You Fucks Ain’t Gettin’ It

Last 24 hour stats on web searches that wound up here:

  • suck my dick
  • pizza fucking
  • helps you suck dick without throwing up
  • cousinavi
  • he sucks my cock
  • suck my dick
  • fuck with pizza
  • shut the fuck up and suck my dick
  • suck my ass cheney
  • jill iscol
  • Pizza fucking?
    …without throwing up?
    HE sucks my cock??…

    Trust me. You backward, brainless fuckwits are MISSING THE POINT.


    4 Responses

    1. Cousinavi, I’ve been away a while, so I really don’t get it. I would never suggest you fuck a pizza (although there’s really nothing wrong with that), but what are you talking about?
      The world’s full of brainless fuckwits, a matter on which we clearly see eye-to-eye. I just don’t know which brainless fuckwits you’re referring to. So many fuckwits…. Scientologists? Acupuncturists? Republicans? Alaskan governors? How about a hint.

    2. I always mow down on my pizza too fast. The pepperoni sticks to my tongue or the roof of my mouth and burns it.

      This is why I will never fuck a pizza.

    3. You’re doing better than me. Top result driving traffic to my website:

      Ann Coulter’s Pussy


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