Finally A Few Churches Do Something Right

Tip o’ the hat to the theists in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia for doing the right thing.
A number of churches in the South Shore community are going to open their buildings to the homeless throughout the winter so they will have a warm, safe place to sleep.

“They will have a warm place to lie down for the night with a bed and a blanket and then, in the morning, they will go back out into the world,” Mr. Campbell said.

He said churches are responsible for responding when they see people in need.

“Is this not what we’re supposed to do? If we’re going to talk about the love of Jesus, it’s about time we showed it. Here’s one way we can make a difference. This is a no brainer, we should be doing it and here’s the vehicle,” Mr. Campbell said.

Given that these organizations pay no taxes, I see no reason why they should not be mandated to do this – each and every structure that identifies itself as a “Church” – in every community, everywhere…if, as the man says, they’re going to talk about “…the love of Jesus.”

I spend a fair bit of ink slamming religion and churches (and deservedly so). Nor would I want this one decent move to be considered as wiping the slate clean as against all of the contemptible, hateful, ugly, wrongheaded and backward crap organized religion gets up to. But in this case, credit where credit is due. Well done, Padre. Would that the rest of your ilk could conduct themselves with an equally minimal degree of compassion and caring.


One Response

  1. A nice contrast with the Washington DC Catholic fuckwads who are threatening to stop helping the homeless in DC if the city passes some piece of gay friendly legislation.

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