Rainfall in the ‘Wan

I don’t know what rain is like where you’re from. I know what it’s like where I’m from and it ain’t like THIS.
In Taiwan it can go from Monster Pissing ‘Never Seen Rain Like This’ Deluge to Bonneville Salt Flats in, literally, 30 seconds.
One moment you’re RUNNING for shelter…the next you’re slathering on SPF 55.
It’s fucking WEIRD.


3 Responses

  1. Hmmmm, if Jacques Lacan was a meteorologist as well as a psychoanalyst I wonder how he would’ve diagnosed that weather you have there on the island…

  2. Cousinavi,
    I know I’m getting a reputation for changing threads here, but there’s a damn good reason.
    Have you been following the demented shit from that fuckwit South Carolinian governer, Sanford, or whatever he calls himself?
    He got canoodling with his girlfriend in Argentina while claiming to be hiking the Appalachian Trail alone. Of course he’s married and a Republican.
    I’m all for screwing around, but how did this shit-for-brains think he was going to get away with hiding a trip to fucking Argentina? Quite possibly on the taxpayers’ dime, BTW.
    Naturally, he was one of the hypocritical conservatives calling not only for Clinton’s impeachment, but for his resignation for getting a hummer.
    The Republicans here in the States have apparently joined a sort of Heaven’s Gate cult, where they’re all going to commit political suicide in order to board the mother ship hidden by the comet.
    I need to shoot myself in the fucking head.

    • Thread jacking is permitted if it’s done well. Topic alone here earns bonus points.

      Save the ammo. You don’t want to miss this shit.

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