Jon Stewart Euthanizes Betsy McCaughey

It’s amazing how stubborn and stupid someone can be when they get a conclusion in their head. It’s even worse when they’re a lying whore for right wing fuckwits with no sense of decency or connection to reality.
The twisted freak, Betsy McCaughey, INSISTS that the health bill guarantees a reduction in care for seniors; that “End of life planning” = pressure to accept euthanasia.
She talks to the audience instead of Stewart, apparently more concerned about selling her imbecilic and facile interpretation rather than participate in a legitimate interview or debate.
Then she tosses off, “I have a PhD in Constitutional History,” in a vain shot at pumping up her statutory interpretive bona fides. As if that’s any sort of basis for insisting that one’s reading of proposed legislation has any traction in the real world. I went to law school, Betsy, and I’m TELLING you that Stewart has far keener insight into the language and intent than you’ll ever have.

The vapid, fear-mongering, prevaricating twist directly told Stewart (at least twice), “You’re wrong,” as Jon read the text of the bill, the language of which is clear.
Stewart’s interpretation is far more accurate than Betsy’s shallow, logic-hurdling, fantasy crap. Loved it when he simply told her, “I don’t know how your brain works.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


8 Responses

  1. Once again, Big Brother Bell-Globe-Chum-Media has blocked my access to the videos because it knows I am in Canada and it forbids me from seeing them.

    But I saw the interview and, going from memory, it was like watching two people debate whether the 1,000 page glass on the table was half full or half empty. Fucking lawyers!

    (And for some strange reason, I suddenly wanted to bone Betsy McCaughey.)

    • That is strange…wanting to bone Betsy. I find stubborn stupidity to be a total turn-off.
      I mean, in that glazed, push-up bra, hair spray way, Carrie Prejean is the archetypal “hot blond”…but as soon as she opens her mouth and reveals that she’s dumber than a bag of hammers, all I can feel is an overwhelming desire to insult her and anyone who still thinks she’s even remotely attractive.
      The people that keep insisting Sarah Palin is attractive mystify me. She’s repulsive – vicious eyes, an empty skull and a jesus freak to boot. Kill it with fire.
      Betsy. Jumped up deep fried Jesus on a stick! For that yammering fuckwit to actually say, “I have a PhD in Constitutional History,” as some sort of evidence that HER statutory interpretation carries some sort of legitimacy is nothing short of eating a booger and gunpowder sandwich on the scale of proof that you’re too fucking stupid to be left unsupervised. The idea of sticking my johnson in anything that insistently ignorant puts me in fear that imbecility might be an STD.
      CHUM? Are you in Toronto? Can’t you swing some sort of deal with Moses Znaimer?

  2. I told you it was strange.

    Maybe it was because she was just blathering stuff that made no sense on any level. I couldn’t even fathom the point she was trying to get across. I completely stopped listening and just checked out. Maybe that’s why I find so many rightwing female kooks do-able. I ignore what they say and just imagine having sex with them.

    Sarah Palin is dumber than rock. That’s why she makes a great Slutty Flight Attendant fantasy.

    “Swing” and Moses Znaimer in the same sentence? That’s a good one!
    (But I hear Moses is out on his ass.)

    • I recall the good old days, when CNN’s John Roberts was called JD and sported a mullet perm to interview Carol Pope and The Parachute Club on MuchMusic.

      /His name is Moses and he dances on the sand…just like Spadina twisting thru a dusty land
      and when he shines he’ll surely gyp you all he can…Oh Moses, Moses dance across The Beaches sand.

  3. If the photograph in Frank Magazine was real (they claimed it was) JD was a slaphead, medallion wearing, disco fan before joining the Nation’s Music Station. Allegedly, he’s worn a wig/hair replacement ever since and put grey streaks in when trying to get a gig with a US network.

    Carol Pope does Hollywood soundtracks. The Parachute Club has reunited. And Moses now has such a big centre-part in his formerly Red Sea of hair, that you could walk from one side to the other. This is too funny to be true, but I hear he’s got a job at -get this- The Vision Network.

    Shit, this is making me feel old and depressed, but I actually remember when Much Music did nothing but play videos…and half of them didn’t make me projectile vomit. Nowadays, it’s mostly MTV reality show bullshit, movies, lame TV shows and a few hours of videos hosted by anorexic 8 year olds with Bush-like IQs.

    • I’ve been the subject of stories in Frank (by name, Frank by nature).
      Of course, that was the ORIGINAL version – the Halifax issue. Not your uppity central Canada wannabe copy.

  4. The most frustrating thing about the end of that interview is that one gets the impression Betsy actually believes (a) that she had just taken part in an intellectually rigorous debate and (b) that she won said debate, or at least performed very well in it. Neither, of course, is true. I’ve never been so impressed by Jon Stewart’s level of patience: he seemed to handle the strangeness of the “debate” and the incompetence of his guest very gracefully.

  5. Cousinavi, You’ve been Franked? Well, we are in the presence of greatness!

    I’m NOT looking for personal info, but let me guess as to how they described you. Bum boy, fart catcher, rat fucker, bingo-caller… avid pianist, perhaps? Rita McNeil’s horizontal mambo parter? No, I’ll bet it was “arse creeping legalist”.

    Fuck, I miss those Frank terms! I hear the East Coast Frank is still in operation. If I had a spare $150,000 and a lot of time to kill, I would buy Central Canada Frank and re-start it as a public service.

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