Old Shoes and Picture Postcards

You know how it is.
It’s late…you had a few drinks…you melancholy the name of the first woman ever broke your heart into Google just to see what comes up.
I knew she married the doctor. Turns out she has a boy, now 17 years old (…has it been that long? Seems like yesterday), heading off to Scandinavia on some sort of exchange program. Life has turned out well for her. That’s fine in the best way. Good thing she didn’t stick it out with me. Wishes ain’t horses and beggars don’t ride.
Still, though…such moments bring me closer to Tom. Like most things do.
Might throw up some Van Morrison “Into the Mystic” or some Stones “Wild Horses”…Neil Young would be appropriate – “Hey Hey My My” or maybe “Long May You Run” (she had great taste in music) – but I gotta go with Tom.
Can’t find him doing Old Shoes…

I’m singin’ this song…it’s time it was sung…

…so Bad Liver and a Broken Heart.


2 Responses

  1. It seems liquor can break ones’ heart as fast as women or memory. A fine line between the three, they are somehow interrelated. We go to one to enhance, or escape, the others. It’s maddening, exhausting.

    I’m going out tonight to try and figure it out. I’ll drink one for you. L’Chaim.

    • The fleecy cloud may kiss the sky
      The flower kiss the butterfly
      The foaming beer may kiss the glass,
      but you, my friend…L’Chaim.

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