Bill O’Reilly Meets Spike Lee in the Mens Room

Jesse Waters, the vapid, vacant, rude little asshole that Bill O’Reilly uses to ambush interview people, failed his mission to jam up Spike Lee at Martha’s Vineyard. But Bill just could not resist telling his ‘Brush with Greatness’ story about the time he met the famed director:

“Spike Lee and I know each other a little bit, primarily from the New York Knicks game. I’m in the men’s room. about 2 years ago, 3 years, Spike Lee comes walking into the men’s room. Now I’m 6′ 4″, Spike is, what, 5′ 2”. So I’m at the urinal. Spike kind of saunters up two away from me. He looks up and he goes, “You find any weapons of mass destruction in here?” [Laughs] You got to give him props for that line.”

Watch BillO get a little sweaty and foot tappy as he tells his young protege about the bathroom encounter:

Coincidentally, I was in a restaurant in Harlem just last week (and, would you believe it?…the black folks in there were just like everyone else…you know, like normal people)…

Anyway, my dinner companion and I were discussing Bill O’Reilly when a gentleman at the next table leaned over in our direction (at first I thought it was just a kid because he was only about 5’2″) and said, “I’m acquainted with Bill O’Reilly.”
It was Spike Lee!

Spike continued:

“I know O’Reilly, primarily from the men’s room at a Knicks Game. I was minding my own business, taking a leak, when this giant of a white man sidled up RIGHT NEXT TO ME instead of taking one of the many vacant urinals that were available.
Standing uncomfortably close to me, he glanced down – you know how wierdos do that when they want to ‘check it out’ – and sorted of moaned, ‘You got a real weapon of mass destruction there, eh boy.’
I zipped up and got the hell out of there! New York City is no place to get into a scrap with a giant white freak in a men’s room at Madison Square Garden. I didn’t even realize it was O’Reilly until I was almost back to my courtside seat.”

I thought BillO would not want that story circulating but now that he’s bragging about meeting Spike, perhaps the other side deserves to be told.

2 Responses

  1. O’Reilly blows. At least at one time Spike Lee made culturally artistic, significant and important films. Can’t say that anything O’Reilly does has any real value except to show just how big a turd he is and how ridiculous the right wing of the GOP has become.

  2. I’d rather have broken glass shoved up my asshole than watch his show. But in interviews of him, I’ve often seen O’Reilly appear almost…well…normal, sometimes bordering on nice. But he’s always just one question away from blowing a head gasket. I remember he did that on an NPR interview I heard. Forty five minutes of pleasantness and then the interviewer asked one question he didn’t like and he screamed for 5 minutes and walked out. Later, he ran a segment on his show about how it “proved” that the biased liberal media is out to hang him.

    I’ve often wondered if Bill O’Reilly is just acting, that his show is little more than the Colbert Report done with a straight-face. This Spike Lee story makes me wonder too. I have trouble imagining the opinionated duo stuck in a room together and not winding up in a heated argument.

    On the other hand, you can tell Glenn Beck isn’t acting. He is probably even more mentally ill than he appears on TV, which is pretty fucking insane.

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