Sarah Palin = Batshit Insane

Recently there was some discussion here and there about whether Sarah Palin was mentally ill.

An “expert” (someone who actually practices psychology) weighed in with the caveat that it’s impossible to properly diagnose anyone without engaging in a course of analysis, but offered an interesting perspective: That absent negative consequences stemming from the pathology, it could not be said that the subject was mentally ill. An odd bit of ground to stake out, in my opinion.
Imagine two people with identical perceptions, ideas, behaviors, world views – call them what you will. Due only to circumstance, one winds up successful (despite their delusions of grandeur), while the other suffers rather more just desserts – something more in keeping with the batshit nuts perspective they bring to the table. According the the expert, only the one who suffers defeat is sick. If that doesn’t bring the science of psychology into disrepute nothing could.

Well, mentally ill or not (and my money still rides on Narcissistic Personality Disorder), Sarah Palin is clearly pretty fucking stupid.
Evidence? You want evidence? She’s tweeting:

palin tweets

Anyone who supports this sort of brainless crap deserves to live in a world governed by Sarah Palins – vapid, shallow fuckwits with total confidence that being illiterate, uneducated, backward, unthinking, kneejerk imbeciles is no bar to having right opinions which will progress us forward if only people stop asking tough questions and let God open doors for them.


4 Responses

  1. Anybody who Twitters is a narcissist, amongst other things.

    1 hours ago:
    i frgt 2 flush dis mornin. hope bf doesn’t c it.

    45 mins ago:
    passed a doggie. he sooo cute!

    38 mins ago:
    sarah Palin looks kewl in that dress. Why all the haters hatin?

    33 mins ago:
    Jonas bros are so kewl! i want them to play my sweet 16.

    22 mins ago:
    just sexted my dads boss. hes sooo hot!

    10 mins ago:
    My life is so meaningless. Will somebody pay attention to me b4 I kill myself!

  2. Found this while doing a search to show my neighbor that I did not coin the term “batshit crazy” (which I used, repeatedly, during a conversation about the Sarah creature). Good blog… except that you insist on calling psychology a science. Psychiatry, where practitioners actually study the physical makeup of the brain, is a science. Psychology is a collection of self deluded witch doctors sitting around poking people (usually metaphorically) to see what makes them cry.
    Cynicism is not an disorder, it’s a survival technique.

  3. “Batshit crazy” has special comedic resonance with me. A few years ago, a housing complex in a poor area of my town had such shitty maintenance, bats were allowed to slowly take over the building. Eventually, the city stepped in and evacuated everyone. I drove past the next day and the batshit circling the building was knee deep.

    (No, I’m not from Wasilla.)

  4. Bats are pretty decent neigbours. They keep the insect population under control. All you need to do is put out a little bat-potty and convince them to drop guano in the approved location.
    Of course, reasoning with bats is impossible for me – I’m a baritone.

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