IUSB Fuckwits Don’t Quit

The “Editor,” who I now suspect to be some fuckwit named Chuck Norton (who the fuck calls themselves Chuck?), is at it again.

He posted some comments I left calling him a lying, cherry picking, disingenuous, unethical, fraudulent, sneaky, underhanded, myopic, hypocritical son of a whore…as evidence that the left is deranged and angry.
Apparently it dawned on him after sixteen or seventeen readings that hidden among the salty bits was a fair argument that he’s a lying, cherry picking, disingenuous, unethical, fraudulent, sneaky, underhanded, myopic, hypocritical son of a whore…so he removed them.

I still can’t respond to any of it. He has “cousinavi” totally blocked and is modding ALL new comments. Maybe I should try an anonymizer! LOL.

In any case, I spotted this thread and had a peek.
Throughout the post, Chuck links to various articles which (one would think) were evidence for the propositions he makes. However, if you just mouse over EACH AND EVERY FUCKING ONE OF THEM, you quickly realize that EVERY LINK goes to another article written by…CHUCK NORTON!

“It’s a fact.” (Ibid – Chuck).

To any thinking person, this is unethical, wrong, circular, stupid, phony, lying, preposterous BULLSHIT. It’s a blithering, right-wing, ignore the facts echo chamber where the only noise comes from Chuck. It’s a CHUCKO Chamber! Chucko…chucko….chucko…

Chuck Norton. You chickenshit. You pathetic facade of a worm. You despicable little stain on reason, clear thought and fair argument. You’re a joke. An embarrassment to South Bend, Indiana and the human gene pool. You’re a ragged fart from Limbaugh’s unscrubbed ass crack.

UPDATE: The comments which had previously been displayed, and which were then removed, have been restored.
I would have loved to have witnessed the tortured agony old Chuck put himself through over that. LOL.
“I put them up…but they make me look bad. So I took them down, but that makes me look worse!”
Like Louie DePalma trying to figure out how much he can get out of Jim Ignatowski’s father for his burned out apartment.
Thanks for dropping by VNV, Chuckie Cheese. Now, let’s see if you can work up an explanation on your pathetic blog for why you cite yourself as evidence for your own propositions. We’re waiting.

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