Stupid People Vote – The Failure of America

Ignorant redneck dittoheads. The only thing that exceeds their imbecility is their certainty. What’s most sad, amusing, depressing, unsurprising and important is that the simplest question utterly derails them.
“I’m against Obama!”
Could you tell us what he’s done?
“Well…you know…STUFF…he’s done things that are wrecking America!”
Like what? What has he done?

“Communist Black Fascist Muslim stuff! He’s out to destroy America!!!
You can’t just GIVE health care to people. It won’t work!”

2 Responses

  1. The constitution is a dead document. The kenyan believes it’s alive along with the “fucked in the head” aclu.

    • A dead document?

      You work at being pointlessly obtuse…or does that come naturally?

      I appreciate you demonstrating your fuckwittery right off the hop. Saves me arguing with you.

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