Drugged Up Zen Goat

I don’t know who thinks these things up, but this is NOT a photoshop.
Someone actually trained this fucking goat to balance on a can, on a tightrope, while a monkey climbed on its back.
What freaks me out is how goddamn relaxed the goat looks. To hell with anthropomorphism, THAT is one severely relaxed caprine. On my best, most drug addled days, I can only hope to find that sort of peace.
You go, goat.


2 Responses

  1. Is this picture some kind of George Bush – My Pet Goat reenactment or is it some ultra kinky sex-act preformed in front of a live audience?

    • That ain’t the point. Look at the goat. Look at his eyes!
      That is one totally chilled out goat.
      Put YOU up on a can on a tightrope…see how fuckin’ relaxed YOU look.
      Goat got you (and me) beat all to hell.
      There’s a lesson there.

      /wish you had a dollar for every time you hollered you’re leavin’ and ain’t never comin’ back

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