Kirk Cameron & Ray Comfort – On the Origin of Species

As you’ve probably already heard, Kirk Cameron (the imbecilic child star now stumping for Jesus and convinced that evolution is wrong) and Ray Comfort (bananas were obviously designed by god to be food…look how easy they are to hold!) are giving away free copies of Darwin’s Origin of Species on college campuses next month.

I’m not sure which is more troubling: The stubborn stupidity required to ignore evidence, science and reason in order to profess such blindly dogmatic foolishness as truth, or the bald lies Kirk Cameron is willing to tell in order to suggest that religiosity (but only his!) is a good thing.

Here’s ZOMGitsCriss taking Cameron apart. I’m not sure where she lives – Romania I think. In any case, her knowledge of American constitutional law puts Kirk to shame.


14 Responses

  1. I love her and agree with everything she says- Kirk is a dickwad and this Ray Comfort is clearly an idiot.

  2. Avi,
    giving away bibles with an introductory preface by Dawkins, (or maybe even Hitchens or Sam Harris) is a BRILLIANT idea.

    • I think they should all get 50 pages. Dawkins for the science, Hitchens cuz…well, he’s Hitchens, and Sam for the sheer scale of unassailable philosophical reasoning that lives and breathes in every sentence he writes. I think it’s rather a shame he doesn’t get as much attention as the geek or the drunk. Maybe Harris should take up heroin?

  3. I think I came in my pants three times while watching this video. (No, not during the Kirk Cameron parts.)

    You can keep your ageing skank Liskula Cohen. I want me some of THIS hottie. Beauty, brains, bad attitude…and that sexy fucking accent!

    When she said “Booolshit!” I downloaded in my pants.

  4. The other day, when I suggested testing for intelligence and sanity as a prerequisite for voting – I’d like to start with these guys. Well, Kirk, anyway. Ray, I’d just deport back to New Zealand – preferably, to this place:

    [😉 Avi]

  5. Where are the bozos to respond to this? Ha Ha!

    • I’m not sure, but I suspect my “Fuck off or I’ll put a knife in you” approach to debate scared ’em off.

  6. That’s the way to do it! You betcha!

  7. I think that the 50 page introduction is fine, there is no alteration being done to the original text so this shouldn’t be such a big deal. They are just posing an arguement against something that they don’t believe in. And whatever happened to freedom of speech?

    • The 50 page introduction is full of lies, distortions, debunked ID arguments, false dichotomies and ad hominem attacks that have (a) no basis in fact and (b) no place in scholarly analysis.
      Comfort not only does not understand the material (thus rendering his critique shallow and pointless), he HAS removed two full chapters from the original text, and engaged in outright lies in his “introduction.”
      He is a fraud, an idiot and a liar.
      Freedom of speech? Do you even understand what that means? Apparently not.
      First of all, the constitutional right of freedom of speech only means that the government (you know…the GOVERNMENT) may not infringe on your freedom to express your beliefs WITHOUT JUSTIFICATION.
      To be rather more clear, if you incite a mob of people to, “KILL THE NIGGER! KILL THE NIGGER!” and they do so, you will find your defense, “Oh…but that was just me exercising my FREEDOM OF SPEECH!” to be an insufficient argument. Likewise, should you insist on running into a crowded theater and screaming “FIRE!” when there is no reasonable evidence of a fire, then you can and likely will be held liable for any harm that results from the panic you cause.
      Furthermore, while you have the freedom to express yourself as you wish, I have the freedom to say that the CONTENT of your speech is shallow, ignorant, dishonest, borderline illiterate, and the product of some form of vicious brainwashing bordering on child abuse. As Winston Churchill said, “Your right to an opinion does not obligate me to take you seriously.”
      Not believing in evolution is no different than insisting you run a unicorn farm. It requires a stunning and stubborn degree of ignorance.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  8. FIRE!!! FIRE!!! FIRE!!!

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