What WOULD Jesus Do?

Here’s your Christian charity, right here, motherfucker. You can take your goddamn poor and wretched and shove ’em up your ass.
Or, at least, so says the Catholic Church.
The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington is threatening to stop feeding the homeless – to shut down its soup kitchens – if it is forced to comply with Federal Law requiring the extension of benefits to same sex couples.
As if the fact that their entire structure is based on fairy tales with no more evidence for them than exists for unicorns and leprechauns weren’t enough.
Fuck you, you pack of repressed child rapists…you sick and twisted, vicious, hateful, wrongheaded, backward fuckwits. To your own hell with you.


2 Responses

  1. Kid raping motherfuckers!

    Fuck I hate the Catholic Church! Bunch of Holier Than Thou paedophiles who are endlessly flexing their political muscle!

    They have the nerve to punish the needy of Washington DC just because of some bill their government is passing. They’re even planning to tear up a contract to do it. How about withholding their property taxes instead?? Oh yeah, that’s right. They don’t pay taxes because of the social good works they preform. HA!

    This is exactly whats wrong with churches delivering social programs.

  2. The haven’t tried that shit up here in MA, and we have same-sex marriage. I have to think it’s personal – the Archbishop or the head of the Catholic charities in DC has a problem with the mayor, or perhaps just has more of an issue with gay rights.

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