Glenn Beck

You know what I like? I’ll tell you.
I like it when I check my blog stats and find people arriving at my wee corner of the internet by searching for “Kill Glenn Beck“, “Glenn Beck Imbecile“, “Glenn Beck is a piece of shit“, “Fucking Moron Beck“, and “Glenn Beck Must Die.”

There is hope.


12 Responses

  1. So is there a fund that I can donate to where someone will incapacity this Beck idiot? We don’t have to kill him, just cut his tongue out, and hit him hard enough with a hammer that he can’t rant and rave anymore. Some unemployed person out there could make some money.

  2. Why so much hate directed toward Mr. Beck? The truth hurts, I guess.

    • LOL.
      Yeah…FEMA concentration camps. OLIGARHY. Love the clip where he offers to take naked pictures of the “hottie”.
      The US health care system was the worst thing EVER when they operated on his ass…but NOW, it’s the best in the world.
      Glenn Beck and truth?
      You’re either stupid or a troll. Either way, don’t change a thing.
      Do tell…why has Beck REFUSED to address the accusation that he raped and murdered a woman?
      What is he hiding?

    • yes glenn beck speaks the truth to white trash

    • This is the career highlight reel of Glenn Beck’s truth telling.

      You’re welcome.

  3. Unfortunately he is free to speak his mind. If he didn’t get someone all roweled up then he wouldn’t be there. It makes for good ratings I guess.

  4. butthead

  5. I am employed,yet,i have a hammer and,i am willing.He will just be the first of my cleansing the world of idiots tour.

  6. I love you guys.

  7. I’d be more than happy to donate any amount of money if someone is out there that is willing to put a bullet between his eyes. Better yet, down his throat.

    • A bullet between the eyes would be too quick and too painless for him. May I suggest slowly lowering him into a boiling HOT vat of cooking oil . .or . . crude oil. And make the event pay-per-view on TV.

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