Michelle Malkin – Are We Finally Finished with this Yammering Filipino Harpy?

Can we FINALLY stop giving this brown-skinned shrieking cheerleader the time of day?
Can we finally put the vapid, racist, ignorant, twisted, contorted SHIT she inflicts on people to rest?

Michelle Malkin says that George Soros is behind the drive to provide every American citizen with HEALTH CARE (that EVIL FUCKER!)

Because, of course, GEORGE SOROS cannot afford to see a doctor without the communistic, wealth-redistributing state picking up the tab.
See…in order to effect a better outcome for GEORGE SOROS, he wants to extend health care to OTHER PEOPLE. That will put more money in George’s pockets, and make George healthier.
It’s a fucking CONSPIRACY!

Might we finally just tell this ignorant, yammering, chocolaty brainless fuckwitted twit to shut the FUCK UP and slap the living HELL out of it (for good reason) if it resists?

Is it not time? The term Uncle Tom does not do justice to the insult this vapid manipulatrix inflicts on reason.


One Response

  1. Man, I couldn’t wade through 30 seconds of that Malkin shit. It doesn’t even matter if everything she says is 100% true (I seriously doubt it) her attitude should preclude her from appearing on any serious news outlet. And yet it doesn’t. Thus making these “serious” news outlets not worth taking seriously.

    Cousinavi comes across looking not-so-foaming-at-the-mouth by comparison. But he’s nowhere near a TV studio. That’s purely because he’s not a an attractive, female, right winger who’s a member of a visual minority to boot. Plain and simple. Her looks, and race are the only reason anybody has ever heard of her.

    This is why America is so fucked up. How you look and how entertaining you are the most important things you have to offer to a news department. People are making important political decisions based upon what they hear from the likes of this bitch. Thirty years ago we’d see Buckley vs Chomsky, now we see Ms California vs a cast member of The New Beverley Hills 90210.

    And we wonder why America is falling apart at the seems and STILL doesn’t have universal healthcare?

    (I got an idea! I’ll flip Malkin on her belly and do her backdoor. That way, I can do her without worrying about her biting my dick off!)

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