Police Escort for Burial of Michael Jackson’s TOYS!

As if it weren’t already deeply into the stupid end of the pool, now the police are providing escort for the hearses carrying the stuffed animals left in memory of Michael Jackson.
Here’s the story outta Detroit.

And this just in from around the world…
People are holding burial ceremonies for Jackson everywhere. In Jakarta, an MJ impersonator was murdered in an attempt to bring more realism to the ceremony. Nevertheless, in Japan, Brazil, the Ukraine, Italy and hundreds of cities around the globe, fans are spontaneously twittering together to hold massively attended “private internment” ceremonies at which anything remotely associated with Michael Jackson is dropped in a hole and buried – right gloves, sunglasses, black shoes with white socks stuffed inside, pictures, dolls, drugs, prosthetic noses, hats, masks, small children…if there’s any hint of it being even slightly significant as a Jacko Totem, it is somewhere being lovingly and reverentially covered up with dirt.

And so, in death the King of Pop has given us his dream. He has brought the world together to a single purpose. To demonstrate, with the power of that unity, what is possible when everyone, everywhere stops for a moment. And they all look together and say, “Yes! We CAN bury a bunch of cheap plastic things that might well be simply dropped off at the Goodwill.”
It is right and good that this is done. There can be no question of expense at a time like this. The people NEED to grieve. It is so ironic that Michael had to die to get the people to hear his message of burying toys.


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  1. Here in the States, at least, we can thank Walter Cronkite for dying at a time that finally put an end to the all-MJ-all-the-time news coverage. I was ready to pull an Elvis and shoot my goddamn TV.

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