They BETTER Be ‘On The Take’

A trenchant diary posted at DK.

I sure to hell hope all these news outlets are being paid off or something, because I would hate to find out, ten years from now, that they really were ignoring the circus-like butchering of democracy out of star-spangled, crap-flinging, head-in-the-ass incompetence. They had better be on the take, and not really this goddamn unwilling to do their jobs just as a matter of dimwitted, bullshit-peddling laziness.


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  1. .Yeah, it certainly does seem to be more palatable to think the media is whoring itself for payoffs as opposed to pure apathy, crappy journalistic skills or as is quoted above “head-in-the-ass incompetence”. The media in this country is a joke and I don’t see it getting any better anytime soon, if ever. This is exactly why Jon Stewart is so revered, and he would be the first to say that this is a sad state of affairs, that a comedian is taken more seriously as a journalist than real, died in the wool journalists. He should be revered, he’s doing a fucking great job doing what real journalists need to be doing, but we need for the media to get back to doing what Stewart is doing. It seems the media is more concerned about being entertaining and focusing on trivialities than doing anything of substance.

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