CNN – Blithering Fuckwits

I sat down to eat my breakfast shop dun bing (a tortilla wrapped around a scrambled egg, bacon and cheese). Flipped on CNN hoping to see what was happening in the world. Witnessed one brainless fuckwit ask the blond speed yammering weather fuckwit if the eclipse might have some sort of effect on the weather.
The blond speed yammering fuckwit had no idea.
And so, as it turns out, I had two…TWO brainless fuckwits chatting each other up on topics about which neither have the first fucking clue. Although, I could tell the speed yammerer was entirely chuffed to be have an opportunity to use the word UMBRA. How often might that happen, eh?
CNN. James Earl Jones’ great regret.

2 Responses

  1. “I sat down to eat my breakfast shop dun bing… Flipped on CNN hoping to see what was happening in the world.” -Cousinavi

    From dun bing…to dung bin.

    From what I hear, the late Walter Cronkite had some fears about the news biz. One was the creep of entertainment into the newsroom. Another was that 24 hour News Channels might turn out to cheapen the news in a (supply-demand kind of way) and that filling 24 hours would reduce the quality, effectiveness and professionalism of news.

    Boy, was he right. Despite dumbing down, Nightly News is dying as fast as its viewers. I think the average age of viewers is in their late 60’s. Meanwhile, most people choose to sit through 23 1/2 hours of over-hyped bullshit and endless repetition of one or two story lines to get a half hour of worthwhile information. And that’s being generous.

    Hell, I even heard Ted Turner complain about CNN recently.

    “Headline News used to be straight news anytime you wanted it. It’s unwatchable now. It’s heartbreaking.”

    “I wanted a place overlooking CNN so if they ever throw up the white flag of surrender I can see it and run over and help ’em out.”

    “The media are too busy with Michael Jackson. The greatest fear we could possibly have today is an uninformed electorate. That is what really scares me.”

    • As Lewis Black says, if they devoted half the time they spent on Michael Jackson to covering ANY problem facing Americans, the problem would be fucking solved.

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