Dali Lammie Confusion Imminent

Dali, a small town appended to the southern edge of Taichung city – more a neighborhood than anything distinct – has a foreigner living and working out there name of Solomon. The most common short form of that given name is Sol, or perhaps Solly…but Solomon prefers (and I’ve heard it before) to be called as his mother called him: Lammie – taking the middle syllable rather than the first.
This, of course, led me to Christen him The Dali Lammie.
Well, confusion is now assured as soon as THIS GUY shows up.


In a move sure to piss off the Mainland, the Tibetan splitter will be visiting the Formosan splitters to comfort the victims of typhoon Morakot.
Now, I’m all for pissing off the PRC, but it seems to me that the massive amount of money and manpower that will be required to deal with the Lama’s visit would be better utilized in repairing damage and restoring losses to the thousands of victims in southern Taiwan.

I’m hoping the Lama wants to play a round of golf while visiting – I’d be happy to volunteer to caddy for him. I hear the Lama is a big hitter, and I could use the deathbed total enlightenment that he awards for the effort.

Still though, it’s gonna be a tough few days for the Dali Lammie when the Dalai Lama is about.


One Response

  1. What if he visits the local exotic meat shop, The Lama Deli?

    I love that People’s Republic term “splitters”. It’s so demeaning and so fascist all at the same time.

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