La Isla Formosa

Just a pic to show you why they called this island La Isla Formosa (the beautiful island). The west coast is the most densely populated concrete industrial rice paddy on earth. The east coast, however, still looks like this:



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  1. Yeah, but do the women look this good?

  2. yes, on both coasts.

  3. I have way too much time on my hands- but in answer to the question, do Taiwanese women look good- I offer these:

  4. Now I see why Cousinavi lives there. The massage and a haircut for $10, pretty girls standing on the streets and offering to take care of your nut needs…and the other scenery is pretty nice too. It almost seems worth the unending threat of Chinese invasion. Although, I don’t think I could ever live there because, at some point, my dick would just fall off from overuse.

    What’s really funny about the video link is that I had to identify myself as over 18 to see what anybody of any age could see by just walking the public streets in broad daylight.

    • The best ones work the night shift – in some spots topless. I used to stop for smokes at this one stand on the road between Nantou and Jushan, whether I needed a pack or not, just to see the tight little hottie in the black bikini.
      The scenery here (I live on the W. coast) is nice once you get outta the city…but from Taipei to Kaoshung is a corrider 350 km long and about 20 km wide – nothing but concrete and people with a shitload of rice paddies jammed in as space permits.

      The Chinese will never invade. Why would they? They plan long term, and finances are far more important to them than simple possession of a razed island. In time, they will simply agree to let Taiwan be like Hong Kong – separate in name only. They’ll even let Taiwan keep their boats, planes and soldiers, because the economic survival of Formosa will depend on almost total cooperation.

      Yeah. As for the contradiction re: seeing Betel Nut Girls…the Taiwanese have weird notions about sex. There are brothels everywhere (sort of grey industry “barbershops”), meanwhile they pixelate tits and asses on TV…even animals and cartoons.

    • @ Sedate Me: I have a suspicion that if it hasn’t dropped off from onanistic abuse by this point, it’s probably not gonna drop off from “overuse.”

      I remember when my dad got bifocals. We were out to lunch one day and he went to the men’s room. Came back with a weird grin on his face. Someone asked him what was so amusing. He looked over the top of his glasses and said, “These glasses.”
      What do you mean?
      “I went to have a piss. Looked down and saw two of them – a big one and a little one. I knew the big one wasn’t mine, so I put it back and pissed my pants.”

  5. No, if pretty Asian girls in skimpy outfits just walk around and offer to provide me with services on a daily basis. There’ll be more self-servicing going on in my house than in the entire Exxon chain of gas stations combined. And that doesn’t even include the use from full-servicing, which will, undoubtedly, be more.

    Even the mightiest oak can be whittled down to nothing.

    • Well…services are available for a price. They aren’t exactly walking around offering, tho.
      The only time the bin lang girls leave their perspex boxes is to deliver the product to the curb. They’re like the hard rock candy Chief Dan George had in The Outlaw Josey Wales – “It’s not for eatin’, it’s for lookin’ through.”
      The betel nut girls…some anyway…will flash their tits at you, but that’s all you get from the bin lang shao jie’s (unless the idea of getting the living crap stomped out of you by Chinese gangsters appeals to you).
      And mark my word…this AIN’T a “mano a mano” culture. You won’t get the courtesy of squaring off with the owner of the betel nut stand for overstepping the boundaries. It’ll be him, eight cab drivers, a dozen of his friends and they’ll all have bats, golf clubs, Kryptonite bike locks…
      In Taiwan, it ain’t “Fuck with the bull, get the horns.” You get the whole goddamn HERD.

      There are Taiwanese cuties who have the foreigner kink (suspicions are that has everything to do with genetic predispositions amongst the Asian male population…if you get my little drift). But, and this is just true, all things considered, Taiwanese girls are to be preferred over the fat ass, bad attitude biatches that populate North America by a LONG stretch…and the pretty, hipless beauties are just one of the fine features of Taiwan.
      Formosa is in decline…but it’s still pretty damn good.

    • You must send me your email address. By times there are things I want to say that ought not be posted in public…you know how it is. It would suck to have some prosecutor damage my credibility with my own words – statements against interest and such.

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