If I See Anyone Reading This Book, I Will Point and Laugh

Ghost written on behalf of an idiot, marketed to idiots.

Going Rogue



6 Responses

  1. The sheer depth and breadth of what Sarah Palin doesn’t know is only exceeded by the confidence she possesses in what she thinks she knows.

    The incongruity of it all…the juxtaposition between her ignorance and her self-centered certainty is the stuff of legend.

    I HOPE…I HOPE she gains the Limbaugh brain dead fuckwit GOP nomination, so the whole world can finally see, in full technicolor surround sound, how fucking vacant this Wasilla beauty queen cuntflap really is.

    Go Sarah. Palin 2012. PLEASE!!!

    /useless grinning winking vacant cunt

  2. Notice how the cover design has so much sky in it. Combined with the pure white font, it looks as if her name was written in Heaven. And yet “Going Rogue” implies that her opinions are currently the underdog opinions.

    “She’s been sent by God to save us from the liberal heathen that run this country!”

  3. It’s so clear that she’s being marketed as a Second Coming figure. The Heavenly imagery. The martyr/crucification complex. It’s all targeting morons who are either drunk on religiosity or just want to rally around another stupid loser so that they can win vicariously through her success.

    Second Coming Barbie. Her book is available in stores now. I, for one, can’t wait to see what she has to say.

  4. I hope to fuck she doesn’t mention our…er, um… personal meetings. That would be embarrassing.

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