Yes, They ARE Violent, Racist Wingnuts

They’re stupid, ill-informed, barely literate, terrified and witnessing the fantasy world view in which they were raised crumble before a reality they do not understand and do not want.
The right wing: Dittoheads, Christo-fascists, Fox News viewers, Republicans, red staters, southerners, racists, birthers, healthers…
I’ve been saying for some time that it’s only a matter of minutes until these twisted, backward, brainless fuckwits start really taking Timmy McVeigh as a role model and amp up their deluded shouts of “I want my country back” to the inevitable next level.
But to have Frank Schaeffer Jr., whose father founded the Christian right wing evangelical wingnut movement with which we must now contend – a former leading light among the nuts, himself – come out and name names, putting a face to the direct charge of wrecking the process without regard for truth, justice, the citizens, the country, fairness, temperance or dignity… THIS is one of the best clips I’ve posted ever.
“The election broke their brains.”

Rachel: Do you think that calling the President a “nazi”…calling the President “Hilter”…is an implicit call for politically motivated violence?

Schaeffer: Yes I do. In fact this rings a big bell with me because my dad who is a right wing evangelical leader wrote a book called “A Christian Manifesto”…and in that book he compared anybody who was pro-abortion to the Nazi Germans; and he said that using violence or force to overthrow Nazi Germany would have been appropriate for Christians including the assassination of Hitler. He compared the Supreme Court’s actions on abortion to that. And that has been a note that has been following the right wing movement that my father and I helped start…

So what’s being said here is really two messages: there’s the message to the predominantly white, middle-aged crowds of people screaming at these meetings trying to shut them down; but there’s also a coded message to what I would call the “Looney Toons” – the Fruit Loops on the side – that’s really like playing Russian roulette. You put a cartridge in the chamber and you spin and once in a while it goes off, and we saw that with Dr. Tiller, we’ve seen it happen numerous times in this country with the violence against political leaders whether it’s Martin Luther King or whoever it might be… we have a history of being a well-armed violent country. And so, really, I think that these calls are incredibly irresponsible.

THANK YOU, Mr. Schaeffer. Well said, and about time.


4 Responses

  1. Scary Stuff. And Very True.

    • I see armed insurrections. Gated communities…gated states…secessionist militias.
      Escape from New York City shit seems optimistic.

  2. Amazing post- He summed it up and didn’t pull the punch- Thanks for posting this Avi, How do we get the other side to see this?

  3. I grew up in an environment of Christian theology that was influenced by Schaeffer’s father’s credo. Luckily I was able to get out of that stuff unscathed, and I still find it very frightening to see what that monster has grown into in this country. Thank goodness this man has the balls to stand up and admit he was wrong and he is now doing what he can to correct the problems he and his father helped to create.

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