The View From My Window

All chuffed about the new digs. Sleeping in fresh mountain air instead of the grimy city exhaust; waking to bird song instead of blue trucks, firecrackers and calliope Fur Elise; friendly neighborhood dogs instead of three-legged, paranoid street mutts.
This is my view from the kitchen and my office, where I am sitting now:

The tennis court could use a coat of paint, but my days of pretending to be McEnroe are long past anyway.


12 Responses

  1. Congratulations new resident of the enclave. I remember that view- there’s a pool there too in summer isn’t there? Tip: On the drive into town (or back if you prefer) there are some Buddhist nunneries which you can visit! I once got roped into two hours of chanting sutras in Mandarin in a roomful of 50 elderly shaved-head nuns- it was partially annoying (two hours is a long time!) but unforgettable!

  2. You should hire a couple of Betel Nut girls to play tennis.

  3. thought you broke all your rackets in McEnroe type tantrums… lmao

  4. How come I can’t help thinking you play with wooden rackets?

    • I have had woodies – my favourite was a Dunlop Maxply. I still think they should play one major each year – preferably Wimbledon – with wooden racquets. It’s a different game…more finesse required. Big servers like Roddick would lose that advantage.

  5. Men’s tennis was never really any good after those new fangled things took over. It became all about the big serve and surviving it. The only interesting player to come along after that was Agassi.

    While they also negatively effected the women’s game to a lesser degree, women’s tennis still remains quite interesting to me…for obvious reasons.

  6. She’s far from my favourite, but if she ever asks me, I sure ain’t saying no. I see her as the kind of gal who probably doesn’t take “no” for an answer anyway. Hell, I can easily picture her in some kind of dominatrix outfit taking charge and treating me like the pig that I am.

  7. Nice view Avi.. Think I’m in lust with Sedate Me.

  8. Join the club Lipstick Case.

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