Shout Outs

There are some folks who make shouting into the ether worthwhile. I just wanna acknowledge.
Props, babies. It chuffs me up when you drop in heavy.

Banyan Tree (Zen Man)
Sedate Me (Big Man)
Jeff Eyges (You are NOT more cynical, motherfarker!)
Christian Reyes (Who…me? Really? I totally didn’t expect this!)

There are others who have provoked lengthy and vicious responses, but FUCK THEM…being present doesn’t necessarily earn respect.
You cats…and Dana over at Tequila (but she hasn’t been by in awhile)…make this bloggin shit almost pleasant.
That anyone is paying attention is rather a surprise. That such as ya’ll are jumping in…I’m frankly honoured.

This will be the last and only time I ever say anything remotely kind about any of you. Enjoy it. Bask in it. Haley’s Comet will return before this happens again.
(*listening to Zep – The Crunge – as I type this…just so you know I mean business*
I don’t need no respect from nobody…no)

14 Responses

  1. awww! how sweet. Defender of reason, denouncer of dunces, battler of brainless fucktards and the occasional bringer of the jazz/funk/blues. What more could one ask for? Now sleep it off you sappy fuck!

  2. “Sedate Me (Big Man)”

    Oddly enough, Big Man is exactly what women call me after sleeping with me.

  3. Oh, wow, I just saw this. Thank you! Very gracious.

    • You’re more than welcome. Please don’t stop visiting.
      Now, having said that, you blithering cuntflap (as promised) it will be nothing but abuse from here on in.
      Which is OK…I know that’s what you’re looking for, you dirty little shit.

  4. Oh, and Shana Tova – and I mean it in the most secularly possible way!

  5. (I rarely blither.)

    • Of course you do. It’s one of the great joys on life and an almost perfect pastime.
      It’s like Palmolive. Blither? You’re soaking in it!

  6. (I slay me! giggles and more giggles!)

    It’s Autumn Festival in Taiwan. Whole island smells like a BBQ tonight – which is the best it ever smells, ever.
    Mmmm. Charred meat.

  7. That’s really very considerate and sensitive of you. You must be up for some sort of award.

    Nah, Bill Maher got the award. I forgot to complain about vaccines.

    Will get you back come Christmas.

    Secular Jew here, if I hadn’t already mentioned it.

    • If your brother plays drums, we dopplegangers.

      Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha’olam….

      I still light the Hanukkah candles cuz it was something we did with Dad, and I miss him…
      Nothing to do with religion. If we had slaughtered pigeons together, I’d be murdering birds.

      That said, I think we got the best prayers.
      “Blessed are you O Lord our God, King of the universe, who has sanctified us through His commandments…”

      Beats hell outta the Psalms. Green grass and still waters? HAH!

  8. Well, my sister hammers away at my brother-in-law’s sanity. Does that count?

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