Insurance Companies Oppose Health Care Reform

Wait, let me put my “Surprised Face” on.

Okay. That’s better.

What a fucking surprise. Insurance companies, who deny care to the critically ill – DYING people who have faithfully paid their premiums for years; who argue that the treatment the best doctors on earth recommend is “unproven” and “unnecessary”; the fucks who take 30% profit (and add cost) to the care provided while seeking to deny coverage at every turn by any means possible, are opposed to health care reform. What a fucking shock!

And Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, Malkin, Bauchus, Frist, and the rest of the “Fuck’em…they’re poor…let them get a job and buy better insurance” crowd, are toeing the line of their hateful, anti-Obama, pocket principles to shut down any chance Americans might ever have at getting the sort of health care the REST OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD takes for granted.

Attention America: You yammer and blither about some sort of fucking ridiculous revolution. You’re OPPOSED to the secret Muslim Nigger Marxist Manchurian Obama…

You’re a bunch of brainless, ignorant fuckwits.
Until you stand up to the corporate bastards who’ve been jamming their profit cock WAY up your backdoor ever since that barely cogent idiot Reagan took office, your sewer doomed downward spiral will only gain speed.

What REALLY pisses me off is this: The “Progressives” have a president who would and WILL actually help you shed the yoke of your cunting profit rapers…but even those who voted for the man are now whining and bitching like a bunch of spoiled brats:
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!”
“Defense of Marriage!”
Do it ALL and DO IT NOW or I’m gonna throw a fucking tantrum!
Gimme it ALL..NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!

Fuck you. Fuck you all.
You know what I’m gonna say when Liz Cheney gets elected? You goddamn well EARNED IT.

Spoiled rotten fucking brats, the vast majority of you.
“Balanced” by ignorant, backward, bitter hate-mongers.
You nitpicking impatient IDIOTS.

Good luck. You’re gonna need it.
Fucking Romper Room.
Less than ONE year into a FOUR YEAR TERM, and so fucking many are whining, “I didn’t get what I wanted immediately!”
It makes me wonder what a defeated left wing will look like…whether it will be similar to the bitter, bitching, childish shit coming from the right just now.

I had hope for you people. Sadly, it turns out you’re equally petulant, impatient and stupid…even when the FACTS are on your side.
Keep it up and I will have no recourse but to gloat when you all gather hands and gnaw off the skull off what’s possible – bury the corpse of what could have been if you hadn’t been such a passel of whiny bitches.


5 Responses

  1. Hey, Cousinavi, quit YER whiny bitching (he says with a snarky grin)

    I know it’s not the way government should be run, but what’s so wrong with progressives expecting Obama to do what Republicans do? They take their “mandate”, (if only 50% of the 50% or so who bother to vote) consider it a blank cheque, and try to shove even their most radical ideologies down everyone’s throats no matter what the level of opposition to them.

    In the last election, the Democrats were given the clearest “mandate” in decades to make some fairly specific changes to all kinds of shit. So, what do they do? The Democrats start with their compromise position and then water it down to nothing. The only people these pussies aren’t afraid to piss off are their supporters.

    If the Republicans were the progressives and they controlled the White House and had clear majorities in both houses of Congress, we would already see at least 1 of the following and and all of the other 3 would be in the pipeline as we speak:

    1) A Medicare system where there is no private medicine. The government would provide all healthcare needs via its public hospital monopoly, its drug manufacturing monopoly and its salaried docs, dentists and pharmacists.

    2) Gays would not just be allowed in the military, it would be mandatory for everybody in the military to take one up the ass from your own gender at least once a year. (Strap-ons for the ladies) Except for the Navy boys. It’s safe to assume they already get their quota. Rainbow coloured camouflage would be de rigueur and every new ship would be named after a gay person. The SS Liberace would pound the shit out of every enemy port with its powerful missiles.

    3) Gitmo would be moved further down the island of Cuba, to Varaderos. Detainees would be kept in Supermax tourist resorts. They would be forced to eat at all they could at all day buffets. They would also get another form of water boarding. This would consist of being strapped onto a flotation device, put in the pool and have rum poured down their throats until unconscious. And random massages would be given out to break their resolve. All this would continue until they are turned into human pudding and cough up all their secrets.

    4) People would be defended from the scourges of Same Sex Marriage. It and every other form of marriage would be made illegal because of the emotional and financial damage conforming to such an archaic, quasi-religious, fantasy causes its victims.

    In all seriousness, I understand the Left’s frustration completely. Democrats control the White House and have clear majorities in both houses of Congress, but it still seems like they can’t get anything done, even things supported by the majority of Americans.

    But the complaints are more than just bitching and whining. The loudest bitchy wheel gets the oil. Being silent and hoping leaders will do the right thing gets you ignored and forgotten. Look at the Town Hall Criers, the Tea Baggers and even the Birthers. All the idiotic bitching from these fucktards got loads of press and their agenda got advanced because of it.

    I don’t like it, but apparently whining bitchery is now part of the fucking “game”. We live in a culture full of snivelling bitches seeking instant gratification. Politics has only just begun to reflect that. Give it another 10 years and you’ll be longing for today.

    • We should start up a company were people can come pay lots of money to be told what we figure they need to hear.
      Satisfaction NOT guaranteed. No refunds. Exchanges are possible…there’s always something else they need to hear.

  2. Fuck, I forgot the Navy link.

  3. Hey, it worked for Dr Phil.

    • That’s not what I had in mind, but I take your point. I think we’d be more like the anti-Phil…sort of a “Are you fucking serious? You need to get the fuck over yourself, shut the fuck up…in fact…we’re charging YOU double because you’re an ass!”
      What? You don’t feel like you got your money’s worth? Did you see the sign? “Satisfaction NOT guaranteed”
      Did you see the other sign? Well…it’s in 4 pt. font…but it says, “Scofflaws will be stabbed repeatedly and fed to the pigs.”
      Hey man…Read the fine print!

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