Olbermann Hits the Health Care Bull’s Eye

It’s been awhile since I posted Keith clips – I think the last one was his outrage when GWB lied about giving up golf in sympathy with mothers who had lost sons in Iraq.
Here, Olbermann puts the health care debate in perfect perspective. Five clips – you’ll need the better part of 45 minutes to watch them all – but I highly recommend you take the time, especially if your name is Max Bauchus, or Betsy McCaughey, or you’ve ever said something incredibly stupid like, “I don’t want no government take-over of health care.” If you’re one of those, haul your ignorant, brainwashed head out of your ass and pay attention.






5 Responses

  1. Now I’ll be the first to say I didn’t watch the clips. However, with that in mind you are taking Olbermann (liberal Democrat) at his word, and nothing underneath it to back him up. This is as bad as posting a Republican’s video’s with nothing to back it up. And we both know you’d rip a Republican for doing the same thing. Be consistent.

    • If you haven’t watched the clips, you’re admittedly ignorant. So, not to put too fine a point on it, but SHUT THE FUCK UP you brainless, ignorant spooge stain. Keep your stupid fucking blithering trap shut until you’ve done some minimal degree of homework, you ass backward jerk-fuck. I want to punch the living shit out of your moronic face for being dumb enough to come in HERE and express something you THINK is an opinion even though you blatantly admit you haven’t the foggiest first notion what the fuck you’re talking about.
      Go fuck your mother again. You’re wasting your time here. You haven’t the brain to play nor tools to pretend. Now FUCK OFF, you twisted moron.

  2. @Curious- your name is ‘curious’?!? If you were actually curious you would’ve watched the clips before commenting on them. You said, “Now I’ll be the first to say I didn’t watch the clips. However, with that in mind you are taking Olbermann (liberal Democrat) at his word,…”

    Can’t you see this is an idiotic thing to say? You don’t know what’s being talked about, do you?

  3. I was going to say earlier that I expected few would preform the “icky” task of sitting through 45 minutes of serious talk about healthcare, but “Curious” beat me to it in his own way.

    Unfortunately, these days it’s too much to expect even a politically engaged person to devote 45 minutes to a serious discussion of a vitally important topic that affects literally everyone.

    But it doesn’t stop them from flapping their jaws about it, or as Curious did, openly admit doing so. Because it’s not about the truth or solving problems, it’s all about the boxing match aspect. The sports-entertainment of it. The idea that somebody would break the usual entertainment format for an honest, heartfelt, discussion written in paragraphs instead of catch phrases is off-putting to most, irrespective of the actual content itself.

    This is an enormous problem all on its own and one that is at the root of many other problems.

  4. But if you think that video is hard to watch, try this one. It follows three uninsured folks and captures how the US healthcare system “works” for the uninsured.


    This two-parter should have anyone with even a drop of humanity bawling. Hell, my eyes almost…almost…got a little moist in a couple of parts.

    And the parred down Moyer’s version of the film didn’t even include Hector’s story.


    This guy chose to amputate part of his leg just so he wouldn’t lose his job and the insurance it provided. Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan.

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