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UPDATE: The son of a bitch KEEPS editing my post, adding his comments, and STILL denies me the opportunity to respond. It’s the South Bend, Indiana version of Bill O’Reilly. Goddamn empty bullshit yammering, and cuts off the guest’s microphone rather than be revealed for a blithering fuckwit ignoramus.
Stay classy, Indiana.

Lame ass right wing apologist wingnuttery here.

The incompetent, brainless fuckwit in charge of this talking points mirror site insists (oddly like his fuckwit brother in the other thread) on jamming his comments INTO mine, which makes dealing with this asshole a royal fucking pain.
Of course (surprise, surprise) after hacking up my flow with his stupidity, he shuts me down. I can no longer comment.
Dissent will not be permitted in the land of Limbaugh and Loofah Lovers.

Worse, the son of an ocelot jammed in a bunch of links asserting PROOF that Librul Media distort and twist the words of great patriots and pundits like Rush and Bill.
It was painful, but I followed the links. Nothing – not a single fucking thing – remotely like evidence. A series of ultra-right Limbaugh ball lickers expressing their conviction that O’Reilly’s, or Rush’s, or some other lying pile of manure’s words ought not be taken at face value;that saying their racist rants were racism is just some liberal smear tactic.

Following, my never to be seen (over there, anyway) response to his hijacking and bullshit. It’s a bit choppy and rather long for a blog post, but wait til he starts trotting out the “evidence” for his claim of Liberal Media twisting words to make them LOOK like racists (yeah…that’s what he really thinks!):

cousinavi said
June 12, 2009 at 8:20 PM


“Young man”?

[I am a returning student who finsihed (sic) my first career and am launching a new one – I am older than most of my professors, so yes to me your (sic) just a young man, but your own words make that clear to clear thinking people who read them. – Editor]

More condescension. Clear to clear? Do you proofread?
Perhaps it would be more clear if you stopped reading my words and touched them…tasted them. Try saying them. It will feel different…better.

…Ad hominem attacks do not constitute argument. Let me know when you have a position to take on the issue. So far, all you’ve done is attempt insults while reproducing a post from a blogger who still wants Hillary to win the primary.

[A (sic) and this coming from the guy who spits out cuss words and vulgarities on his own web site and “declares” them to be “real” arguments. This is the problem with young people who are mired in hate, or envy, or some other form of rank emotionalism, they lose all selse (sic) of introspective (sic) – Editor]

(Note: Not sure why he put those words in quotes. I’ve never declared vulgarity to be valid argument…merely fun. It’s not like putting words in my mouth is unfamiliar to this fuckwit, but here he uses quotes – to what purpose only he knows. It’s a particularly odd sort of straw man tactic. South Bend, Indiana. Go figure. -Avi)

Your sensitivity to vulgar language, no doubt, is a function of your generational advantage. Get over it. If you have an argument to make, beyond ad hominem attacks and condescension, please…I’m all eyes.
You’ve done nothing to counter the arguments I’ve presented, despite the distasteful seasoning.

Your defense of Trent Lott is telling. Lott apologized unreservedly for his patently racist comments… Not YOU, though. YOU defend the words. Very telling, indeed.

[Actually he and everyone else made it clear that he was just wishing an old man well at his birthday. He apologized to anyone who took them out of what was an obvious context, but people like you created an entirely new context around what Trent Lott said to take a decent man and try to brand him as a racist. So you are clearly just not interested in the truth here
– Editor]

I shall not reproduce the video links – three YouTube videos:
Orin Hatch, Arlen Specter and Gordon Smith speaking in defense of Trent Lott’s nostalgic remarks for the days of segregation.
You forgot to toss in David Duke and Jesse Helms. Nice one.
You really know how to make a point.
It seems rather odd, as well, that precisely the argument I’m making ON TOPIC – that you go well beyond David Letterman’s joke to accuse him of rape humor – YOU accuse others of doing when they take Trent Lott’s words AT FACE VALUE.
The degree of hypocrisy here is truly stunning. I think it’s your style.

Still clinging to the “Willow was all over the local media” angle, I see. Of course you are. Despite the fact that it proves nothing, and certainly does not prove that Letterman KNEW one Palin from another, it is the cornerstone of your entire flawed position. Without that assumption (He KNEW…he HAD to have known!), the idea that Dave was making jokes about raping a child – itself a pretzel of a proposition – falls apart.

Libertarians (LOL), at least the ones worthy of the name, tend to pay attention to facts. You’re nothing but a right-wing apologist in the style of Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck masquerading behind a label you adopt because you see yourself as insightful and ever so edgy.
You solid non-conformist! Marching to beat of your very own drum!
As I said, let me know when you develop an ARGUMENT instead of just flinging mud, and repeating things you read in Atlas Shrugged.

Also note that you selectively edit my posts and choose which of my words suit you. There’s a useful debate tool. I wouldn’t stoop so low, but that’s me. In certain professional circles, there are severe penalties for such behavior.
I suppose when you have no argument in principle, nor ability to engage the topic, that’s what you’re left with: Hard editing, changing the subject, backdoor comments, and ad hominem. Well done! It’s no wonder so many read and link to you – it’s those high journalistic standards….
Suggest, until you find someone beneath you (and good luck with that), you stow the condescension. You haven’t been anywhere, done anything or lived long enough to have earned it.

Look at the dripping venom of this character, it has been a while since someone with full blown Palin Derangement Syndrome posted on the site, so I always appreciate when one of these types posts here so that their comments server (sic) as a spectacle for normal people to see.

Character attack; assertion of mental illness; assumption of abnormality in argument.
Bold claims made in the absence of substantive argument.
Do they even teach you what ad hominem is?
Is this the sort of political discourse which you think elevates your premise? Stunning.

People who encourage this type of clearly irrational hate, feed the emotionalism of those like the Fox News hating, Neo-Con hating nut (that nut also had the conservative magazine “The Weekly Standard” on his hit list) that shot and killed the security guard at the Holocost (sic) Museum or the other nut that killed that American Soldier after the NYT proclaimed that soldiers (sic) former Commander in Chief to be a “monster”.

Irrational hate, emotionalism, comparison to Fox News (now THERE’s a pot/kettle claim!), and an attempt to associate my position with ultra right-wing murderers.

[Actually, the man who went into the New York Holocost (sic) Museum, as I indicated previously and you ignored, was a left wing extremist. His many writings make it clear that he hated Bill O’Reilly, hated Fox News, hated conservatives and “Neo-Cons”, and he espoused views against Israel that are common among left wing anti-semitic (sic) academics and ANSWER anti-war rallies. In fact the conservative magazine The Weekly Standard was on his hit list
– Editor]

Redundancy and run-on aside, let me get this straight…antisemitism is a LEFT-WING trait?
You morons are tripping all over yourselves to make this white supremacist out to be A HIPPY???
Have you no reason at all? Are you really THAT far gone?
Holy smokin’ jumped up Jesus on skis, man! You’re off the deep end.
Next you’ll try to tell me that Hitler was a socialist. “Durr…they called themselves the National Socialists…DURRR!”
Fuck me. I bet you drool almost all the time. Try breathing through your nose for a change.

Do you EVER make an argument, or have you nothing besides personal attacks; that condescending, dismissive tone that allows you to consider that you need not actually make an argument until you find someone who measures up to your lofty self-image? For that matter, stop identifying yourself as “Editor”, at least until you stop riddling your posts with poor grammar and misspelled words.

After reading this poor young man’s web site, and seeing how filled with vulgarities and cuss words and venom towards the Palin’s (sic) and others, people he doesn’t even know, it is no wonder that he defends Letterman’s awful behavior with the zeal of a defense attorney, he engages in similar vulgar behavior regularly on his own web site. – Editor

Editor? This guy can’t punctuate a fucking sentence!

Would it suit you better if I only directed venom towards those with whom I am personally acquainted?
Physician, heal thyself!
I direct venom – based on facts and principles which are clear despite said venom – at any target that EARNS it. You have NOTHING BUT venom. No point, no facts, no argument – you simply fling shit like a caged monkey.
Does “vulgarity” twist your South Bend panties into knots?

STILL waiting for evidence supporting your bold, bullshit claim that Media Matters edited Rush Limbaugh to make him appear racist. Or is that merely another “factoid” upon which you base your ginned up crap for which you have no proof whatsoever? Please…no links to Conservapedia, ‘kay?

Here’s is where the REAL fun begins!

[Ok lets have a conversation about Media Matters –

Here is when they did an edit and misrepresent job on Rush to make it look like he was a racist – and Juan Williams and Al Sharpton both said that Media matters was full of it – Link to Astute Blogger

They make their living by attacking conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and numerous others. What they do is take their words out of context in order to smear them. This latest incident is from a radio show where he was talking with African American liberal, Juan Williams about racism and he was condemning it. Media Matters took what he said out of context and are trying to make him out to be a racist. Al Sharpton even went on the air last night and defended O’Reilly and agreed that the attack was baseless.

“Here is when…”? What the fuck? HERE is WHEN?
Your atrocious grammar and constuction aside, this link is nothing more than Bill O’Reilly CLAIMING to have been smeared. That’s not evidence of anyone twisting his words.
O’Reilly said he was amazed to find that black people were just like white people when he went to Harlem. I recall the comments. They WERE racist and no one selectively edited a damn thing. They simply replayed Bill’s own words. LOL.
Is that what you have as evidence of dirty tricks by Media Matters? Oh, that’s rich.

Here is where they did the same dirty trick to John Gibson – Link to some nobody blog reposting some right wing blither

ANOTHER link that goes to a right wing apologist trying to explain away patently racist comments.
Not evidence of selective editing, merely the claim that YOUR speaker’s OWN WORDS have been used against him…and a twisted argument that the plain meaning was not, in fact, what the words meant.

The explanation for Gibson’s “Have more babies…the Hispanics are!” comments is this: He’s not just telling Whites to have more babies – he’s telling EVERYONE to have more babies. He’s PRAISING the Hispanics and wants only to maintain the population.
On a planet of six billion people, where people starve to death, and you want me to buy that GIBSON is worrying about population contraction.

Keep hammering those links. They haven’t proven anything beyond the fact that right wingers are a twisted and dishonest lot, but who knows…maybe the next one…

Here is where they tried the same dirty trick against Bill O’Reilly – Link to National Review repost

Holy smokes. You’re delusional.
National Review linking to a transcript of O’Reilly’s racist diatribe on eating in a Harlem restaurant, and a sputtering rant about how people have the nerve – the NERVE! – to take Bill’s own words as evidence of racism.
Once again – the right whining about being reminded of what comes out of their mouths. This is NOT EVIDENCE of selective editing, twisting meaning, straw man, ad hominem or any other nefarious shenanigans. It’s BILL’S OWN WORDS that hang him.

Here is where they did another edit and misrepresent job on Rush Limbaugh – Link to Hot Air – begining to notice a pattern

HAH! Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air? Are you serious? If it weren’t for Glenn Beck, she’d be the spunkiest, most vapid idiot on the entire spectrum of goose-stepping facist morons!
Yet again, however, merely another example of the right CLAIMING to have been slandered. Victims! We’re victims!
This time on Rush’s “Phony Soldiers” remark, which is something special coming from a drug-addicted college drop-out sex tourist.
Have you got more of this crap? This is comedy gold!

and here is Rush’s response to Media Matters lies – Link to El Rushbo Himself

Ah, finally to the mothership! Rush Limbaugh dot com.
Rush, in his own words, apologizing to the troops for Media Matters smearing him. How fucking self-referential and circular can you get?
Let me apologize to YOU, Editor: I’m sorry you’re this stupid.
If you think this is argument, or evidence, or even suggestive of anything beyond a pretty solid demonstration of how deep in the weeds you are, you’re nuttier than a pistachio tree.

Here is when they did an edit and misrepresent job on Rush to make it look like he was a racist – and Juan Williams and Al Sharpton both said that Media Matters was full of it – Another Astute Blogger link…wait a sec…IT’S THE SAME LINK!

They make their living by attacking conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and numerous others. What they do is take their words out of context in order to smear them. This latest incident is from a radio show where he was talking with African American liberal, Juan Williams about racism and he was condemning it. Media Matters took what he said out of context and are trying to make him out to be a racist. Al Sharpton even went on the air last night and defended O’Reilly and agreed that the attack was baseless.

Here is where they did the same dirty trick to John Gibson – Hey…this link is a repeat, too

Here is where they tried the same dirty trick against Bill O’Reilly – Another link repeated???

Slow down there, old fella. Easy on the copy and paste before you hurt yourself. You already had these ones above.
Or is this some sort of attempted brainwashing? Do you think if I read them twice, I’ll suddenly see things your way?
Not likely I can get my head up my ass that far.

Here is more info on Media matters smear tactics –
Link to Newsbusters.org – a sure sign of reasoned perpsective

I can see this coming…three consecuative links from Newsbuster.org. You sure like your news served with a fat side of bias and slathered in presumption, huh?
Ok. I looked. No evidence. Just another right wing “They’re smearing us with our own words! That’s not fair!”

News Busters Dot Org!

A tinfoil hat rant about George Soros? You’re just linking anything, aren’t you? Do you even read these things?
I asked you for evidence…not Bill O’Reilly whining that people are holding his words against him.
Let me try to explain. You find proof – PROOF – of the “Liberal media” accusing Bill, or Rush, or Sean, or Glenn, or Bachmann or Malkin…pretty much anyone will do…of saying something THEY DID NOT SAY.
It will not suffice to say, “Bill said that he went into a restaurant in Harlem and was amazed to find that black people are civilized,” AND THE LEFT WING CLAIMS THAT’S RACIST.
See, that IS racist. It’s not an example of putting words in people’s mouths. He DID say that.
Perhaps you aren’t clear on simple concepts like evidence, logic, reason, straw man…it HAS been awhile since you cracked a book.

News Busters Peanut Parfait Dot Org!

Quoting Gibson:

This thing about Rush is really crystal clear. You can see how they lie. In this case, they said Rush said something, posted an audio recording of it and an audio transcript and cut it off at the precise moment where the next thing he said proved them wrong. Heres how it went down. I’ll play this bit and you can hear what Media Matters posted of what Rush said and then I’ll play you what he said next….the words that came next. The words that came right after they cut it off….and you will see…here…because this is radio…you will hear the live admission by this Soros backed group called Media Matters.

You just have to hear it….the part they cut out.
– Editor]

Ah, back to the Phony Soldiers bit, and someone from Fox News defending Rush Limbaugh’s offensive foolishness. Asserting that you need to listen to ALL of Rush’s words in order for the insanity to have full flavor. Christ, Ed.
I’m glad you’re back in school. You clearly need an education.

Run along. It must be time for you to head down to the quad and impress the girls with your Libertarian rhetoric and really big…hit count.
“Yeah, baby. I got 2300 page views this week alone. Wanna see my modem?”

Vado concubitus per vestri.

[In 24 hours Mr. Cousinavi sent us 6 hits with his link to us in his article, in 24 hours our article on Carrie Prejean and Steven Crowder recieved 9000 views – Editor]

PLEASE note the phony argument here. It’s a small one, but a perfect example of the sort of disingenuous shit in which you traffic.
You compare the total hits on your site NOT to the total hits on mine, but to the number of hits that CAME FROM VNV.
Further distinction: I write everything on this wee blog. I don’t just repost the work of others. I also allow dissenting comments and only mod people who make threats.
On the other Captain South Bend buggered stat, I had TWO come in from your site. That seems about right.
9000 page views, eh? I think someone is playing with the refresh button at his boyfriend’s place.

Your modem is so much bigger than mine. So is Rush’s modem. You guys have the biggest modems in the whole world. LOL.
Better luck next time, old fella.
Your tears are delicious. You keep counting page views. I’ll keep counting VOTES.
Warmest regards,


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