Malkin – Hated By Her Own

It pleases me to no end to discover that someone found my blog with the search string: “Filipinos against Michelle Malkin.”
While I’ve no doubt there are far more Americans (not the brain dead fuckwits that think she’s hot in that Yellow Fever sort of way) who hate the vicious, lying whore with the passion of a thousand white dwarf stars, it really does make my day to know that all the way over here, her own cultural heritage wishes she’d shut her yammering, prevaricating hateful trap.
Fuck you, you brainless little spotlight hogging imbecile.


5 Responses

  1. She’s just a celebrity. It’s her brainless followers who are the problem.

    • They’re half the problem.
      That their idol is a vapid fuckwit is certainly not insignificant.
      Although, you have a point. If she went into perfect hiding, they’d find another fucking moron to gin them up.

  2. “While I’ve no doubt there are far more Americans (not the brain dead fuckwits that think she’s hot in that Yellow Fever sort of way) who hate the vicious, lying whore with the passion of a thousand white dwarf stars, ” Cousinavi

    Not naming names, but does that include Canadians with Yellow Fever who want to be tied up, degraded and sexually dominated by her?? (I’m sure that’s how she rolls.)

    Cause, you can hate somebody and want to have sex with them at the same time.

  3. Please
    I sent an e-mail to Malkin letting her know how I felt. I was a bit rude but with all her lies I had to let her know just what I felt.
    How she posted Chris Matthews phone number after he wouldn’t let her get away with her Kerry story!
    I gave my e-mail address because I’m not afraid of what I feel.
    So she posts it on her site and her loser fans started to write me. Her are the usual dribble.
    Since they like to post and then spam someones e-mail. I was hoping to get some help from the people who know what Malkin really is. A LOSER!

    This is what was sent to me along with 100’s of craigslist manure adds. And a few silly spams.

    You are a dick sucking faggot
    you fucking nerd.

    You are a fuckin loser – fuckin loser – fuckin loser! D Grant

    You wish you could get a blow job from Michelle Malkin Michael Roberts

    How’s your mommy?
    Tell her thanks for the rim job last night.
    This one is great. She actually thinks she’s a secret agent

    I’m an excecutive at XXXXXXX and could very easily out you Mr. Joel from Medford but won’t. You curb your bullshit cowboy or this lady will embarras you in a big way and then kick your ass in front of your lib friends. Got that Bumpkin? Go ahead and give some smart ass response……dare ya. Tina Ferrer’
    Please do the American people a favor and commit suicide. I hope you become diagnosed with cancer. I hope your child is run over by a drunk driver. I hope you become dangerously ill, lose ability to speak and hear, and eventually die. That is all. Bob Jones

    You are even stoopider then James. What the fuck does that mean, fucktard? Rob Poglitsch
    You are pathetic.

    You liberal piece of excrement!!! Hahahaha…. Why are you so bitter anyway? Your black Messiah is in the White House. Isn’t that the God you worship??? Alfonso Rivera
    Enjoy the spam mail you fucking nerd. john conservative
    How much shit have you been eating today? sean


    Man, I bet you SUCK your DOGs DICK with that Mouth Lenguado J

    you Kiwi cocksucker. You chickenshit
    liberals never get anything right George Orwell

    Do you somehow feel threatened that Ms. Malkin can perform a sexual act better than you? Do you like shit in your mouth when you give someone a blow job?

    Gary Van Tassel

    There were a few decent people and we are still writing and talking. But on the whole. This is the cream of her crop!

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