Obama Will Bring The End Times

It might not have joined the main stream of right wing crazy yammering, but it is shouted often enough to take note.
Some weird religious element at teabagger protests, trying to get some of the attention the birthers and deathers draw, protesting against Obama because he’s (a) the Anti-Christ, (b) leading us to a single world government, and is therefore a portent of the coming End Times – the return of Christ and the Tribulation…the Rapture.
But here’s the thing I don’t get. Aren’t they supposed to be looking forward to that? If Obama is going to bring back their beloved saviour, shouldn’t they be doing everything in their power to support the president? Or are they afraid of Jesus? Isn’t this what they’ve been waiting and praying for?
I’m confused.


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  1. Obama earths face worst evil Has nukes Pulled Mankind’s history worst scam
    Got Beast’s Marks IL Lotto 11/08

  2. Random words mouth sputter slob doppleganger socialist day pass. We gob baffle forward past Yoko. Bus stop on the highway of the JELLO SMUG WAFFLE!

    Saw 2 minutes of Glenn Beck yesterday and it’s affecting my brain. Don’t know what his excuse is.

  3. I ❤ JESUS!

    no but seriously…those right-wing loonies really are giving us normal Christians a bad rap.

    everyone knows that there's always a group who want to take things to the XTREME!! and these fundamentalists do not represent the views of the entire group….at least I would hope not.

    • I’ve been having a running debate with a lovely Christian / childhood friend. I do not question or attack her faith, but it truly shocks the ever-lovin’ crap out of me how stubborn, backward and contorted people seem to NEED to be to buy into the bible.

  4. I am a Christian and I could care less who or what Obama is, politicians are are all liars cheats and thieves in my opinion. The end will come no matter who is the president.

    But for all I know Obama could be God’s judgment on this country. People should be careful of what they ask for. Think about it, the jews insisted that God give them a king even though He warned them.

    Then they got Saul.

    Yes, we hope for the return of the Lord Jesus, and the sooner the better. But that does not mean I would support liars cheats and thieves, that’s just not our place in this world.

    Good question though, nice way to point out the extremists.


    • Saul? Of Tarsus? ‘Scuse me…but WTF are you talking about? Saul (Paul) was never king of anything.

      It always strikes me, even beyond (and here I mean no offense…but I can’t help it) the stubborn, desperate brainlessness required to buy into religious faith (especially the Abrahamic trio), the stunning degree of flailing unfamiliarity of most of them with their own scriptures.

      On what basis do you slander Barack Obama as a “liar, cheat and thief”?
      Oh…I see…an assumption without any evidence. Of course. But, being a Christian, that’s standard operating procedure.
      No need for evidence. The bible is true because it says it is. Your god is the one true god because he claimed to be. And your world view is correct because you hold it.

      Peace to you, as well…and, hopefully, a spoonful or three of anti-dogma. I really don’t mean to offend…it’s just that the facts offer little alternative.

  5. not Saul of Tarsus…SAUL…as in the first KING of the Israelites.

    • Ah…you had said you were a Christian. I just assumed you were New Testamenting.

      David’s predecessor.
      Pfft. I hate dipping into fantasy stories to argue current circumstances, as though the misguided, ignorant ramblings of bronze age sheep herders, translated, edited, hacked up and redacted from the ancient Aramaic and Greek scribblings has any basis in fact, truth or relevance to anything.

      The fact remains, you have no basis to label Barack Obama a thief, liar…or whatever the other thing was.
      Projection? A glimpse into your own dark soul? Is that why you lean on the crutch of Jesus…because without that you’d become what you claim to despise?

      If you’re relying on the bible for support in argument, I’m sorry…it amounts to nothing more than stubborn surrender.

  6. and btw, to say all politicians do not lie and cheat make YOU stubborn, desperate, and brainless.

    ex 1. Obama said he opposed the war in Iraq and would bring our boys back home….yet he keeps sending MORE troops to add to the ones we have over there.

    ex 2. he said he won’t prosecute the Bush administration…oh wait what’s that, my attorney general wants to, oh you go right ahead let me just turn a blind eye.

    ex 3. ok you do not have to be a political genius to see this one coming…last night he said that the 9 billion dollars needed to fund healthcare reform will come from funds already being used….but being used inappropriately…if these so-called funds existed to serve a noble cause, why do they exist in the first place….and everyone knows that for a government to spend money, they have to make money, and to make money, the have to increase taxes….especially when we’re talking about 9 BILLION.

    come on these are fundamentals we all learned in high school history and economics.

    • 1. IRAQ is not Afghanistan. Take a geography lesson. The troops ARE leaving Iraq. NO troops are being SENT to IRAQ. They are being sent to Afghanistan.

      2. Obama IS opposed to prosecutions of the former administration. However, if you knew anything about the structure of American government, you would know the the Justice Department IS NOT a wing in the White House (despite the way Bush and Cheney used it as their own personal attack dogs). The AG has the responsibility to investigate and prosecute violations of the federal law, REGARDLESS of the wishes OR the directions of the president (which, in point of fact, the president is NOT PERMITTED TO GIVE).
      You have apparently fallen victim to the idea that the JD operates at the behest and direction of the POTUS (as it DID under Count Cheney and Dr. Von Bush). It doesn’t. Read a fuckin book.

      3. Don’t talk to me about fundamentals of economics when your civics is so plainly lacking. The money pissed away in Iraq would pay for “Cadillac health care” for EVERY American. The money wasted in bureaucratic bullshit over Medicare filings – could it ever be freed up and rationalized – would cover every dime of a full single-payer program. I’ve no doubt what you know about the economics of health care is perfectly on par with what you know about the laws and treaties dealing with TORTURE and the operations of the Justice Department.

  7. Yes, bullshit is the politician’s stock and trade. So bad is it that even an actually honest politician can wind up being turned into a liar because of the way the system works.

    I’m disappointed as hell in Obama’s rule. Not because he’s a liar, but because he’s a pussy. He’s got good policies, but keeps compromising them in the face of establishment resistance and the resistance from the Army Of Idiots.

    Last night was about as tough as I’ve seen him, but still not nearly tough enough.

    • He’s a consensus seeker. Was that way as Ed. of Harvard Law Review…was that way as a community organizer…was that way as a Senator…
      What did you expect? He ain’t gonna peel off his skin to reveal some sort of Librul Dick Cheney / Donny Rumsfeld nature.
      But here’s the thing, my friend…he’s been doing this same mellow shtick for years…and it always works.
      Chill the fuck out. He’s got this.
      It’s like Ali’s rope-a-dope. Just when you think he’s gonna get beaten into the third row, he dances to the side and scores with a quick flurry just as the bell rings – winning the round. You win enough rounds, you win the fight.
      Wait and see. We’ve all doubted his tactics before, and the doubters were all left holding their tickets and wishing they’d bet the nose.

  8. @ j.r. : You are an idiot. that’s all, plain and simple: your quote, “….and everyone knows that for a government to spend money, they have to make money, and to make money, the have to increase taxes….especially when we’re talking about 9 BILLION.” ….9 Billion? are you actually that stupid? I don’t know about the health care plan, but I know that 9 billion to the american budget is nothing. nothing. nothing. They just gave out half a TRILLION or so to banks, 50 billion to failing car dealerships and the total annual U.S. military expenditure is about 600 BILLION – please take a moment junior to think about what an idiot you are. No offence to young intelligent people, but I hope you’re just young because at least you’d have that as an excuse for not knowing your ass from a hole in the ground, but if you’re older then you should realise that your life has been a completely wasted effort and you need to apply yourself in a new direction.

    @ Kenneth, who said, “But for all I know Obama could be God’s judgment on this country.” “For all I know” is pathetic Kenny, cause for all I know you fuck donkeys. For all I know your mother fucks donkeys. For all I know your mother fucked a donkey and nine months later you popped out to sully this world with your idiocy and hair-brained babblings. Go fuck yourself because for all I know you do.

    • Banyan Tree…
      You’re gettin cranky. Must be the Mr. T. hair grippin tight on your I Pity The Fool.
      Of course, I LIKE it. That shit is right up my alley. To me, it’s latkes and apple sauce.
      But coming from you, somehow it’s troubling. I mean…you’re supposed to be my gentle, loving, tolerant counter-balance.
      Should it turn out that there’s a judgmental supreme being, I was sorta counting on saying, “Well…LEZNOFF likes me!” and trusting that that would be some sort of “No Cover All Access Backstage Pass.”
      But if you’re gonna go all vicious ‘n shit…

      I couldn’t go for baptism, of course (my hypocrisy has limits!)…but jumped up Buddha on skis…
      You’re scaring me.

    • Also…REALLY like the donkey fucking track.
      Chicago Sam is into horse porn these days. A certain synchronicity, which you would totally appreciate, seems to abide.

  9. You OUTING me on your blog, fucker?!? What are you, some New York skank?!?

  10. LOL!

  11. LOL so 9 billion is nothing to our deficit eh….I guess I really am young and naive

    • After what Bush put into Iraq (Oil revenues will pay for it all!!!), yeah…9 billion for health care for everyone, not merely a fair price….a relative drop in a vicious ugly bucket, you brainless fuckwit.

  12. yeah 9 billion is petty change…
    healthcare for all eh, and you believe that….lol.

    i wonder what the Canadians or the British think about that.

    • I am qualified to TELL you what Canadians think about it.
      I have many UK friends…I know what they’d tell you, too.
      Here’s the line: You have your head jammed so far up your ass you need glass belly button to tie your shoes.
      Universal health care – cradle to grave. It’s not a fucking commodity, it’s a RIGHT.
      It’s not our fault you’re a brainless dittohead who couldn’t think your way out of a soggy paper bag. What’s sad is the pain and suffering you’re willing to inflict on your fellow man in order to stand in solidarity with Rush, Beck, Malkin and the rest of the ignorant, yammering fuckwits you consider clever.
      Here’s hoping YOUR FAMILY never has to learn how stupid you are.

  13. well I mean thanks for continually attacking me…basic healthcare is a right…but at what cost? Having the elderly denied their right because they are inevitable not worth it? Being placed in month long waiting lists in order to receive basic healthcare?

    don’t bother replying, I’m no longer going to visit your blog….you’ve proved yourself to have the mind of an ingrate.

    • JR…don’t be like that.
      Running away when the shallowness of your position is demonstrated is no way to go through life.

      The elderly are NOT EVER denied care. Certainly not in Canada, and there’s nothing in ANY of the current bills that remotely approaches such an ugly thing.

      There ARE waiting lists, BUT NOT FOR BASIC OR CRITICAL CARE.
      Hip replacements…various forms of elective / quality of life procedures take a backseat to life saving / serious impact health care issues.
      I submit that’s FAR better than having the insurance company to which one has paid years of premiums DENY ANY TREATMENT because you once had a wart removed and didn’t mention it when you bought the policy.
      Every system of care has downsides. But in Canada, my myopic friend, if you NEED attention, you GET attention.
      Everyone. Period. Cradle to grave.
      The facts are out there. Ask a Canadian. Don’t take Grassley or Limbaugh’s word for it…ASK A CANUCK.
      We’re more than happy to tell you: Your system is ugly, and you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

  14. Health care is not a right you fucking communist idiot. The government was not designed to take care of all you lazy fucking bastards who want a free ride on my hard earned buck. I dont work my ass off 10 to 14 hours a day to pay for your health care or put a meal on your table. I earn my paycheck and my health care you fucking ingrate. Learn to be a man and get a set of balls, maybe just maybe someday you to can get a job that has health care instead of lurking around the web waiting to jump on some poor moron who seems to disagree with your sorry lazy good for nothing ass. If not just fuck off and die and stop being a waste of oxygen and my tax dollar.
    Obama is a liar and an idiot plain and simple. But what can you expect from the commander and chief who has never served a day. The only reason that jackass got elected was because Bush was the poster child for stupidity. I am a conservative thru and thru and Bush was no Repubican in any way shape or form in my book. He took the label but could not walk the walk of a true Republican. But at least he was not dumb enough to put a fucking communist on our government payrolls and expect to get away with that shit. Yes Van Jones is a documented communist and thank god that moron is gone.
    And for Obama to say reform on healthcare is his biggest lie to date. He wants single payer healthcare period. He can color it anyway he wants, but straight from donkeys mouth I heard it with my own two ears. “It may take 10 or 15 years, but I think we can get single payer healthcare enacted”. You want a communist country take your lazy ass to China or North Korea. There has never been or will be any government program that has been run the way it should be. Hell they couldnt even take over a brothel and have it make money. You expect me to trust them with healthcare when they cant even sell a piece off ass and make a profit??? Keep drinking the koolaid you fucking idiot!
    J Rankin

  15. P.S. If that Canuck system is so fucking great, tell me why the Canadians come to the USA to get treated by a good old USA doc and PAY FOR IT!!!! See it day in and day out. Have a lovely couple who go to my US American doctor and they travel 160 miles round trip to do so and pay for it out of their own pocket! Just so they do not have to put up with that wonderful Canadian medical system! IT SUCKS ASS is why!
    J Rankin

  16. wait….wait….I just want to know, since when did Socialism become good? I don’t know what part of the planet you’re from but maybe YOU should pick up a fucking history book.

    Hell, I’ll give all the socialistic nations out there credit, but America….? The American government doesn’t have the balls or the brains to enact and run ANYTHING efficiently…and here’s a mind-boggler, ever asked why this is such a standstill issue in congress? Maybe you haven’t read the bill but this stupid college student has and in it are earmarks the likes of which this nation has never seen. Government funding for abortions for one…my tax money is not going to kill another human being.

    It looks like you’re the myopic one here “friend” do some research into the obama administration and all the promises that were made….and all the promises that actually came to fruition.

    Why do you think Obama tried to rush this thing through….thank God his last stimulus plan FINALLY drew the attention of Americans.

    keep reading if you have the brains to comprehend the fact that socialism will be the death of America.

    1. There isn’t a single government agency or division that runs efficiently; do we really want an organization that developed the U.S. Tax Code handling something as complex as health care?

    2. “Free” health care isn’t really free since we must pay for it with taxes; expenses for health care would have to be paid for with higher taxes or spending cuts in other areas such as defense, education, etc.

    3. Profit motives, competition, and individual ingenuity have always led to greater cost control and effectiveness.

    4. Government-controlled health care would lead to a decrease in patient flexibility.

    5. Patients aren’t likely to curb their drug costs and doctor visits if health care is free; thus, total costs will be several times what they are now.

    6. Just because Americans are uninsured doesn’t mean they can’t receive health care; nonprofits and government-run hospitals provide services to those who don’t have insurance, and it is illegal to refuse emergency medical service because of a lack of insurance.

    7. Government-mandated procedures will likely reduce doctor flexibility and lead to poor patient care.

    8. Healthy people who take care of themselves will have to pay for the burden of those who smoke, are obese, etc.

    9. A long, painful transition will have to take place involving lost insurance industry jobs, business closures, and new patient record creation.

    10. Loss of private practice options and possible reduced pay may dissuade many would-be doctors from pursuing the profession.

    11. Malpractice lawsuit costs, which are already sky-high, could further explode since universal care may expose the government to legal liability, and the possibility to sue someone with deep pockets usually invites more lawsuits.

    12. Government is more likely to pass additional restrictions or increase taxes on smoking, fast food, etc., leading to a further loss of personal freedoms.

    13. Patient confidentiality is likely to be compromised since centralized health information will likely be maintained by the government.

    14. Like social security, any government benefit eventually is taken as a “right” by the public, meaning that it’s politically near impossible to remove or curtail it later on when costs get out of control.

    oh no but I’m a stupid college kid, what do I know right?

  17. He’s a consensus seeker. Was that way as Ed. of Harvard Law Review…was that way as a community organizer…was that way as a Senator…cousinavi

    I know. I know. And it’s worked…up until now at least.

    It’s exactly what I expected. I always expect to be disappointed and I’m right 9.5 times out of 10.

    He’s smart and really likeable, but still a pussy.

  18. JR,

    I may be making a few incorrect assumptions here, but far fewer that your incorrect ones, so I’m ok with that.

    Clearly your anger stems from the subconscious realization that you are working your ass off for a system that apparently rewards you with SWEET FUCK ALL. At best, you get enough money to survive to slave for another day, but that’s not because of some communist bogeyman running America. That’s just the system operating AS IT WAS DESIGNED TO by generations of rich people.

    Rich people and their propagandists have convinced America that larger taxes aimed at providing you with benefits (ie guaranteed healthcare insurance) is more oppressive than working shit hours at a shit job, so that shitty rich assholes can “earn” tens of millions a year on the backs of people like you. They sit in their mansions every day, laughing, drinking Dom, and getting blowjobs from girls younger than their daughters. These are the guys who find higher taxes “oppressive” because they already get the best imaginable health care and don’t want to pay a single dime for providing healthcare for ordinary Americans. People like you are completely expendable to them and they laugh at how they can manipulate you into doing their bidding, even if it means slitting your own throat.

    These people laugh at how many fools cling to the fantasy that their labours will someday be rewarded and that they too will join the ranks of the rich and want to make sure that, when they get what they deserve, the taxes will remain low. Hell, I’m laughing as I type this!

    But guys proposing all Americans get healthcare as a right? They’re out to ruin your life! They want to sit back and watch as you spend your days breaking your back in order to get healthcare! Well, this sounds like a case of “To-may-toe, To-mah-toe” to me. (The biggest difference is that when your back finally does break, your public insurance won’t drop you.)

    Ask yourself the following: Do I feel angry about paying taxes for road construction? Is allowing lazy, jobless, fucks to use the roads my tax money paid for communism too? Is the ability to drive a car more of a right than healthcare? Apparently, a lot of people think so. (Interesting to note that auto insurance is mandatory in many states while health insurance isn’t.)

    , maybe just maybe someday you to can get a job that has health care…”P.S. If that Canuck system is so fucking great, tell me why the Canadians come to the USA to get treated by a good old USA doc and PAY FOR IT!!!!
    -(not the real) J. Rankin

    I have a job that includes health care coverage. They can’t drop me even if I become unemployed or have a pre-existing condition. That job is called being a Canadian. It is a right of citizenship.

    As for Canadians going to America for healthcare, that is a hidden benefit of our system. Thanks to your system that only values the ability to pay, we can not only jump our line, but YOURS TOO! Unlike you guys who cannot access our system and tens of millions of you who can’t even access your own system, Canadians can have full access to both systems! So tell me whose system is better.

    HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! And uh…HA HA HA HA HA!!!

    As an aside, I also now get 5 weeks paid vacation. I heard 20-25% of Americans get NO paid vacation and that the average paid vacation is -what- 10.5 or 12.5 days? Yet, despite all its “communism”, Canada still miraculously survives. I guess there are other ways of doing things other than The American Way.

  19. You actually believe the crap that comes out of your own mouth is what I find amazing. And yes this is the real J Rankin…not JR. I am a 45 year old male from Toledo Ohio not some college kid. I grew up in a poor neighbohood with a drunk for a father and a worthless mother and us 4 kids would not eat if I did not have 2 jobs and still managed to stay in school and pull a 3.5 GPA that took me to college and the job I have today. I came from nothing and without one penny from the governement I am now the CIO for a very large mental health orginization. From day one I had over 30 days a year personal and vacation time as well as very decent health benefits.
    There is no way some dumbass from Canada can tell me the Canadian way of doing things is so wonderful. Only time I hear of Americans headed to Canada is to hide from Uncle Sam as draft dodgers, NOT to get on the Canadian medical system or have a better life.
    To have come from sleeping with my 2 brothers and 1 sister in a 2 bedroom house, getting up at 5 am to go stock store shelves and working at a pizza joint every night just to put food on the table to making a 6 figure salary without one penny from the governement is a long long haul. I personally could not give a rats ass who besides myself does or does not get a vacation. I made myself what I am today with no ones help…NO ONES!
    I am no longer my brothers keeper nor anyone elses but my wife and kids. And my kids want for nothing. They will never go thru what I had to go thru to get where I am today. I have already put 2 kids thru college and 2 more to go and all with no governement grants or loans. I have never wanted to be that rich person you so vividly hallucinate about breaking peoples backs to make my millions. I am however part of corporate America and I dont know what punch bowl you been drinking out of, but I can assure you there is no system designed by generations of rich people. If there where, I would never be where I am today.
    You seem to live under the illusion that we owe you a living plus vacation and healthcare. It does not work that way here bud. America was not founded on Socialist principals and some jackass in the whitehouse who has already centralized %18 of the American economy is finding out real fast that we do not want his socialist agenda. We have already discovered he is just another slick willy trying to sneak his communist buddies into the government and pull a fast one before anyone could object. TO LATE ASSHOLE we caught you with your hand in the cookie jar and now he will be found out for who and what he is. A two faced liar who is hoping the people where so tired of the Bush administration, that he can get away with anything. The people of this country are speaking out by the millions, marching on Washington. This battle is far from over and I am all for reform in health care…reform not governement take over. Single payer healthcare does not work, not now, not ever. We are a country who rules our governement, not a governement who rules its people. Obama keeps going the way he is going and I can promise you he will be impeached. We will not stand around and watch this idiot throw our country into socialism. He can give all the great speeches in the world, but he is still nothing more then a community organizer with zero military experience trying his best to make everyone believe he knows what he is doing as commander and chief and leader of the free world. The opinion polls are already on a major downslide and shifting faster every day. His days are numbered if he keeps this bullshit socialist agenda up and thats a fact jack! Sooner or later the people will speak and next thing he knows its back to that community orginizer job along with his little acorn buddies. Maybe just maybe he can go to Acorn and they can tell him how to import little girls from El Salvador and write them off as tax deductions…..
    Best thing me and you can do is agree to disagree. In my humble opinion there is no system that works %100 of the time for all of the people. Even I am smart enough to realize that…..But I am smart enough to realize I could not be where I am today without a good work ethic and a bunch of elbow grease…and I am not sharing either with anyone! To me the best socialist program is called get a job!
    Have a wonderful day!
    J Rankin

    • @ Rankin:

      You’re an idiot (and, I suspect, a liar). One would need rather better spelling and grammar skills than you display to run a large company…not to mention better logic.
      Of course Americans don’t visit Canada for health care. If they can’t get it at home (and many can’t), they can’t just come into Canada – the Canadian health care system of for CANADIANS, you moron. Americans do commonly cross into MEXICO, though, where they can pay for treatment at dimes on the dollar compared to the fees in the US.
      Single-payer health care doesn’t work? You blithering imbecile. It works everywhere BUT the USA. Canada, Britain, France, Brazil, Taiwan, Singapore…pretty much the entire planet gets their head around health care as a right, not a commodity available for the rich.
      You’re a country that rules your government, eh? So, YOU were responsible for Gitmo, invading Iraq, renditions, torture, failure to protect New Orleans, warrantless wiretapping of American citizens, revealing Valerie Plame as an undercover CIA operative, lying about WMD, deregulating the banking and insurance industries, failure to oversee the invention of credit default swaps…you blithering, ignorant fuckwit. You sat back in your stunted, backward, brainless ignorance and let GWB and Dick Cheney shred the constitution you now so proudly invoke to cover your filthy, stupid racism and stone ignorance.
      How fucking DARE you say Obama is unqualified because he has no military experience. You hypocritical cunt flap – what experience did George Bush have? Dick Cheney? Don Rumsfeld? Condi Rice? Suck a giant bag of dicks you vacillating moronic asshole.
      So, you run a large mental health organization, huh? I find it more likely that you’re an in-patient, but I pity the people who seek any sort of comfort or assistance from a dickwad like you. How do you get your head jammed that far up your ass? It’s got to be tough going through life that fucking stupid, certain and hateful. Eat shit, you vicious Republican fuck.

  20. @navi….speaking of language, yours make you seem like a pre-pubescent child with a hissy temper tantrum.

    America was founded on the blood and tears of people, it was founded on hard work….if everyone expected the government or the next person to provide for them, there would be no America. A country that stands for independence, individuality, and freedom is what America is….and btw, most Americans take responsibility for stuff…which is funny because oddly enough, most Americans oppose Obama’s socialized healthcare BS.

    maybe you didn’t get a college degree, because if you had you’d stop being such an uppity moron with YOUR head jammed up your behind.

    • Ignorance must be your stock in trade.
      In every poll, Americans by large majorities support the public option.
      America was founded on genocide and has, throughout its history, been the most warring of any country in history.
      The blood and tears (of Native Americans) and the hard work (of slaves).
      You’re just another jingoist dittohead moron yammering out of your red, white and blue asshole. You know nothing of American history and less about the rest of the world.
      “Most Americans oppose…”? You stupid fuckwit. Go do some research. Stop listening to Glenn Beck, you brainless, blithering tool.

  21. If only health care were to be that easy, the government would have already done it!
    Look at Medicare, Social Security…
    Many Americans DO oppose Obama’s plan…take a look at the revolts in town hall meetings around the country…..then again maybe all you watch is CNN.

    First, private insurance may do it with higher overhead, but they also do things more efficiently. Medicare isn’t a slam dunk solution to fixing healthcare, as you would invariably have to get rid of all private insurance in the process (as the Canadians have done). This comes with a whole host of problems, such as: what if someone wants to get their own insurance? And more importantly, it means a rationing of medical services for everyone. So yeah, everyone would have insurance, but it what good is it if you have to wait for procedures and have your care dictated by the government? I’m not at all in favor of that.

    President Obama has said that he will accept any ideas for overhauling healthcare except for the status quo. But what he fails to communicate is that we put more funding into healthcare than any other country BY FAR. There is a reason that people who live in countries with socialized healthcare come to have procedures done : we have freedom in deciding who to go to, we have a healthcare system that is efficient and offers the BEST medical services in the world….(are you going to curse at me for saying that….you yourself admitted to the fact that canadians come to America for treatment and in fact several nations rely on the specialized medical procedures within our great country.)

    Obama is increasing our taxes, having us pay for new roads, new schools, paying for people to get jobs, paying to get people out of the bad loans they chose on their homes, killing our chances of retiring by not doing anything about the plummetting stock market, choosing people to regulate/represent us that are not paying their own taxes, and now he wants to include us paying for everyone else’s health care????

    you keep your idiotic, socialistic ideals to yourself. America got to be the greatest nation on earth without socialism and we can damn sure reform our healthcare without compromising our value in hard work and personal responsibility.

    • Once again, you haven’t got the foggiest fucking idea what the hell you’re talking about – just more nonsense yammering. You THINK you’re right, and you repeat utterly FALSE crap you heard Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck say.
      There is private insurance in Canada. There is no rationing of services. There are waits for elective services, which is better than not being able to access ANY services (as for the uninsured in the US) and NO ONE GOES BANKRUPT because they get sick (as over half of the bankruptcies in the US).
      The American health care system is not the best in the world. For one thing, it doesn’t cover everyone. Any system that leaves people untreated cannot call itself best. For another, check your infant mortality rates. See the WHO data. That’s just more Beck/Hannity bullshit. You’re some sort of GOP internet troll – ignorant and insistent, but no facts.
      You seem to have the idea that people PAY to come to the US for your wonderful health care. Canadians don’t…the Canadian Government pays. Get you’re fucking head around it, you idiotic fuckwit. IF there is someone, somewhere in Canada who can more easily access life-saving treatment in the US, the GOVERNMENT pays for them to go get it. We not only get the care we need at home, but when it’s easier to hop the border, we jump to the front of your line even if we’re poor. It’s got nothing – NOTHING – to do with people eager for top quality American medical services AND the ability to pay for something they can’t get in Canada, you stupid fuck.
      You’re an asshole. Don’t bother posting here anymore. There are degrees of stupid I can’t tolerate in my home, and you ain’t welcome. Brainless, ignorant fuckwits like you ought to stick to your racist teaparty bullshit and not inflict your ignorance on thinking people. You’re an embarrassment to DNA.
      Obama is CUTTING your taxes, you moron. Roads and schools have ALWAYS been paid for by tax dollars. The stock market is UP since he took office, you brainless spooge.
      America is NOT the greatest country on earth. By any measure, it’s about 15th and falling. It’s BEHIND Canada, and Switzerland, and Norway, you idiot. STOP LISTENING TO GLENN BECK. DO SOME READING. GET AN EDUCATION. LEARN something before you come in here advertising how fucking stupid you are.
      The fact that you spend MORE on health care than anyone else and DON’T cover anyone OUGHT to tell you something, but you’ve got your blinders screwed on so fucking tight you can’t see that you have your head up your ass.

  22. I don’t usually do this, but the desperate, stunted, insistent fuckwittery of this cuntflap provokes me…so I will insert my responses into the middle of this brainless imbecile’s comment…(I’m the bold)

    CIO first and foremost do not run a company you fucking moron, they run the IT and communication dept. And I have yet to meet the first IT(information technology for you mentally handicapped fucks) guy that gives a flying fuck about grammar as long as we have our computers running and spell check working, which I wont even waist my time on for the likes of your dumbass.

    Proper grammar and spelling, no matter where you reside in the corporate structure, is indicative of a decent education. The lack thereof is indicative of a weak, insufficient education – an inability to think critically or express oneself in clear terms. Take that as you will, you lazy, semi-literate moron.

    Once again you blather about like a moron with his balls cut off with no facts, purely fiction. %52 of Americans APPOSE ANY healthcare change and %78 percent APPOSE single payor period.

    Payer. Not Payor. Payer. Oppose. Not APPOSE.
    I don’t know where you’re ginning up your yanked out of your ass stats, but this is simply another example of your LIES. The vast majority of American citizens support the public option. Don’t come in here and make shit up.

    Healthcare in the good old USA is not for the rich, just for the people who are not fat ass and to fucking lazy to get an education and a job.

    To/Too. Health care has nothing to do with job or no job. Plenty of people with jobs, who faithfully paid their premiums, are commonly denied the benefits to which they are ENTITLED based on nothing more than a profit-driven insurance company seeking ANY means to deny payment. If you haven’t figured that out, you’re too stupid to take seriously.

    Its fucks like you that think the world owes them a living, healthcare and a roof over their head when I don’t owe you the fucking air you breath you waist of oxygen.

    Oxygen? You think YOU are MORE ENTITLED to OXYGEN because you have a job? Brainless, ignorant, cuntflap bastard fuckwit. I need go no further than that to reveal you as a bastard fucking cum stain. Eat a bag of shit, you whore spawn fuck.

    It’s obvious that lazy fucks like you want to sit around on your fat asses and have people like me who work 50 to 60 hours a week pay you’re fucking bills. Healthcare, food, housing and the very air you breathe is not a god given right jackass. Only one thing gives you those rights…its spelled J O B

    The air I breathe is the same as the air YOU breathe, you asshole. It IS a “god given right” (or would, if there were a god). And the fact that you CLAIM to pay your own way does not entitle you, even if what you say is true, to ANY more AIR than ANYONE else. And you can suck my fat cock while I beat you upside your ugly fucking head if you think otherwise, you stupid, brainless FUCK. That you would deny food and shelter to other humans based solely on their employment strategy reveals precisely the sort of bastard YOU are.

    The best thing that could happen to a loud mouth socialist prick such as yourself would be to get a real job (McDonalds does not count moron) .

    I have a real job. It’s better than yours. It pays more than yours. It carries more respect than yours. And I don’t give a rat’s ass what you do. I have a top tier, top dollar, transferable monster job. I have a REAL education which I can take ANYWHERE on the planet for serious money. Don’t even THINK about condescending to me, you bootstrap wage labour IT fuckwit.

    And as always with you socialist pricks, you seem to think the government is the end all beat all of solutions.

    Illiterate cunt. “End all, BE all”…not “beat all”. Would you PLEASE learn to speak your own language. Please. How do manage not to choke to death on your own toes? You CLAIM to be some sort of super talented computer genius, but you can’t fucking spell? You functionally illiterate fuckwit. You’re clearly full of shit.

    They should rush in and protect and take care of every need of every breathing person on the planet. That is NOT the government’s job.

    No one said it was. If you had the ability to deal with the ACTUAL ARGUMENT, instead of cranking up a bunch of backward, redneck, racist, ignorant straw man BULLSHIT, you MIGHT be worth talking to…but you don’t…and you’re not. But, please do educate us: What IS the proper role of government? What are tax dollars supposed to do, you cranky, backward, ignorant asshole?

    That is not what America was founded on. And all those countries that you named as being good little socialist and all that warring you talked about that us Americans do….just sort of reminds me what countries where pleading and begging the good old USA to come save their asses a few years back.

    ??? What? Could you please manage to string together a sentence that makes sense and DOESN’T have lies as a premise?
    Which countries are you talking about?
    A few years back? Which years?
    Save their asses?
    Name ONE war America won…just ONE. Of course, there was the Blue vs. Grey…America managed to kick the shit out of ITSELF.
    Other than that, what has the good Ol’ USA accomplished on the field of battle?
    Vietnam? Nope.
    Korea? Nope.
    WWII? Thanks for showing up AFTER PEARL HARBOUR…the REST of the Free World went to war in 39, you late coming PUSSIES…
    Cuba? Nope, you couldn’t manage to take a wee little island 90 miles offshore.
    Venezuela, Haiti, El Salvador, Panama…you incompetent fuckwits haven’t won a fucking thing since you kicked your own ass.
    What WAS America “founded on”? Genocide. Slavery.

    So they where either countries we saved their asses or countries who’s asses we where BEGGED to kick jackass.

    Were – Where. English is not your strong suit, huh? No surprise…why would you write well when your thinking is so so dramatically pathetic?
    Who begged you? Some evidence for your yammering LIES and BULLSHIT would be good. I’m getting a little tired of you making shit up, asserting it’s true, and claiming it as proof of something.
    I’ve been telling you for awhile now that you have your head up your ass – that you’re living in a fucking fantasy world where real truth and facts have no bearing on what you BELIEVE. But, seriously, let’s try to stick to FACTS, you fucking moron.

    Obama is a failure in more ways then just lack of military experience. He has lack of experience period, in all fazes (phases?) and aspects of government. Let’s look at this dumbass we call a presidents job history:

    A summary timeline of Barrack Osama’s (Osama? Nice one, you racist fuck) job history:

    Student, Occidental College/Columbia University, 1979-1983
    Business International Corporation, 1983
    New York Public Interest Research Group, 1984
    Community Organizer, Developing Communities Project (Chicago), 1985-1988
    Student, Harvard Law School, 1988-1991
    Editor, Harvard Law Review, 1988-1989
    President, Harvard Law Review, 1990-1991
    Summer Intern, Sidley & Austin law firm, 1989
    Summer Intern, Hopkins & Sutter law firm, 1990
    Illinois Project Vote, 1992
    Lecturer – Constitutional Law, Chicago Law School, 1992-2004
    Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland law firm, 1993-2004
    Illinois Senator, 13th District, 1996-2004
    U.S. Senator, Illinois, 2005-Present

    That’s a helluva lot better than:
    Admitted to Ivy League university off Daddy’s Skull and Bones cred.
    Failed oil business backed with Saudi cash
    Failed MLB franchise backed with Saudi Oil Money
    Refusal to fulfill stateside forces gig.
    Cocaine and alcohol abuse problems
    Stunted, ignorant, illiterate fuckwit.
    Really, you racist cunt, if you can’t admit that Barack Obama is the MOST qualified president in the past 40 years, you have your head jammed WAY up your ass.
    His academics far surpass Bush (who had NO military experience).
    He is more educated than Clinton (who was fucking WELL educated!)
    GB1 ran the CIA and was a smart motherfucker…so that’s remotely debatable…
    Reagan? Ronnie was a fucking ACTOR who worked second fiddle to a CHIMP. Don’t even go there.
    Your “qualifications” argument embarrasses you as either stupid, myopic or both. Brainless cuntflap strikes again.

    Nothing in that list impresses me at all, let alone qualifies the jackkass (sic) to be president of the USA. His good fortune sits in the fact everyone was tired of GWB and McCain was just another GWB period.

    WTF would impress you? I guess you have six PhDs, three Nobel Prizes and won the Booker for best new novel in the Commonwealth last year.
    Brainless, illiterate cunt. Shut the FUCK up. As i told you before, it would behoove you to just say, “Yeah, I’m incompetent and don’t know what the fuck I’m yammering about…I’m just an angry racist – pay no attention to me.”

    You can bring out the racist card all you want, call me a liar and try to point out all my “failures” at grammar.

    I need not point shit out. Your illiteracy is plainly displayed for all to see. So is your racism. Point out? LOL. You’re a giant neon flashing billboard of stupid.

    It all comes down to you and him both not having a clue and trying your damndest sic to prove me wrong and you’re down to that??? What a fucking pity!!LOL that’s all you have left?? The racist card and me not wanting to waist my time with spell check on your dumb ass!!!

    Waste/Waist. Spell chicken is your friend. So is Grammar chicken.

    Sorry to inform your dumbass sic, but you do not pay my bills (you couldn’t afford them anyway) and it is obvious you wouldn’t have a clue if it walked up and smacked you in the face!

    I can afford your bills. Really. I can. I wouldn’t, but you can trust me, you low rent IT cuntfuck. I can buy and sell you nine times over – you, your kids, your whore, your nuts, your house, ALL OF YOU. You’re a cheap little wage slave. Don’t even THINK about the comfort of ‘I have more money than he does’…you DON’T. If your spawn dropping biatch knew how much money I have, she’d leave you with the brats and be sucking my cock for diamonds by dinner. Sadly for her, I wouldn’t want anything to do with the sort of stupid whorebag that would would fuck a rude, backward, brainless spooge stain like you.

    You also seem to be under the false pretense I even give a rat’s ass what you seem to think. At 45 years old I am smart enough to be making a decent living and realize Obama is nothing more then a temporary pain in the ass and can not do more then put a minor dent in my way of living.

    For someone who ‘doesn’t give a fuck’ you sure put a LOT of effort into your angry rants. You DO give a fuck, you pathetic, backward, ignorant cumstain.
    You’re not smart. Clearly you THINK you’re smart…but you’re not. You’re just a blithering dittohead.

    You on the other hand can’t affect my way of living even as a minor inconvenience dumbass. You don’t pay my bills, you won’t ever see a dime of my paycheck and its really looking like it always does with you socialist pricks that you’re pissed off that I won’t ever see one penny of the money I make….ever!

    Maybe you want to reread that sentence. I’m getting the sense that you’re SO frustrated, angry, and stupid that you can no longer control yourself. Sorry, little retard…slow down…take a breath.

    1 year from now major change will take place and Republicans (hopefully conservatives) will yank his want to be dumbass back out of power hopefully before its to late with their votes leaving him the limpid president he is and always will be.

    You don’t know much about American electoral politics, do you?
    Brilliant! Keep yammering.

    Americans where tired of GWB and bullshit as usual, me included. That dumbass was not a Republican in any way shape or form. NO true Republican would ever think of pulling the shit Bush did and think of getting away with it.

    Republicans are JUST LIKE YOU. If they ain’t like YOU, they ain’t Republicans, right?

    So scream, yell, cuss, name call all you want dumbass. In 1 year all this will be nothing but a bad memory and the political climate will change for the better. Obama thinks that people where just fed up enough with the antics of GWB that he can do as he damn well pleases, WONT HAPPEN! 1.5 million On Washington last weekend can’t be wrong.

    1.5 Million? Really? Who’s the dumbass now? Moron. Imbecile. LIAR.
    Even Michell Malkin retracted THAT bullshit.
    60,000 MAX. You fucks NEED to lie to feel like you’re worth a fart.
    You’re not.
    Lying, ignorant ASSHOLE.

    Brag all you want on your Socialist medicine, but we know better. We can see you for what you are and more important, what you are not. And some dumbass working at McDonalds spouting his socialist agenda does not impress me one bit…..especially when he can’t even get basic facts straight and has to resort to the racist card when he is down to no other way to defend his stance. You sound like a 3 year old who can’t get his way, ohhh did I forget to mention fuckwad, wait for it……wait for it!!!! I am %25 black. And yes trust me I know…even us black folks can be a touch racist. But saying that I oppose government healthcare based on skin color does not cut it….nice try moron. Yes even us black folks can be Republicans, hard to fathom for you closed minded dumbasses.
    Have a wonderful day! Fuckhead

    You’re a brainless, ignorant, stubborn, uninformed fuckwit.
    Suck a giant bag of festering ocelot balls, you moron. Suck it, and suck it hard. Gobble, chew and swallow. You are just plainly stupid, ill-informed and a LIAR. CIO, indeed. You’re a fucking data entry clerk, IF THAT. No serious company would give an illiterate backward fuckwit like YOU any sort of authority. YOU ARE A LIAR and a RACIST.

    P.S. CIO is Chief Information Officer unlike CEO’s who actually do run companies while CIO’s just run information technology (you know the little computer thingies) And just to impress your good for nothing lazy ass…spell and grammar check where used in the making of this

    You need to upgrade your computer, you illiterate, backward, cuntflap.
    Just another plain LIE, same as the rest of your obvious bullshit. Eat shit, fuckface. You’re too stupid to tolerate. IF you used spell check and grammar check, you need to upgrade your software, you massively STUPID drip.

  23. vindy.com/news/2009/sep/10/majority-of-americans-dislike-obama8217s/

    i can do it too….minus the spewing of nonsensical garble that you always seem to type.

    Speaking of NONSENSE…look where you get your information.
    Dittohead dick.

    • @ JR
      I guess you’ve given up. Can’t handle having your ignorance, illiteracy and sheer fuckwitted stupidity displayed in public, eh JR?
      You must be nursing a simmering rage…trying desperately to find some Faux News / Glenn Beck / Stormfront support for your backward, racist, ignorant, sclerotic rage pimp opinions. Good luck with that. Sadly for you, next time you attempt debate with your intellectual superiors the same result will obtain. You’re just not capable of playing with grown ups. The sooner you learn to stick with the moronic fucktards that think you’re clever, the better you’ll feel about yourself. Christ…it almost makes me a little sad to realize that soon even your children will figure out that their daddy is a brainless cuntflap. How embarrassing for them, to be unable to invite friends over out of shame.
      But only almost, and very little.

    • This ought not be taken as any sort of apology. I would not retract a single word – I meant every one of them most sincerely.
      But the tone disturbs me. That I might let anyone so patently ugly and stupid as JR provoke such unrestrained death-cunt-fuckwit-asshole-whorebag…
      It would be easy to blame it on drink, but it’s deeper than that.
      I hate ignorance…stupidity. And it’s everywhere. Personified in JR.
      How can anyone not understand? If you are sick…if you need medical attention…go see a doctor. WE research, WE build hospitals and universities, WE pay taxes. IF YOU NEED A DOCTOR, GO SEE A DOCTOR.
      Auto insurance is mandatory. But here’s the difference: If you buy it, and you pay your premiums, no one ever says “You ain’t covered…you had an “expired meter” ticket in 1973.”
      Profits constructed on denying requisite care – even if for no other reason to keep the 1.2 million in the bank for another 60 days (the period of time to which, according to the CONTRACT, the insurance co. is entitled to review initial claims BEFORE issuing a pro forma denial of coverage DESPITE expert medical opinion!). Treatment delayed is treatment denied.
      AND there’s a difference between a boob job and a heart transplant.
      Jumped up Buddha on snowshoes.
      The world is overfull. I have no idea where the ones who say, “We can help you…if you can pay for it out of pocket” even come from. It’s utterly inhumane. Despicable.
      It’s amazing how quickly I turn into The Champ:
      “Yeah, Champ…your wife came back to the office so we could dicker over the sofa.”
      “We went out back to dicker…over the sofa.”
      Well, I LOST IT!

      /eugenics, my way – the stupid must be sterilized.

  24. This is my second attempt at posting this. Sorry if it comes up twice.


    I clearly struck a nerve with my correct guess that you came from -er- a humble background. Good for you that worked your way into a decent mental health gig. My faith in America’s mental health has certainly been renewed with men like you at the helm! Public service is clearly your raison d’etre.

    I’m sure the anger issues stemming from your childhood abuse/neglect have given your staff members a lot to talk about at the parties they don’t invite you to. Probably a lot of 3 beer diagnosis of you going on there. I’m sure they peg you as suffering from Self Made Man Syndrome. Such men are convinced everything good that happens to them is due purely to their hard work & skill and that everyone else is conspiring to take it away. Funny how so many who profit from the system (any system really) give themselves all the credit and usually consider those who didn’t make it lazy, stupid or untalented. It’s also funny how irrationally scared those same hard working succeeders are that somebody will take it away from them. Do they think they won’t be able to repeat their success? Is it a subconscious realization that it wasn’t just their hard work & skill that got them where they are and that luck, help from somebody or -GASP- the government had any role in their success?

    My dad had Self Made Man Syndrome too, but at least his personal circumstances gave him reason to fear government. He lived under both Fascist AND Communist regimes. As a kid, he actually witnessed people he knew taken to their deaths and bodies left behind from purges. Yet, even he wasn’t nearly as paranoid about government as many Americans are of their own democratically elected government. The Retard Right comparing Obama to Hitler and Stalin doesn’t just require a complete misunderstanding of their philosophies and their histories, it is a complete shit on the face of anyone who ever experienced REAL government oppression. “Oh Jesus, my taxes might go up! FASCISM!!! COMMUNISM!!! DEATH PANELS!!! DAVID LETTERMAN WANTS TO RAPE OUR BABIES!!!”

    I’m not the shrink here, (If there was ever a mamby-pamby socialist profession, it’s mental health! A bunch of drug pushing hippies who just want to cuddle everyone and make their ouchies go away!) but I’d say some people’s religious belief in the Free Market borders on Magical Thinking. I’ll let the expert give a more clinical diagnosis. (Physician heal thyself?)

    But congratulations, Rankin. Seriously. Because you beat the odds. Funny thing about Capitalism, success is usually a function of how much capital you start with. How much money your parents have is the number one determining factor in a person’s economic success. The more you have, the better your odds. The less you have, the worse. Millions of Americans in the same boat as you have put in just as much effort, maybe more, and failed. More than a few of them have been sidelined by no other reason than a family medical crisis that robbed them of their capital. Perhaps that’s the real reason why so many guys who’ve “made it” want to deny Americans health care coverage. Perhaps they think it will weed out some of the competition that may rise up, bump them aside and put them back where they started. Oh well, that’s competition for ya! Wouldn’t want to ruin that with any socialism, would we?

    Funny thing about the Unfettered Competition Model is that, as they say in the film Highlander, “There can only be one!” There is only one winner and everybody else gets his head chopped off. (Relax, it’s just a metaphor, but it still applies.) Social Darwinism. Survival of the fittest. Every man for himself. Hey, it worked for me! Yeah, great system…for you and 5% of the population where all the wealth is concentrated. Gee, how couldn’t a dog eat dog system work great for everyone…provided they don’t mind the human race remaining little more than a bunch of damn dirty apes shitting and pissing on each other for all eternity! (You know, just like the Internet.)

    Again, congrats on retaining your head for now, perhaps at the expense of what’s in it. Because any system that has, built into it, a decent percentage of the population perpetually struggling for mere survival is guaranteed to have high crime rates and social strife as generations of perpetual losers try to find alternative measures of finding success. Especially if they have easy access to guns. Ever wonder why so-called socialist nations have lower crime rates than America? Probably not. Because I suspect you’re one of the folks who think “America was created perfect” There’s no need to look anywhere else for anything; no new ideas, no changes, no growth, no inventiveness. The way it is now is the only way it can ever be. Not only that, to even debate to do otherwise is to commit some kind of unspeakable, traitorous, act.

    This arrogant, inward looking, mind set traps America in a permanent state of ignorance. It’s the kind of ignorance that is ignorant of its own ignorance and, when brought to its attention, is actually proud of its ignorance. This attitude prevents a once great nation from ever achieving its true potential and ensures it will be, slowly but surely, left behind.

    I came from nothing and without one penny from the governement (sic)

    Not one penny? Really? Not one penny from the government contributed to your success or well being in any way? No government social assistance of any description? Ever attend a public school? Was your university private? Because those publically owned/funded educational facilities, well, government owned means of production is -forget socialism- straight up COMMUNISM! Did any of your jobs require you or a business you worked for to use public roads, public utilities, public transportation, take advantage of police or fire departments or anything else paid for by the government? Ever use the government invented Internet for anything? Ever use a medicine that was researched in a government funded lab? Ever use a US Department of Health & Human Services document? Bank at a Federally insured bank? Ever eaten corn or something that ate corn? How about a public library? How about just recharging or meditating in a public park or beach? Are you going to refuse Social Security? Socialism, socialism, and more socialism!

    Any collection of taxes directed towards a “common good”? Sorry pal, it’s socialist in nature. What’s more, it’s really NO different that Obama’s socialist plan to direct tax money toward the common good of a Public Option so that people can -GASP- get the medical attention they need. The biggest difference is that it’s new. New socialism is bad. Old socialism is good. Even Free Market loving America is awash in socialism.

    Hell, even some private organizations engage in what could be called socialism. I hear professional football has a bit of a following in Ohio. You can easily argue the All-American, hyper-macho, NFL can easily be considered a socialist enterprise. Never mind all the taxpayer money sunk into their stadiums, look at all the Revenue Sharing that goes on and the Salary Cap. Let me say that again, REVENUE SHARING and SALARY CAP. Just imagine if Obama proposed salary caps for Americans! If Obama is to be exposed as socialist and crucified for it (it might add to the Jesus like impression his fans have of him) perhaps the NFL is next on the Tea-bagger Hit List.

    And I didn’t even mention the most expensive socialist project in the history of mankind, the US military, which can go through hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars a year without even batting an eye, all for the “common good” of protecting America (and seizing control of other nation’s resources). Sure, thanks to mercenary outfits like Blackwater, American military efforts are increasingly privatized. But for now, Uncle Sam still wants you to sacrifice for the common good of America. Uncle Sam: Putting the Red in the Red, White and Blue!

    See, America has been engaging in socialism-under-another-name for centuries and you didn’t even realize -or appreciate- it.

    “I made myself what I am today with no ones help…NO ONES!

    Indeed, you made it all on your own! I guess the teachers and university professors at the schools you worked so hard in, taught you nothing. I also wonder if the guys who hired you had any role in your success. I certainly wonder if your wife thinks she had no role in your success. Ah, women! Always trying to prick your ego. I wouldn’t tell her this if I were you or you might wind up paying alimony.

    but I can assure you there is no system designed by generations of rich people. If there where (sic), I would never be where I am today.

    The very statement itself is hilarious on a few levels. A man who has “made it” still sees himself as an outsider, even though he isn’t…because he’s “made it”. He accuses the rich of having the desire to conspire against his success, even though he claims the rich don’t conspire against the common man. Nor, it seems, do they live lavish lifestyles and look down upon the common man. Nope, no cognitive dissonance there.

    So, I take it the system is not designed to favour the rich and powerful over poor because, while they have the desire, they don’t have the resources or influence to ensure the system favours them? Do rich people have no say in Congress? Are there no lobbyists? Are there no payoffs? Are there no work houses? Are there no debtors prisons? (Oops.) Do election campaigns cost nothing? How about the law? Doesn’t the higher paid lawyer win more often than not? Over time, how can rich and powerful forces not ultimately skew a system more in their favour than their numbers warrant? Think of it in terms of Evolution.

    And they don’t laugh and enjoy themselves as the rest struggle? Where has Rankin been in the last decade, when dozens of corporate criminals got caught looting the companies they worked for, defrauding the public and holding lavish, multimillion, dollar birthday parties for themselves?

    Where has he been in the last year alone? Wall Street has seen to it that countless billions of no-strings-attached dollars have been handed to incompetent companies so overpaid executives can keep their jobs, give themselves bonuses and renovate their offices on the taxpayer dime? No, they have no contempt for the common man. Maybe none of those things never happened. Or maybe they’re not signs of a system designed to benefit the rich. Or maybe it’s because they “earned it” while running their companies and the world economy into the ground.

    And now Rankin himself conspires against the potential success of would-be Rankins by trying to deny them guaranteed healthcare. Is it because he could have used it growing up and resents that other would-be Rankins would rise faster with it? Or is it because he believes, as William Kristol thinks, that Americans don’t deserve the kind of quality healthcare the government is capable of providing. http://rawstory.com/08/news/2009/07/28/stewart-gets-kristol-to-admit-government-health-care-is-best/

    Like a newly minted citizen now arguing against immigration, Rankin is now part of the system of well off people that try to deny opportunity to the commoners that he used to be one of. If no American had to worry about a healthcare bill, they might be free to spend, invest or educate themselves more freely and make something of themselves without having to ring up back breaking debt. But Americans don’t deserve it, even as an option, because there’s a chance it might raise his taxes.

    Single payer healthcare does not work, not now, not ever.

    Really? My pathetic little nation of idiotic socialists has figured out a way to make it work for about 45 years now and there’s no sign of it stopping anytime soon. How could the World’s Greatest Nation not be able to figure out how to get even just a Public Option to work?

    While we do bitch about our Medicare system, because Canadians are great at bitching, poll after poll and election result after election result indicate the overwhelming majority of Canadians have NO desire to move towards an American style system. Most of us can’t figure out how Americans tolerate such a chaotic, patchwork, system that leads to the unnecessary deaths of thousands a year. Could it be that America really is dominated by psychopaths who do not care one iota about the fate of their fellow countrymen, even if they are employed in the health CARE profession?

  25. Cousinavi,

    I swore that after having to go back to work today, I would end my little foray into what I like to refer to as “taunt the idiot Liberal”. Then after looking at my email before leaving work I thought I would have a few chuckles just for shits and grins. After all that’s all you have ever been to me, a few decent laughs. Then you had to go and do it didn’t you. After some head scratching and serious thought on the issue during my 1 hour commute home, I figured what the hell.
    I suspect this post may never make the blog, but it has come to my attention that you and sedate me are one and the same. It’s like a coin with you and him. One side (Cousinavi) the loud mouthed cussing flaming jerk designed to run off all wanna be ditto heads and sedate me the intelligent, well thought out articulate person I could actually respect. After all I am not so closed minded that I can not respect another persons opinion when it is laid out in an intelligent fashion such as sedate me does. I actually enjoy good banter on a subject such as this and feel that at 45 I still have a lot to learn in life. I have read several of your posts throughout this blog you have set up; at times you actually make sense when the flames are not shooting out your eyeballs. You have actually made several sensible posts that I find interesting.
    And before the flames shoot out your nostrils, yes I know my weakness in the English language is nothing short of fodder for the fire for you. I have never had much interest in writing or proper grammar. I grew up exceptionally poor and thru some miracle managed to make it as far as I have in life and the system without it or what little I know of it. Sedate me made some very interesting comments/barbs that actually opened my eyes a bit. Yes I am afraid to loose what I have; yes I know there is another Rankin right behind me willing to take my place in a heart beat. I know I have had several fortunate breaks in my life that got me where I am today. I am smart enough to realize no one makes it alone and yes I have used the system the way it is designed to get here. Why buck the system if it works for me?
    When your 16 years old and your father is an alcoholic, you have 2 brothers and a baby sister who will lay in bed at night crying they are hungry if you don’t get your ass up before dawn and go stock shelves and you sort of loose respect for authority figures as you drag your father out of a car so drunk he cant stand up and drag his ass to bed. That sort of thing tends to follow you to adulthood. I fed, clothed and raised my brothers and sisters as best I could being nothing more then a snot nosed punk myself.
    Maybe if this system of Socialism had been in place when I was a kid, I could find more respect for it. After all I had no babysitter paid for by the government, no food stamps to get food because my father made too much even though he drank it away. If one of us kids needed clothes, I paid for it. If they needed school supplies, I paid for it. I never had much of a childhood and was forced to grow up fast by the system in place at the time and due to my family circumstances. This is not some boohoo feel sorry for me story, these are plain and simple facts of my life. In my opinion if some one did feel sorry for me and what I went thru I could not respect that person unless they had been thru the same thing. To me and my way of thinking they would be nothing short of a bleeding heart Liberal who sure as hell wasn’t around for me and my siblings back then when we actually could have used the help. These are the things that made me into what I am today and you can’t go back and change the past no matter how hard you try.
    Cousinavi I think I may have just gotten a new found respect for that flaming Liberal idiot I had a few laughs over the last few days. I very well could be wrong, but I doubt it. Too many posts back to back. Mine in particular being just 2 minutes apart. You would either have to be in the same room, bff’s attached at the hip and phone, monitoring this blog 24/7 or the same person. You are an interesting individual and as sedate me made some excellent comments that have provoked some thought and will continue to do so.
    I know at 45 years of age I am the capitalist pigs dream come true. One of its very few success stories. I have a good job, 5 bedroom farm house that is paid off, 6 cars sitting in the driveway one of which is a jag, a pool and a 40’ camper I get to enjoy during my 3 weeks of vacation each year. But I also remember being 16 and how bad I hated my father for the bullshit he put us thru and how much I resented my mother for letting him. I realize there are thousands of other Rankin’s sad stories in this, what is supposed to be the greatest country in the world. Yes I would hate giving up what I have worked my ass off for and to be and maybe that alone is my motivation for hating change so bad. But if it meant that even a few of those other Rankin’s had a better life, so be it. Does not change the fact that once your have been thru the system and it worked for you….why buck the system. I don’t see this world so black and white as Cousinavi, but sedate me sure gave me some food for thought…..

    • It’s not hard to check for yourself. IP addresses are available. I’m in Taiwan. I think Sedate Me is in Canada (we share that much)…but we most certainly AIN’T the same person.
      Facts and evidence counting for little in your world, I don’t expect you to take my word for it. Of course, IF you’re the CIO computer genius you claim to be, establishing the truth of that claim ought to be rather a simple matter. Oh…wait…Oh…shit. Sorry. There you go revealing yourself…again. So much for “CIO”, eh?
      Go ahead. explain how the perfect 12 hour time difference and my drinking problem DOESN’T account for contemporaneous posts.
      Browse about. If you have an intellectually honest bone in your body, you’ll soon see SM and I are not at all one and the same. Odd, tho, the desperate lengths to which you’ll go.

    • The two minute apart shit I DID. I intentionally edited the post TIMES so as to have the particular posts follow the particular responses. 10:56…57…58…something like that? I merely reordered a couple of yours with a couple of mine.
      JR…c’est la vie…c’est la guerre…
      Sedate Me and…ME…not at all the same fella.
      Honest Injun.

    • As for the hard luck Oliver Twist story (Food, glorious food! Hot sausage and mustard!), have you no empathy for those who tried but FAILED to haul themselves by your bootstraps?
      Should they be DENIED a doctor because they got laid off in Flint, MI?
      YOUR anecdotal experience does not good POLICY make.

  26. Hmmmmmm lets see….my page shows no 12 hour difference only 3 minutes to be exact (FACT). It also shows no IP only posted nickname…that blows that little theory out of the water (FACT). My area of IT has little to nothing to do with websites other then the hardware it resides on and how the information gets from point A to point B…. (FACT) How the hell would I know if you’re a drunk other then you love to talk out your ass about facts yet present none? (FACT)
    SOOOO you have no evidence or facts to back it up on your behalf. I suppose the fact you’re a lawyer to go along with all this is also bullshit….lol. Only thing I see is Cousinavi desperately attempting to avoid the facts.
    The real fact of the matter is, it does not faze (yes this is the correct spelling) me one way or another if you are or are not. Sedate me’s post was still informative, well written and articulate just the same. He still draws this as you so eloquently put it, this cuntflaps respect and I truly enjoyed the dialogue he presented.
    But I still think I am correct in my assumption just the same. There are no facts to dispute it as you are so fond of saying. If I could see the IP it in fact would be easy to trace back to its country of origin but still does not prove where you are. Bouncing or spoofing IP addresses is child’s play even for a novice as far as web programming goes. So all in all Cousinavi you have presented zero facts to the contrary and what little dialogue you did present represents jackshit. I really think you should at least take 10 seconds and Google CIO, matter of fact here is a little link that might help you oh wise one.


    So drop the condescending comments over my job and let’s focus on the real issue. You have yet to make even one correct assumption on what my job even is let alone what I actually do for a living, it’s not your strong suite and that is obvious to all. It’s also obvious you have failed at your attempt to cut down my job and use it as a tool to divert attention off the matter at hand.
    Hell maybe I was right about you being nothing but a blathering idiot Liberal and should just stick that assumption, which sure would make life easier. But seriously I was hoping this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between a Conservative and a Liberal. LOL God what a sick fuck I am huh Cousinavi
    Have a great night!

    • You can’t see the IP addresses? I guess being blog owner has privileges.

      I can see yours:
      Sedate Me’s: (although his email address is “bogusaddress@privacy.com” so I might expect the IP is some special sleuthy thing…I don’t know anything about such things).

      The 12 hour time difference – I’m in Taiwan…so when I’m up all night drinking rum, North America is in the middle of their day. People wasting time at work are online at the same moment, but not the same time (I’m 12 hours in the future, see?).
      Nevertheless, what happened was YOU posted two comments, then I replied to each them. They APPEARED: You1 – You2 – Me1 – Me2.
      I wanted them to appear: You1 – Me1 – You2 – Me2
      SO, I went in and edited the TIME STAMPS so they would load in the desired order. THAT’S why you think the chronology is suspect…it IS…because I fucked with it.

      Sedate Me and I are not the same guy. Email him. I’m sure he’d be willing to sort you out on the point.

      You’re a desperate falsehood relying on conviction and blather. “Fact” is merely another term you fail to grasp and sadly abuse.

    • And I don’t actually condescend to you over your alleged job. I condescend to you over your clearly stated position and the paltry, worm-eaten logic you employ in a failed attempt to prop it up.

  27. “sedate me the intelligent, well thought out articulate person I could actually respect….After all I am not so closed minded that I can not respect another persons opinion when it is laid out in an intelligent fashion such as sedate me does…He still draws this as you so eloquently put it, this cuntflaps respect and I truly enjoyed the dialogue he presented.- JRankin

    Rankin, you are so getting a $10 tip (Canadian) left behind on the motel room night table for that one…but I’d still rather do the Rankin Sisters next time. (Canadian joke.)

    Jesus, I feel a fucking group hug coming on. Hold onto your lunch, Couzinavi! I’m sure you hate that mushy shit even more than I do.

    But, for the record, you are wrong on the “Cousinavi & SedateMe are one in the same” theory. Interesting theory, but if you checked some of the other topics you might change you mind. (One can never do enough research.) While we occasionally preform a good-cop-bad-cop routine, I assure you we are NOT the same person.

    For one, NOBODY is getting anywhere near my foreskin with a sharp object!!! Especially Michelle Malkin who would gladly slice my entire dick off with the knife she keeps in her thong for the sole purpose of slicing men’s dicks off…well…OK…I might let her put her mouth on my cock…but only because Canadian Medicare covers reconstructive dick surgery. If you can’t get behind universal coverage for that, you’re a complete lost cause.

    Which reminds me,Cousinavi,
    Thanks for broadcasting my alleged IP address.
    Are you and Liskula Cohen one and the same identity?
    You ageing skank, you!

    • I gave that some thought. There was some minor degree of hesitation before posting your IP. But then I realized it’s not a tough thing to discover anyway. It’s not even remotely like some sort of SECRET. You broadcast it freely to every site you visit…so posting it for the unwashed can’t possibly do much harm.

      Rankin sisters? Hah! You and your Rita MacNeil fetish.
      “I’m Bud the Spud, rollin down the highway smilin’
      Bud the Spud, from the bright red mud of ol’ Prince Edward Island.”

      /you WISH you were circumcised, you Sammy Davis Jr. wannabe.

    • Seriously. Go look again: https://cousinavi.wordpress.com/2009/08/21/skank-forces-google-to-spit-out-blogger/

      You telling me you’re reaction is, “Nah. Don’t wanna blowjob.”
      From HER.


  28. No. I don’t. First off, as Dr Phil says “Them there models. They don’t really look like that. It’s all make-up, hair, lighting & airbrushing .” Her face has been so made up in that photo, it’s rather creepy. It’s a blonde goth vampire look.

    For all I know, it’s Rita MacNeil under there! Although, according to Frank Magazine, she swore off the sausage and prefers beaver meat. She also has a fucking RCMP file on her! http://www.thestar.com/News/Canada/article/472240

    But the biggest reason, apart from the 15 different STDs I’d catch from this ageing whore, is because when I cum on her face this ageing skank, Liskula Cohen, will probably sue me.

    “Oh, you hurt my feelings…and my complexion! Where’s my arse-creeping legalist?”

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