McCaughey Resigns After TDS Smack Down

The Washington Independent reports that Betsy McCaughey has resigned from her board seat for a medical supply company following her total evisceration by Jon Stewart during her embarrassing appearance on The Daily Show.

CANTEL MEDICAL CORP. (NYSE: CMN – News) announced that on August 20, 2009 it received a letter of resignation from Ms. Elizabeth McCaughey as a director of the Company. Ms. McCaughey, who had served as a director since 2005, stated that she was resigning to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest during the national debate over healthcare reform.

Betsy was raking in 30K per year from this gig, and I have no doubt that her resignation had everything to do with preventing any appearance of conflict (although, quite honestly, I’m hard pressed to understand how supporting or opposing health care reform could constitute a conflict), and nothing whatsoever to do with a company wanting to distance itself from having a lying, stupid wingnut sitting on their BoD.

She could have claimed to resign out of a desire to spend more time with her family…but that doesn’t sound so perfectly ethical, and Betsy is all about casting everything she thinks and says as stemming from her unimpeachable qualifications and pure-as-the-driven-snow motives.

Her “I’m right, you’re wrong” reading of the health care bill? Well, that’s based on her PhD in Constitutional History (which has nothing whatsoever to do with legislative interpretation OR health care delivery). Her opposition to health care reform? That’s based on an altruistic desire to ensure that everyone…everyone…gets the health care they need, and that Obama is not permitted to murder old people.
And her resignation? That’s to avoid any hint of conflict of interest.

Now, could someone please explain to me how fighting for health care for everyone and protecting seniors from euthanasia panels amounts to a conflict of interest when you work for a medical supply company?
I’m sure it makes sense…at least as much as everything else Betsy says.

Here’s another question: At what point do people simply say, “Hey, this fucker has been lying to everyone about everything for years. Let’s stop paying attention to the shit that spews out of her trap”?


One Response

  1. Betsy McCaughey is a disgrace and Stewart had the good sense to get out of her way and let her self destruct on his show.

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