A Little Respect for Science, Eh?

H/T to Thunderf00t.


4 Responses

  1. What about looking at it the other way around.

    I’m far from a science worshipper, but If the religious anti-science crowd had their way, this is where mankind would be.

    • I don’t worship science, either. I don’t know anyone who does.
      But I do respect it, and trust it to provide better answers than twisted interpretations of the myths told by bronze age sheep herders who cannot fathom a universe without a personal sky wizard.

  2. I’m sure you realize I agree.

    Glad to hear you never met a science worshipper. Unfortunately, once upon a time, I knew a couple of budding mad scientists who thought that all science was universally good and refused to accept that science or scientists had any responsibility to anyone or anything and that no limits should be placed upon them. (They also felt the same about the Holy Free Market.)

    I had nauseatingly frustrating arguments with them about Oppenheimer, Nazi doctors, The Island of Dr Moreau, drug safety and all sorts of other ethical shit they felt scientists shouldn’t waste one second of their time thinking about. I still try to block it out of my memory.

    They are probably in lab together making 12 assed monkey-alligator genetic hybrids as we speak.

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