Response to a Theist

A deeply theistic (Christian) friend of mine recently posted a comment regarding the definition of profane: “Anything that we are doing that God hasn’t initiated.”

I asked how one might possibly tell the difference, given the prevalence of such creatures as Ray Comfort, Jimmy Swaggart, Ted Haggerty, Jim Baker, etc., etc….
In response, I was chastised not to judge others, but to direct my attention to where I stand in relation to Jesus.

Not to judge others? Excuse me?

Wait a minute. When someone has the audacity to tell me:
1. They know something I don’t (that Jesus is the light, the truth and the way…that he was a real person and died for man’s original sin, born of a virgin, and that evolution is a load of crap)…
2. That loving Jesus and following the ‘inerrant word of God’ as found in the bible is the ONLY path to ‘salvation’, happiness, truth, etc….
3. That failing to accept Christ as my saviour will condemn to eternal hell…

When someone ADVISES me on HOW to conduct MY LIFE, it is perfectly appropriate for me to look at how that person conducts THEIR life.
And when I do so, do I find people basking in the warm, loving glow of god’s perfect love, reaping what they sow and getting blessing after blessing?
No. I find a bunch of hypocritical, homophobic, self-loathing con artists, liars and thieves using Christ as a crutch, a hunting blind or both; yammering obvious nonsense about scientific matters they simply do not understand, hiding their true nature behind a facade of Christly love and compassion while fleecing the poor out of their last fucking dime as a “faith offering to the Lord.”

I, on the other hand, DO NOT go about telling people that I have some direct pipeline to eternal truth and eternal life at the hand of some grandiose leprechaun for which there is NO evidence. I DO NOT advise others how to live or condemn them to hell.
Except insofar as I can construct a moral code that exists independently of unicorns and fairy tales, I have no advice for anyone on anything, and I certainly don’t resort to delusional wish-thinking and anthropomorphic god figures invented by bronze age sheep herders if they ASK.

Christians give every evil s.o.b. on the planet a free ticket to do as they wish – simply confess to god and all is well…you’re wiped clean. Frankly, I would prefer fewer Disney tales and a bit more justice in THIS plane of existence.

When others stop trying to tell everyone else HOW TO LIVE OR BURN IN HELL, I’ll stop examining the nature of the messenger. And speaking of which, you might think an omnipotent god could find rather more upstanding messengers, eh?


9 Responses

  1. Wait, wasn’t Jesus a Jew?

    Wasn’t it a goy, Saul/Paul, who came around and said “ignore previous instructions”?

    Part of Anti-Semitism is that it is embarassing to Christians to have practising Jews still around since maybe the Christians might be WRONG! Especially if they just practise as Noachides they get a much better deal.

    The Second Part of Anti-Semitism is when they ask if you have a personal relationship to Jesus and you tell them:
    “Yes, I do. First off, you have the name wrong it’s “Yeshua”, you putz. Secondly, He’s one of my wifes relatives and they’re all meshugga. You are confusing meshugga with mosiach.”

  2. That got me a bit verclemt

  3. “Anything that we are doing that God hasn’t initiated.”

    I’ve heard it used before, but that’s an incredibly lame definition of what is “profane”, even by Christian standards.

    It’s a classic Gate-keeper’s answer repeated by a well trained sheep. How the fuck do you know what God has, or hasn’t initiated when the dude is well known to “work in mysterious ways”? By listening to your kid fucking priest, no doubt.

    The answer seems to demand translation from an authority figure, which opens the door widely for the authority figure to superimpose his personal opinion onto yours.

    It’s not profanity that is the problem with profanity. It’s the deviating from authority that’s the problem. The Bible is full of shit that makes most of our modern daily activity profane. (charging interest, playing football) It’s just that, somewhere along the way, the authorities became cool with some things, but not others.

    I got a better definition. How about, “Anything your Sky Daddy would kick your ass for if he caught you doing it.”

    Christians give every evil s.o.b. on the planet a free ticket to do as they wish – simply confess to god and all is well…you’re wiped clean.

    Murder, mayhem, sexual debauchery…and all I gotta do is confess?

    If that’s true, fuck this atheism shit! I’m rejoining the church.

  4. Ruin my day, why don’t you?

  5. Thanks for fixing my HTML error by the way. Covering up my mistakes is very non-douchey of you and will probably ruin your image.

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