The Truth About Catholic Priests (Louis CK interview)

Louis CK. QFT.

3 Responses

  1. That’s what I always thought, but it’s still good to see it officially confirmed.

    How come it seems comedians are doing a better job of reporting the news than journalists these days?

    • Not being restrained by those things which bind politicians and neighbors, the jester alone is given license to say the perfectly true things the rest of us can’t, and especially about those subjects that aren’t supposed to be funny.
      There’s certainly a craft – timing, structure, delivery…but the degree of truth in humour is what separates the…things that are good…from the other things…which are…not.
      If that’s true – that truth is so valuable in humour – then the place where you can magnify the weight of that element is with subjects that offer heaping portions of “Not true.” Politics and Religion, take one step forward please. May I present anti-truth.
      And so, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Louis CK, George Carlin, Bill Hicks and a host of others get to not only be funny, but to benefit from that great magnitude between the fact and the fiction.
      Even media, whose alleged function is tell us The Truth, is not permitted to really speak that Truth – if they did, no one would ever talk to them again. Moreover, that the media is supposed to be telling us the truth is part of the fiction they help to create and maintain.
      It’s interesting how reversing the magnitude in the other direction often seems to work very well for the media (Beck, for example). The comic pierces fiction to the core with truth, Beck expands the fiction with massive injections of crazy bullshit – a nuclear powered spit take. Apparently magnitude by itself attracts some people. Nevertheless, no one is ever going to ironically call Beck “The most trusted journalist in America” (and that’s only ironic because in the person of Jon Stewart it’s both true and deserved).

  2. I understand the power of the jester, but what’s different is the impotence of the serious story tellers and the invasion of unfunny stealth jesters into the newsrooms.

    Nobody ever confused Dan Aykroyd on Weekend Update for Walter Cronkite and CBS news would never have offered him a job. Today, people confuse the Limbaughs, Coulters, Becks, O’Reillys and an endless stream of bozos for actual journalists who have something worth listening to when all of them together have failed to produce anything that merits 10 seconds of airtime. However, I’m sure some people actually think Glenn Beck IS “The most trusted journalist in America”. These lunatics have become what Walter Cronkite used to be.

    This is the insanity of it all. That people can actually take these clowns seriously and that they can actually get on “serious” networks and do “serious” news programming when any serious news programmer would show these assholes the door within 2 minutes of meeting them. Not anymore. Today, news departments are searching for raving lunatics to put on the air. The crazier the better.

    Insanity is good for business.

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