More IUSB Blithering Bullshit

I’ve been trying (read beating my head against a wall) to help some incredibly myopic right-wing fuckwits in Indiana see the error of their ways.
The filthy talking point whores edit comments, impose their foolish snark, and then cut off the ability of the OP to reply. All this while trumpeting their commitment to Free Speech. Apparently there’s no limit to their hypocrisy.
In any case, after checking out the links offered as proof of their premises I discovered (surprise!) that they’re nothing of the sort. They claim that the liberal media smears Rush and O’Reilly. Proof? Clips of Rush and Bill claiming that they were smeared. LOL!
Of course, the last thing those putrid sacks of Indiana eel shit would allow is ME to comment again, ripping their disingenuous bullshit to shreds. So, I simply logged out and posted a response under another name.

KAM said 2 hours ago:

I’ve visited this thread a few times over the past week.

Why do you keep changing the posts? Why do you insert your replies into the comments of others?
I saw another post on some website that says you do not allow dissenting opinions – that you cut off people who disagree with you. For a site that trumpets its commitment to Free Speech, that sure seems like hypocrisy.

Also, I followed all of the links you offered as proof of media bias. None of them have anything to do with demonstrating bias. They’re just right-wing opinions, not evidence. It’s like when you cite your own writing as proof of your own opinion. That’s not proof – that’s just circular prattle. You can’t say “Bill O’Reilly was smeared” then offer, as proof, Bill O’Reilly SAYING he was smeared!

Also note that you seem rather proud of the great deal of visitors you get on this site. The rate at which comments refresh on your “recent comments” sidebar would seem to suggest that you aren’t nearly as busy as you claim to be…but perhaps your claims and the facts are commonly incongruous.

It took the illiterate (and none too bright) “Editor” a mere few minutes to find the comment. ADDED to mine, AGAIN, rather than reply like a normal blog editor:

[Mr. Cousinavi,

Please read our web log rules, we do not allow people to come and post under multiple names as if to have a real appearing a conversation when in fact it is you talking to yourself. Changing your email address and running this site from an anonymizer based in Taiwan isn’t quite enough to fool us. Please follow our very simple rules.

I know that you believe that you declaring something true in the face of real evidence otherwise from News Busters and others makes you think you are a winner, but anyone with access to a common search engine can verify the editors comments above as those facts were covered by multiple organizations and other reporting sources. If you want to play games I have the IP’s of most of the anonymous posting services and if needed we will add them to our black list. As if it isn’t already obvious, anonymizers aren’t as anonymous as you might think. – Editor]

Sigh. Where to begin…
Not even a remote attempt to appear to have a conversation. The comment was obviously directed at the BLOG. But imputing bad motives (classic straw man argument) is standard operating procedure for this imbecile. Note the title of the post: “Letterman Lied” – a claim for which he offers no proof, and which requires asserting what knowledge Letterman possessed – an impossibility.

“Real evidence from NEWSBUSTERS…” LMAO! This intellectually stunted Indiana shithead actually thinks NewsBusters is a legitimate site for unbiased reportage! What a total giveaway. He might as well assert that Rush and O’Reilly are fountains of factual information.

Anonymizers? Never used one, didn’t have to. Just logged out and filled in the comment form provided on their blog. Apparently this guy’s Web Fu is not as strong as he thinks it is. More paranoid right-wing fuckwittery. Anonymizer, indeed. Asshole. No one needs an anonymizer, you lying piece of garbage – and HAD I used one, you wouldn’t know the comment had come from Taiwan, you ignorant, backward, brainless, stunned fuckwit. I’m not trying to HIDE from you, you asshole. I’m TRYING TO RESPOND TO YOUR STUPIDITY!

Blacklist. As I’ve been asserting since the infected pustule cut off my ability to object to his editing of comments, referencing his own articles as proof for his own claims, and faking “objective” proof for his wild accusations, I’ve posted HERE that he, like Bill O’Reilly and the rest of the lying pieces of shit on the right, will not permit real dissent, or address real evidence. They lie, use other lies as proof, and then blacklist anyone who objects. They are an insult to the very idea of open discourse and clear thought.
Scum, frauds, assholes and imbeciles. Indiana University at South Bend. Go figure. Backward redneck dittoheads who haven’t got enough of a pair to deal with REAL argument. Just a yammering right-wing echo chamber for racist, homophobic, backward Limbaugh bullshit.

In any case, once again, the incompetent, fraudulent, willfully blind right-wing cocks at IUSB Viscous ignore the substance of the comment, fail to answer ANY of the issues raised, and resort immediately to straw man distractions and blithering stupidity.

UPDATE: Here are the rules regarding posting on this IUSB bullshit website (emphasis mine).

Dear Vision Readers,

These are the rules.

If readers want to come here and give a valuable piece of news and post it anonymously we will respect the privacy of those sources.

If you are a nontenured faculty member or a member of the administration that fears retaliation from your peers you may post anonymously provided that you do not troll or break the rules.

Those who come here and post under multiple aliases just for the purpose of trolling, name calling, threatening etc are not entitled to the same courtesy. We do have the ability to track the identity of any poster within minutes. In the land of computer networking true anonymity is rare.

That also goes for people who come here and post under multiple aliases for the purpose of carrying on a conversation with themselves, it doesn’t mean that we will expose you, but we do reserve that right. Never claim to be someone that you are not.

If people use language with various cuss words we reserve the right to suspend posting privileges, so please conduct yourself in a civilized manner.

Most boards do not tolerate trolling and we will tolerate it to a degree; for the benefit of other readers the discourse will not be allowed to fall into the obscene or indecent.

In short, use common sense. Don’t troll, don’t cuss, don’t get indecent, don’t spam.

Remember, anything that you post here will be cached in search engines such as Google and Yahoo so that anyone can look it up virtually forever so it would be unwise to say anything that you are not proud of.

Explain to me again, you lying piece of yammering crap, why I’m no longer permitted to call out your fraudulent claims, baseless assertions, and unmitigated loads of right-wing assumptions and bullshit.
Here’s a threat, you disingenuous pile of manure. If I ever have the opportunity, I’m going to slap the living shit out of you JUST for being a two-faced, lying, underhanded, backward whore with no respect for nor interest in truth, honesty or fair debate.
You’re a fucking fascist cock, and you deserve a sound fucking beating.
On MY blog, threats are permitted against those who fucking well earn them.


2 Responses

  1. Jeebus, you make me laugh! Don’t usually speculate about the physical appearance of bloggers, but I can’t get rid of the mental image of this guy as an even doughier pantload than Jonah Goldberg, who is sweating profusely while responding to your arguments.

    • Go leave a comment over there…ask the blithering fuckwit why he mods comments and refuses to answer fair criticism.
      He might actually try to respond if your ISP isn’t from Taiwan. Frankly, I’d LOVE to know why he thinks it’s ok to cite HIMSELF as evidence for his arguments.

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