Let Freedom Ka-Ching – Colbert

Colbert preaching the word.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


9 Responses

  1. “In Canada, Comedy Central Videos are only available on The Comedy Network.”

    Once again, I have no way of seeing the video because of some motherfucking deal between the two networks keeps Canadians from accessing the original Comedy Central video.

    Hey, Cousinavi. Not to be a whining bitch, but could you at least put a date/episode context on these Comedy Central clips so I can at least try to search them up at The Comedy Network? I’m getting a little tired of not knowing what the fuck you’re talking about. Makes me feel like a member of the Religious Right.

    • Makes me feel like a member of the Religious Right.

      Motherfucker. I’m sorry for that. Jumped up Pope Jesus on skis…how awful!
      Google the title: “Colbert Ka-Ching” – you’ll get what you need…and need it you do. This is a startling bit of genius.
      I (and you) must bow before the satirical brain trust of Colbert’s writers.
      Sort of like Ricky Gervais on TDS the other night: Fat guy in a car accident…some sort of metal pole pierces him right to left through his fat, distended belly but missed all internal organs…
      Fat guy: “So, being fat saved my life.”
      Gervais: “If you’d been skinny, it would have missed you altogether!”

  2. Saw that one on TV. Ricky Gervais is one funny SOB. Loved him on Extras. (Funny and poignant)

    Shit, all the other websites are blocked too. MOTHERFUCKER!
    (Yours is the first to turn up by the way.) Fucking copyright deal making, conspiring, corporate Big Brother motherfuckers!!!

    • Serious? I’m #1? As it ought to be, n’est pas?

    • Gervais was just fuckin’ awesome. I so want to shoot some pool with that guy.
      Did you catch Matt Damon?
      “This is gettin’ a little weird.”
      “I don’t want my kids hangin’ out with your kids.”

      /Appalachian Trial

  3. Finally found it here.

  4. Posted Twice? More like posted nunce, now.

    The first one gave me nothing but that “Not available in Canada” bullshit. The second worked when I accidentally posted it here last week. (I was just trying to make a link to it.)

    But now I see BOTH videos are out of commission for me. The second now has “This video has been removed due to a copyright claim by Viacom Cocksuckers International Inc.”

    MOTHERFUCKERS! Copyrighting motherfucking bullshit!
    Don’t these stupid motherfuckers realize that using clips in this way only serves to promote their shows?

    • This is the price you pay for hogging all the Red Rose Tea.
      Only in Canada, you say? Pity we shant let them see the videos.

      /Go Habs!

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