Lou Dobbs Has Lost His Shpadoinkle

Lou Dobbs was never really very bright or much of a newsman.
For too many years now the granite face and solid intonation he brought to the teleprompter was enough to let at least some small chunk of people overlook the fact that the man was a blithering idiot with an immigration obsession (read “ignorant racist asshole with a radio voice”).
More recently, however, senility has come to Herr Dobbs in dramatic and public form. He isn’t quite drooling and yanking his cock at the bus stop…yet. But giving credence to the Obama’s birth certificate bullshit ain’t but a half step and a slide away from stumbling into the bank and demanding lime Jello.
As if that degree of batshit Palin-esque insanity weren’t enough…and despite the fact that Lou’s fill-in host utterly debunked the whole issue ON LOU’S OWN SHOW…Lou is now a little pissed at anyone who takes him to task for inflating nutbar bullshit into stunningly ignorant “news.”

From HuffPo:

Today, Dobbs hit back at his critics, calling them “limp-minded, lily-livered lefties” who attacked him only because he “had the temerity to inquire as to where the birth certificate was and why the president of the United States would not turn over that birth certificate to the national media and end the noise.”

As if having Liz “Leave My Daddy Alone” Cheney spouting her strident, ignorant vacuous head off in sympathy with the ultra-fucked, deeply racist ignoramuses of the GOP base weren’t enough:

With an economic Katrina, two wars, health care, and a challenging planet to deal with, these soulless, rotten, political, vicious, backward, brainless cunts are wasting their time (no great loss) and precious AIR on a question that ought not even BE a question AND which has already been settled out of courtesy.
This is the sort of manic, imbecilic, fuckwitted bullshit that should be sent packing from sane discussion with a solid slap in the head and a, “SHUT THE FUCK UP! ADULTS ARE TALKING!”

Lou Dobbs. Time to retire, you stupid fucking embarrassment to reason. When you appear to be the nut in a room with Glenn Beck, it’s time to seek help…or at least take yourself off where no one can witness your cock-yanking demands for lime Jello.


One Response

  1. How long before this fuckhead is dragged off to Fox “News,” where he clearly belongs?

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