Another Dad Story

Speaking of hoteliers, Ellis also had a long professional relationship with a fellow who owned a chain of hotels throughout Atlantic Canada.
One day this guy called up and asked Dad to drive up to New Brunswick. Apparently the snow load on the roof was causing some structural deformation and the sliding doors at the main entrance wouldn’t open. Dad said he’d be happy to go…as soon as the overdue outstanding account from the last job was paid. There’s a funny stretch to this story about the local hotel emptying out the video gambling terminals and settling the debt in dollar coins, but that’s not the point.
We drove up to NB, arrived at the hotel, and proceeded to climb around the roof and through various crawl spaces, taking photos and seeing what might have to be done to solve this weighty problem.
Around 11:00 PM, Dad walked up to the front desk and told the clerk he wanted a room.
“I’m sorry sir, but we’re booked full.”
Dad asked, “If (the owner of the hotel) walked in here right now and said he wanted a room, would he get one?”
The clerk replied, “Well, of course…he owns the hotel.”
Dad said, “He’s not coming. I’ll take his room.”
The clerk was rendered speechless, but finally provided a check-in slip which I began to fill out.
“Will this be cash or credit card?” the clerk asked.
“You said it was (the owner’s) room,” answered Ellis, “send HIM the bill.”
Dad scooped up the key and walked away. I just stood there smiling and shrugged my shoulders.

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