (and this may be confirmed by simply reading any of his books) trusts in evidence; the scientific method; data and experiment and observation. He trusts in reason, as opposed to the sort of vapid, shadowy, phony religious claims that have assisted you in selling your books.

I’ve debated skeptics, including Richard Dawkins (I spoke with Dawkins for over 90 minutes on camera in Oxford. He extracted 30 seconds from the dialogue and dubbed me the enemy of science.) and I am amazed that they mistake self-righteousness for happiness. A sort of bitter satisfaction is what they reap. No skeptic, to my knowledge, ever made a major scientific discovery or advanced the welfare of others. Typically they sit by the side of the road with a sign that reads “You’re Wrong” so that every passerby, whether an Einstein, Gandhi, Newton, or Darwin, can gain the benefit of their illuminated skepticism. For make no mistake, the skeptics of the past were as eager to shoot down new theories as they are to worship the old ones once science has validated them.

The full debate, Mr. Choprah, is available to anyone who wishes to see it. It is merely tedious to have to listen to you trot out the same sort of shallow thinking mixed with invented bullshit and sprinkled with this or that quote-mined bit of ancient Vedic scripture, offering that hollow little cupcake as some sort of thinking.
You’re “amazed that they mistake self-righteousness for happiness”?
I’ve never heard anyone make that claim, but you seem to assert it as fact. Engage much circular argument, Mr. Choprah?
As for the sign they hold at the side of the road, you rude little shit, it reads, “SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE.” And that’s the stunning and obvious difference between such visionary geniuses as Einstein, Newton and Darwin (one wonders why Ghandi was included), and YOU. They provide EVIDENCE, as opposed to blithering, yammering crap on a stick dressed up as insight and argument.

It never occurs to skeptics that a sense of wonder is paramount, even for scientists. Especially for scientists. Einstein insisted, in fact, that no great discovery can be made without a sense of awe before the mysteries of the universe. Skeptics know in advance — or think they know — what right thought is. Right thought is materialistic, statistical, data-driven, and always, always, conformist. Wrong thought is imaginative, provisional, often fantastic, and no respecter of fixed beliefs.

How stubbornly myopic. What unmitigated gall. How do you look in the mirror? To suggest that scientists who demand evidence for the sort of extraordinary claims you commonly pass off as accepted wisdom – skeptics, you call them – have no sense of awe. You lie again, although it becomes tiresome to point it out…it is, after all, your bread and butter.
Not only does science still have great mysteries to investigate, but the TRUTH of the universe; of evolution, physics, cosmology, medicine, neurology…pick a logy…offers more awe and wonder than all of your neat “What ifs”, “Couldn’t it be’s,” “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if’s,” and all the rest of your ginned up Celestine Prophecy bullshit taken together.

So whenever I find myself labeled the emperor of woo-woo, I pull out the poison dart and offer thanks that wrong thinking has gotten us so far. Thirty years ago no right-thinking physician accepted the mind-body connection as a valid, powerful mode of treatment. Today, no right-thinking physician (or very few) would trace physical illness to sickness of the soul, or accept that the body is a creation of consciousness, or tell a patient to change the expression of his genes. But soon these forms of wrong thinking will lose their stigma, despite the best efforts of those professional stigmatizers, the skeptics.

And so this is your prediction? That eventually health care will be a matter of willing a different expression of one’s genes; that spiritual healing – curing the sickness of the soul – will be the answer to physical illness; that the body – the material meat stick in which we are trapped until entropy finally has its way – is merely a creation of consciousness. Your position is that those who fail to see these truths (the skeptics) are simply trapped in a dying paradigm, which you, in your infinite spiritual wisdom, have surpassed, moved beyond, and now are in a position to tell scientists and doctors just how backward and wrong they are.
Three cups ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’, a pinch of quantum physics (no need to understand it…no one really does, so it can mean whatever you want it to mean!), some eye of newt, a teaspoon of reincarnation and a cup of Karma…FUCK, Choprah! It’s another best seller! Get it out there! The gullible await!

Sorry, Deepak. The truth is that you’ve amassed a fortune peddling fortune cookie insights dressed up as science and reason, marketed on the back of some sort of faux Ancient Vedic Guru persona for so long, you’ve begun to take your insipid bullshit seriously. You ARE an enemy of science, and also reason, clear thinking and healthy, productive skepticism. Worse, rather than sit in your corner and wait for the gullible to seek you out, you must attack those who actually DO science, and who have little patience or tolerance for your craven exploitation of the stupid. If you have an honest bone in the body your consciousness creates, it’s ashamed to be hanging out with your aura.


5 Responses

  1. Chopra always strikes me as the kind of guy who reads dictionaries but skips the definitions. I am reminded of the words of the eminent Dr. Hubert J. Farnsworth: “As Deepak Chopra taught us, quantum physics means anything can happen at any time for no reason. Also, eat plenty of oatmeal and animals never had a war.”

    Great article. Keep up the good fight.

  2. Excellent post! The final paragraph is especially spot-on and powerful. I wrote about this article, too. It’s such a horrid piece of deceitful nonsense.

  3. I love it when assholes tell me that I’m an atheist because I “hate god.”
    The simplest logical contradiction zips right over their heads.

  4. “How could one be annoyed by something that isn’t there?” -Cousinavi

    As another Great Canadian once said, “Well, just watch me.”

    I can be annoyed by the contents of a dream one lone African peasant had and completely forgot before waking up.

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