Talking to Americans

Off the back of Sarah Palin opening her blithering yap to demonstrate once again that there’s two lonely brain cells bouncing around inside her skull, both of which are convinced they’re alone, I thought it might be fun to post Marg Delahunty’s old partner in comedy, Rick Mercer, demonstrating why no thinking person ought to listen to anything that tumbles out of the mind of Americans.
Here, proof positive that ignorance and certainty are NOT mutually exclusive, but commonly conjoined south of the big lake they call Gitchee Gumee.

And, as for Sarah Palin…here’s hoping that, at some point before entropy claims her pathetic carcass, the stunning depth of her ignorance dawns on her – the full realization of how utterly incompetent, uneducated, provincial, backward, stunned, brainless and shallow every single thought she ever had really was.


15 Responses

  1. If you could only talk to her, then she would know how hopeless it is for Amerika! The best way to get her out of the television platform, is to have President Obama do more speeches, press conferences, interviews, and maybe write a book on all his accomplishments as President. That won’t take long to write.

  2. Please provide how to video or photos from your album to explain all those directions.

    • Listen, you stubbornly ignorant, backward yammering peeflap Nixon pic. If you’re gonna come around HERE and display your stunning degree of ignorance, you’re GONNA get slapped about like the stupid little bitch you are. You’re welcome to try again…and again…and again…but it’s patently clear from your first effort (and now confirmed) that you lack sufficient awareness of the process, the facts, the drop, the play and pretty well any and every toehold you might hope to cling to in order to hang what you hope passes for argument.
      Do yourself a favour and fuck off before I gut you like a fish.

  3. Nobody else reads this blog so it’s okey that you’re king of a manure pile. Hope “the process” works for your path to a dead end.

    • 78,000 nobodies disagree with you, HoboHummer.
      Now get your diseased, ignorant carcass the hell off my manure pile, you brainless fuckwit. Your comments will no longer be posted until you can manage to string together TWO consecutive sentences that make sense. Seriously, you frustrated little rat bastard…when you can work up a cogent paragraph, feel free to try again. I’m always happy to spank the LITERATE stupid. Unfortunately, you have demonstrated that you aren’t literate…and stupid, all by itself, is just boring.
      Now, as you’ve already been told, Fuck Off.

  4. I thought the Nixon pic was an attempt at ironic humour.

    I guarantee you that if Palin were around in Nixon’s day, he would say much worse about her on tape than Cousinavi says about her. Nixon might do a photo op with her, but he would spend the rest of the day privately calling her an “ignorant cunt that will destroy the party”. Haldeman would probably tell him “We need to take her out, but we have to careful. She’s got a strong following amongst people who like to watch cars travelling in circles.” Ehrlichman would suggest getting the FBI to dig up her sexual indiscretions, breaking into her hunting cabin, or whatever else it would take to destroy her credibility.

    They would eventually discover you can’t destroy the credibility of somebody who has none and is liked despite/because of the lack of it.

  5. Nixon’s image is an icon and it serves as irony at our current stage of political dirty tricks with President “where’s Waldo?” The change in Washington is more debt, more taxes, and another war. Wait a minute, that’s change?

    • Another war? Which “other” war? You mean the one Bush started, then abandoned in order to lie The Coalition of the Willing into Iraq?

      Debt? Haul your head out of your ass, you blithering twit! BUSH created the debt.

      As for taxes, it’s about time Americans started paying reasonable taxes…you know, maybe even as high as they were under REAGAN, before the Bush’s started slashing rates for all his rich friends.

      You are an ignorant fuckwit.

  6. Coarse language is the refuge of feeble minds. You must be at 15% taxable income, so be happy.

    • I’s rather be salty than a moron who regurgitates bullshit, doesn’t know anything about contemporary history, and yammers teabagger talking points like Glenn Beck had his hand up my ass.
      Now fuck off, you ignorant piece of shit.

  7. Nobdy cares what you want to be. This isn’t grade school learning cuss words. I like Glen Beck putting his hand up my ass.

  8. Just read the daily kos “list of Obama’s accomplishments” THAT is f’ng laughable – a third grader could dispute 90% of this with a simple archive search. That shit makes Hannity’s Bush praise look critical.

    Made me laugh though – thanks

  9. “Nobdy cares what you want to be. This isn’t grade school learning cuss words. I like Glen Beck putting his hand up my ass.” – Hoboduke

    So, Hoboduke. You actually like the idea of being anally fisted by Glen Beck? Are you gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) or are you just gay for Glen Beck? (which there is definitely something wrong with)

    Great. Now I’m picturing Beck fisting Nixon. That will keep me from falling asleep tonight!

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