Save Willow Palin…From Her Mother

Oh, it’s on now. When will people learn there are folks with whom you just do not pick a fight?

A few days ago David Letterman made some jokes about Sarah Palin and her Abstinence-only sex education single mommy daughter, Bristol.
The jokes, off Sarah and Bristol’s recent trip to NYC, were funny. The lesser guffaw involved Bristol being knocked up by A-Rod during the seventh inning stretch at a Yankee’s game, the greater was from a top ten list – a line about Sarah updating her “slutty flight attendant look.”

Palin was outraged. But not so outraged that she would pass up the opportunity for yet more attention, and in her own inimitable style, mangle the facts and distort the truth to express her point.
She called Dave’s jokes pretty pathetic. Ouch! Biting comedic analysis!

Palin went further, though. She lied, or in Palin-world, wasn’t given the time by the liberal media to fully explain that her remarks there were perhaps not taken by folks there that the way she meant them to be understood and could have better said for the people to know if her words hadn’t been taken for the exact quotes.
Huh? What?

In any case, Palin accused Letterman of making jokes about the rape of her 14-year-old daughter, Willow.
Let’s be perfectly clear: Dave never once mentioned Willow in any of the jokes. Dave never once mentioned rape in any of the jokes. No Willow. No rape.

He did joke about Bristol, who reportedly (while underage) was banging her redneck boyfriend under Sarah Palin’s roof – living with the soon to be new daddy in her bedroom. Shamelessly exploited by Sarah Palin for political gain – shilled out to speak for the Don’t Fuck approach to sex-ed while dragging her fresh squab around in red, white and blue diapers.
And he did joke about Sarah Palin’s image. When you steal $150,000 worth of clothes and WINK at the camera during a Vice-Presidential debate, making yourself look exactly like a tarted up coquette without the ability to present behavior appropriate to the venue, then you might well come off like A SLUTTY FLIGHT ATTENDANT!

Note to Sarah Palin: When you use your pregnant teen daughter as a PROP, you may not then whine, bitch and complain when folks point out that your tricks are mostly smoke and mirrors. When you are exposed as a vapid, vacuous facade, you don’t invent a sack of bullshit to attack those who expose your obvious hypocrisy and exploitation. It only makes their point…beautifully.

Here’s Dave:

It becomes pretty clear what’s going on, eh?
Sarah wants publicity and will do ANYTHING to get it.
Sarah does not like being the butt of jokes – she had enough of that while touring around with Crash Test McCain.
So, Sarah lies about what’s being said about her – asserts that people are joking about raping her 14-year-old daughter – and strenuously objects to such degrading, offensive statements. Palin then holds up this INVENTED BULLSHIT as an example of the sort of things to which she is constantly subjected. Why? Why do they stoop so low?
It’s that damn liberal media, attacking anyone who dares speak the truth to the people – the Real America there, you betcha.

I’ve said it before. Sarah Palin is an incompetent buffoon without sufficient brain power to comprehend how far out of her depth she is.
She is spoiled, entitled, arrogant, uneducated, impossibly certain and really fucking stupid. She has the ability to not only say anything without regard for niggling little things like facts or reason, but an immense capacity to believe what tumbles out of her mouth. She is her own set of citations and footnotes. “I said it.” (Ibid, ME)

Ever hungry for more attention (even when people are pointing and laughing), Fly Sarah! wasted no time in responding to Dave’s invitation to appear on his show…which must have been a tough pass for the attention starved tramp given Dave’s audience numbers (and, you know, she still has all those expensive clothes that don’t get much of a workout up there in Wasila).
Sarah issued a statement:

“The Palins have no intention of providing a rating’s (sic) boost for David Letterman by appearing on his show. Plus, it would be wise to keep Willow away from David Letterman.”

What the fuck?
First, Palin might be right about providing a ratings boost for Dave. People would tune in by the millions to watch a babbling, self-centered, arrogant buffoon like Caribou Barbie try to survive an interview with one of the most cutting, witty, deadpan assassins on television. It would be a fucking bloodbath. It would be legendary.
But rather than simply ignore this invitation to her own funeral, Sarah (too damn stupid to pour piss out of a boot) has to spit vinegar.
Immediately after being called out on national television, YouTubed around the world, for making shit up in order to object to it, Sarah Palin is dumb enough to recast the SAME BULLSHIT!
She even goes one step further! The first time, it was an outrage that Letterman would make a joke (which he never made) about her 14-year-old daughter being assaulted. THIS time, Letterman isn’t making a joke – he’s a personal threat to Willow Palin!

This women is not only stupid, she’s fucking suicidal.
Listen, Sarah…there are people you simple don’t want to pick a fight with. In case you haven’t figured it out, comedians are on that list. They spend a lot of time dealing with hecklers…drunk, mean hecklers with nothing to lose. Taking down a self-important, blithering idiot from Wasila, who lies like a rug and doesn’t know when to shut up, is like giving them a Christmas present.
For future reference, dearie…well-educated, popular presidents are also on that list.
If you don’t know that now, you will. Nothing teaches like experience.

Child and Family Services should open a file on the Palins.
Here we have an absentee mother who preaches abstinence while her teenage daughter is down the hall humping the local hockey stick.
She has a demonstrated proclivity for lies, stupidity and fashion scams, cannot string together a coherent sentence, and makes false accusations regarding child rape.
Keep Willow away from David Letterman? Someone should save that poor child from her fucking mother!

Now shut the fuck up, you blank, yammering also-ran, and bring me my drink! And fetch me a blanket, you caked up, winking airborne waitress! It’s gonna be a long flight. You betcha.

Apparently Bristol was not at the game. Willow, who is 14, attended the game with Palin, so it would seem that the joke about her daughter being knocked up by A-Rod WAS in reference to the younger sibling.
I guess the premise of the rape humor accusation, then, rests on the presumption that Letterman can distinguish between one Palin spawn and another, and the age of consent – 16 in Alaska and 17 in New York.
Assuming Dave can distinguish between Sleepy, Dopey, Farty, Tic Tic and the rest of the Palin brood, Willow is 14, could not legally consent to sex with A-Rod, so Letterman is making rape jokes.
It’s a bit of stretch. Especially when Bristol was riding Levi just down the hall in the family home.
Frankly, in terms of providing financial support for any accidental, abstinence-only oopsie daisy, Alex is a step up for the Palin girls.
Willow is fourteen, she lives in Alaska where there’s not much else to do, and she has a couple of stunning role models. Who’s taking bets on the due date? They’ll WISH the daddy was A-Rod, instead of the paint huffing son of the turkey geeker.
This fact changes nothing. It was joke. Sarah Palin is a blithering, empty hypocrite. The outrage is ridiculous, and where the fuck is my drink?


22 Responses

  1. While it once served a purpose back when women were submissive property and children were used to being abused, today, statutory rape is a fucking joke and this is a good example.

    I actually read this story thinking Willow Palin was once raped and that Letterman’s joke about a Palin girl getting boned by A-Rod struck a family nerve. I could see that.

    Then I realized the “rape” trigger for her batshit outburst was only “rape” in the way that the fictional actions described in the joke would be legally declared “rape” in the way that teenagers under a certain age who willingly engage in sex are “raped”. I would expect that kind of response from a woman can’t tell reality from fantasy.

    The law treats teenagers like they are so fragile that getting something they desperately want and will spend half their life trying to get will scar them forever exactly the same way as if they were abducted and raped at knife point. Statutory rape is an insult to anyone that has actually been raped.

    As if today’s average teenager is so naive, so sheltered and so stupid they are uniformly incapable of consenting to sex, even though it ‘s thrust in their face every time they turn on a TV, radio, computer or open a magazine. In the case of a Palin, this description may be accurate, if not for the fact they are whores, both literally and metaphorically.

    These days, statutory rape is really little more than a revenge technique. Revenge from a parent who doesn’t like the boyfriend or from a girl feeling betrayed by her boyfriend. Or, as a threat to make a the guy who impregnated your daughter under your own roof to “do the right thing” and marry your daughter while you are running for Vice President.

    Using statutory rape is exactly the kind of tactic I would expect a manipulative, whore like Palin to use against a horny dipshit who knocked up her daughter at an inconvenient time or a comedian pointing out her false moral facade and her failure as a parent, person and politician while she tries to stay in the spotlight.

  2. Oh yeah. Canadian reference.

    It reminds me of the late lamented Frank Magazine. They wanted to mock the way that Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was using his hot teenage daughter for political purposes. They once ran a “Deflower Caroline Mulroney” parody ad seeking to boost lagging Conservative Party memberships by offering Caoline’s virginity to a lucky new member who’s name was drawn out of the hat.

    Later that year, Brian Mulroney, in a nationally televised Christmas interview, talked about the incident and how he wanted to “grab a gun, go down there and do some serious damage those people”.

    Like shooting a moose -eh? You betcha

  3. Child and Family Services should open a file on Letterman & anybody else who thinks that statutory rape is funny.

    Letterman spawned a child out of wedlock. Is Dave’s wife a slutty whore who deserves to be serially abused by miscellaneous men? Obama uses his children to promote his career, do they deserve to be verbally attacked by creepy old men?

    • NO ONE made any jokes about statutory rape. If you can’t deal with the joke, AS TOLD, then don’t resort to the contorted, obsessive, ridiculous analysis you inflict in order to justify your blithering obsession with kiddie rape. What the fuck is wrong with you?
      IT WAS AN ABSTINENCE ONLY SEX-ED JOKE, predicated on Sarah’s craven exploitation of her pregnant teenage daughter. No one mentioned Willow, no one said rape. That’s just something sick and dirty that lives inside YOU and YOUR twisted mind.
      Your bullshit false equivalency is…well, bullshit.
      How does Obama use his kids to promote his career?
      IF and WHEN Sasha is being dragged around the county, pregnant; being exploited by her mother to stump for some right-wing Christo-facist bullshit, THEN it will be fair enough to ask what lies in store for Malia. And if it’s fair to ask the question, it’s fair to make the joke.
      UNTIL then, the only kid being used by her mother, after humping the local unemployed hockey stick under Mom’s own roof, IS NAMED PALIN.
      If you send your kids into the game, you can shut the fuck up when they get fouled. You want your sprogs off limits? Keep them on the goddamn bench.
      You remind me of the photo clerk who called the cops on a GRANDMOTHER when she brought in a roll of film containing pics of the grandkids in the bathtub. It wasn’t kiddie porn UNTIL HE LOOKED AT IT. And this wasn’t a rape joke UNTIL YOU HEARD IT.
      There’s something sick and perverted inside that photo clerk. And there’s something equally twisted and vicious inside YOU. What is it that makes you so obsessed with sexual violence against children that you imagine it everywhere you look. Get some help before you act on these sickening urges.

  4. “NO ONE made any jokes about statutory rape. ”

    Dave said that Palin’s daughter was knocked up at a New York baseball game. The only daughter than accompanied Palin was her 14 yr old, Willow. Hence Dave was joking about statutory rape.


    Palin does not support abstinence only sex ed, she supports the use of contraception.

    “How does Obama use his kids to promote his career?”

    Photo ops for magazine covers & stories, just like all politicians do, not just Palin.

    “And this wasn’t a rape joke UNTIL YOU HEARD IT.”

    That’s rather a sophistry.

    “And there’s something equally twisted and vicious inside YOU.”

    You are psychologically projecting.

    “What is it that makes you so obsessed with sexual violence against children that you imagine it everywhere you look.”

    I’m not imagining anything. Dave explicitly made a statement promoting the sexual abuse of a 14 year old girl.

    • Do you even see the contorted logic required to arrive at “rape joke”?
      It REQUIRES that Letterman KNEW which daughter was at game – an assertion without any evidence.
      It REQUIRES that we ignore Bristol’s pregnancy and Palin’s craven exploitation thereof.
      It REQUIRES the assumption that Letterman was making a joke about sexual assault – a spurious and unlikely claim.
      It REQUIRES that you deny Letterman’s statement that he thought it was Bristol – something, again, for which you have no evidence, and only the stubborn desire to insist on your premise to support.

      Palin has been yammering about Abstinence-only sex education for years. It is her primary position on sex education.
      You are not permitted to split hairs and say she also thinks condoms are a good idea. That’s just bullshit. Bristol Palin has appeared on television to discuss ABSTINENCE ONLY sex education. She says it’s a stupid idea. You’re entitled to your vapid, ridiculous opinion, but you are not entitled to invent facts and inflict your interpretation on the rest.

      Photo ops for magazine covers? How does that promote his career?
      Don’t be obtuse. Sarah Palin cravenly drags her daughter around to stump for her position on sex education AFTER the kid got knocked up in Palin’s own home. They used Palin’s pregnant teenage daughter as a poster child for FAMILY VALUES, from the RNC through the campaign and beyond.
      When the Obama’s start dragging their kids out TO BE USED AS PROPS in the furtherance of some political agenda, THEN you can open your stupid yammering trap about it. Until then, you’re simply stuck with the fact that the Obama’s have gone to great lengths to keep their kids OUT of the game, as opposed to Palin, who suited them up and sent them to war on her behalf.

      There’s no sophistry in my argument. Avoid using words you don’t quite comprehend. YOU are the one contorting a joke, plainly and obviously about teen pregnancy and Sarah Palin’s vapid abstinence arguments, into a joke about rape. I remind you AGAIN: NO ONE said Willow. NO ONE said rape. It was NOT a rape joke UNTIL you made it out to be one through a contorted ex-post facto analysis that relies on willful blindness and assumptions you NEED to make.

      I need not “project” anything. YOU ARE obsessed with kiddie rape. You insist it’s a rape joke and beat logic to pulp to get there. It’s desperate and quite telling. Something makes you see rape everywhere you look. It’s fair enough to wonder why.

      While you’re looking up “sophistry”, you might also check up on the word “explicit,” you blithering rape obsessed idiot.
      While you are arguing (after your weak fashion) that Letterman made an IMPLICIT rape joke (and you’re just wrong in that utterly fucked, contorted, ridiculous claim), it would ONLY HAVE BEEN EXPLICIT had he said something like, “Heard 14-year-old Willow was raped by A-Rod.”
      THAT would be EXPLICIT, you illiterate twit. But, sadly for you, that’s NOT WHAT HE SAID. Nor can ANYTHING he did say be construed as PROMOTING sexual abuse of anyone.
      Pathetically, you aren’t interested in the facts, or in the fair use of language. Explicit, indeed. Get yourself a dictionary and sign up for a course in elementary logic and reason, but don’t come in here to display your ignorance and utterly incompetent vocabulary. Only fools toss around words they do not understand in an effort to make their weak, backward, moronic arguments APPEAR weighty and considered to anyone stupid enough not to know better.

      Explicit sophistry. Even without knowing what the words mean, you blithering idiot, you’ve described your style.

  5. I love this post. I’d say “ditto”, but my head would explode at the horrible irony. And this segment is perfect: “They’ll WISH the daddy was A-Rod, instead of the paint huffing son of the turkey geeker.” LOL–awesome. By the way, did you study philosophy in college or what? I graduated with a philosophy degree and I appreciate anyone who has an interest in the subject. Anyway, keep kicking ass, sir. You’re a patriot and a grand defender of all that’s good and right.

  6. Thanks, man. Yeah. Philosophy then law.
    Hey…go post over in the IUSB story that’s the basis of my latest post. Not a strong entry, but those guys are awful fuckwits and I’m sure they’d love to meet you.

    They won’t put up my comments anymore if there’s anything like evidence that they’re lying cockwits. But when I leave a comment that says “You filthy lying fuckstains!” they put THAT up in order to paint the left as irrational.

    These little grease spots are a disease. While I don’t expect anything can cure them, would love to drop back and find that someone had jammed a pound of STFU down their throats.
    Ask them how citing Rush Limbaugh claiming to have been smeared proves he WAS, in fact, smeared.
    Poor Rush. Always having to answer for what he really said.

  7. Actually, the alleged Statutory Rape in the joke was only IMPLIED by the joke. There are other ways to be “knocked up”. Turkey baster anyone?

    Despite what the Palin felaters claim, Dave didn’t actually say, “During the 7th inning stretch, A-Rod tackled Willow, stuck his cock in her while she screamed for help, came and, in the process, impregnated her.”

    Not only would that actually be considered a rape joke, it also wouldn’t make for good comedy. The actual joke was funny in the way that it was a non-specific passing comment. The more specific it was (ie “Bristol and A-Rod had consensual intercourse during the 7th inning stretch”) the less funny it would be. Does nobody know what comedy is anymore, or are they that eager to put words in people’s mouth for political gain?

    And for the record, Statutory Rape is funny. It’s a complete fucking joke. It is the government’s way of cock-blocking a guy (or gal) from getting some WILLING -repeat WILLING- tail just because one/both of the participants are under/over some age set by people older than their parents and that age (and other pre-conditions) vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

    WILLING, no matter what anybody says is NOT rape. Only rape is rape. Rape is TAKING WITHOUT ASKING! Statuatory Rape is, at worst, just being an asshole and taking advantage of somebody’s naivety for your personal gain.

    The entire US economy now depends upon that very principle. Specifically, marketing towards children is a fever pitch and is highly sexualized. It is aimed at turning people into mindless whores (for products) and the lifetime of backbreaking debt, emotional emptiness, and environmental fallout it brings. The use of sex in even “tween” and “pre-tween” marketing also encourages them to engage in sexual behaviour, thus increases the number of Statutory Rapes, much more than a couple jokes told by a 62 year old professional comedian on a late night talk show.

    But that irresponsible marketing is “perfectly OK” because there’s money to be made from it. Sexual motives bad. Money motives good. Maybe A-Rod should have paid the Palin girl to have sex with her.

    And, for the record, NO politician should EVER trot their kids out on stage for this very reason. The main reason they do is because it sells to a population of retards (and the media) who think the ability to procreate and have their spawn agree to appear on stage with them like trained monkeys is more important for political office seekers than, say, good policy.

    I actually was an second hand acquaintance of (Canadian reference) PM John Turner’s kid. Nice enough guy, but being the PM’s kid sure fucked his head up and the ONLY public mentions of him was a couple of appearances at party conventions. He would probably agree that having people shit on your dad in public on a daily basis is actually worse than a comedian making a joke about your own teenage sex life.

    • We part philosophical on the question of whether there is such a thing a statutory rape.
      There is an age of consent, which does not necessarily equate with the age of willingness, or the age of urges, or even the age of reason.
      There are perfectly good reasons for saying “ANY sexual contact with a person younger than X is a crime.”
      We can debate about where X ought to be, but there’s a goddamn X. And I submit that 14 is on the wrong side of it, no matter how curious OR Brooke Shield’s Calvin Klein looking she is.
      JOKING about it is one thing. Anyone who says NO JOKES is one breath away from burning books – Lolita – knifing paintings – Madonna and Child – there must be total freedom to express and total freedom to critique.
      That is by no means the same as saying there ought be freedom of ACTION.
      You are free to write, paint and JOKE. The market will determine your worth.
      When you ACT, that is properly the subject of social control. And thus, unless you two kids are within some logarithmic chronological relationship, HANDS OFF.

  8. “We part philosophical on the question of whether there is such a thing a statutory rape.”

    It’s not a matter of philosophy, it is a matter of law. If you don’t like the law, lobby your legislators to make raping underage children legal.

    • Ah, the blithering home schooler returns.
      Of course you can’t distinguish between a political, legal and philosophical discussion, much less manage to FOLLOW THE THREAD.
      Next time, before you flop open your yammering trap and let what passes for your brain ooze out in a puddle, make some small effort to review the context of the point.
      Not only are you a stunned, knee-jerk twit with a desperate desire to argue, you can’t even get your head around the issue.
      I’M arguing, you stupid fuckwit, that THERE IS a perfectly legitimate social concern that REQUIRES statutory provisions regarding the age of consent.
      Meanwhile, my rather astute opponent takes the LIBERTARIAN position, which distinguishes between RAPE – a crime – and STATUTORY rape (as distinct from non-consensual sexual intercourse) as an arbitrary infliction of external morality without justification vis the rights and desires of reasoning people.
      NO ONE is suggesting, you reactionary, right-wing shithead, that RAPING anyone (much less children) ought to be legal. Your bullshit false equivalency and straw man imbecility won’t wash here, you stuttering fuck.

      And, just so you aren’t troubled by the concept any further, there is no difference between the law and politics – they are merely flip sides of the same coin and both directed at social order and maintenance of the status quo. And BOTH are properly philosophical subjects…you niggling, pedantic, shallow yammering MORON.
      Do me a favour: Go back and brush up on your home schooling before you come in here and embarrass yourself by blurting out any further stupidity. “…a matter of law.” Fucking imbecile.
      Next time you deign to lecture someone on the difference between law and philosophy, try to pick someone who DIDN’T earn a degree in philosophy before attending law school.
      Now shut the fuck up and get your stupid ass back in the Creation Story, or whatever other ridiculous bullshit you inflicted on your children in Mama’s full curriculum home educatin’ program.
      What a fucking JOY it must have been for them to be taught by someone so perfectly astute and well-informed. Such insight! Such reasoning! What a fucking tragedy.

      You strike me as the sort of stunted moron that would be likely to enjoy Michelle Malkin…Newsbusters…Glenn Beck…and consider that balanced, insightful, reasoned reportage and analysis. I’d be willing to BET you support Sarah Palin!
      A perfect example of the sort of disgusting, brainless, knee-jerk zombie reasoning that needs no evidence or real thought, just the Jesus inspired certainty that you’re, of course, right. Learn to think, you goose-stepping ignoramus. Get a REAL education. Stop listening to drivel.

  9. Golly, I guess only a person with a degree in philosophy and law can construct such a well reasoned post in which nearly every sentence contains the word “fuck”.

    It sounds like you wish for your blog to be an echo chamber for a mutual admiration society & will brook no dissent.

    The reason why I’m offended by Letterman is that the left, rather than debating an issue on its merits, often devolve into emotional, sophomoric, ad hominem attacks & threats of physical assault against people who voice differing opinions.

    • Don’t let the salty language make you miss the argument.
      I don’t mind dissent. I just can’t tolerate your particularly ugly mix of blithering stupidity and unfounded certainty – it lacks reason, clarity of thought and is unsupported by anything remotely resembling evidence. If you could make a decent argument, you find me far more welcoming.

      You’re offended by Letterman because you feel the left will not debate the merits?
      What sort of nonsensical bullshit is that?
      I’m offended by Sarah Palin’s complete hypocrisy.
      She ignored or condoned 100 similar jokes about Bristol. She appeared on SNL AFTER they made jokes about her HUSBAND knocking up her daughter. SHE cravenly exploits her children to further her own selfish political ends.
      For HER to point her holier-than-thou finger at Letterman, cast her own daughter in disgusting rape imagery, and accuse Dave of being a threat to children is despicable beyond words.
      It’s not an ad hominem attack when I shred your argument on the merits (or stunning lack therof) and THEN assert that in order to have made the attempt you must be fucking stupid.
      It would be ad hominem if I merely attacked YOU as a means to devalue your argument.
      If you don’t know the difference between justified and unjustified analysis, please…shut the hell up.
      Let me make it really simple for you: Saying you are stupid AFTER demonstrating that your argument is idiotic – NOT ad hominem. Saying your argument is idiotic BECAUSE you are stupid – ad hominem. In your case, given that BOTH you AND your argument appear pretty goddamn brainless, I can understand how you might not be able to tell the difference.

    • …and not to put too fine a point on it (else you miss it), but emotional, sophomoric, ad hominem and threats of violence are the standard operating procedures of the shallow, right-wing, reactionary pundits you no doubt admire – see Malkin, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Beck, Scarborough, Goldberg, Breitbart et al.

      You’re not only myopic, but your projection is right out of the DSM. You’re quite obviously mentally ill.

  10. “You’re quite obviously mentally ill.” That’s rather Stalinistic of you to accuse anyone who disagrees with you of being crazy.

    The skit on SNL was satirizing the over the top smear campaign of the New York Times.

    Palin does not exploit her children any more than a typical politician such as Obama does. Obama brings his children onto stage during rallies & poses with them on magazine covers. You leftists should try to live by the golden rule & treat others the way you wish to be treated.

    • Obama brings his kids on stage for a moment. He does not drag them from whistle stop to hockey rink to conventions in NYC to appearances on GMA.
      He does not dress his kids up in red, white and blue and pack them around the country as the poster child for Family Values. He would simply NOT exploit his daughter’s pregnancy to further his own sex education agenda. In fact, I feel reasonably sure that Obama’s kids won’t be forced to enlist in the army in order to avoid jail, wind up humping the local hockey stick down the hall from Mom’s room, or wind up engaged to a kid whose mother is an Oxycontin dealer (no wonder Rush thinks so highly of the Palin’s – he can score in Alaska!)

      Sarah Palin chose to cast her own daughter in disgusting rape imagery in order to attack David Letterman for a joke that had already been told by a hundred other comedians. HE didn’t make ANY reference to rape. SARAH PALIN did.
      There is no limit to how low that woman will stoop in exploiting her children to gain any sort of advantage.

      Your false equivalency – the very suggestion that the Obama’s USE their children in ANYTHING REMOTELY like the vicious, craven manner of Sarah Palin is simply desperate, disingenuous and indicative of the stubborn ignorance which draws the sort of rebuke you can’t seem to handle.
      If you want your “opinions” to be given more respect and credibility, than come up with one that isn’t just ginned up bullshit constructed on false equivalency and a pissy resentment at needing to find some way to stand up for the utterly discreditable behaviour of Sarah Palin.

      As for the skit on SNL… You say “The skit.” One? You think they did ONE skit…a SINGLE joke about Sarah Palin? They BUILT THE SHOW around Sarah Palin for MONTHS! Tina Fey rocketed to stardom off her perfect parodies of the brainless hillbilly from Wasilla. THE skit, indeed. And you even try to EXPLAIN to me what THE SKIT was about, as if having some blithering detail makes your argument. THIS is JUST the sort of thing that provokes, “YOU’RE A MORON!”

      Stalinistic? Oh, lovely. Now a enlightening treatise on Stalinism from the homeschooling crowd. Do tell…what is it about considering you to be mentally ill that suggests Josef Stalin to you? I can’t fucking WAIT for this!
      And TRY (I know it’s tough – you have so little to work with), but do TRY to avoid your grandiose conclusions in order to set up yet another utterly vapid bit of straw man nonsense. I DON’T think “anyone who disagrees” with me is crazy.
      I just think YOU are particularly neurotic, in addition to being myopic, stupid and addicted to tossing around words and phrases you think make you appear educated but only reveal you as ignorant, biased and desperate.
      Fake vocabulary won’t wash around here. Run along and play with the commenters on Hot Air – I’m sure you’ll impress the heck out of them with your bullshit Stalin lines and ignorant rants about “Leftists.”

  11. Well I had just decided to drop my enormous clarification of what I said earlier about Statutory Rape, but then what I feared would happen happened. Some simple minded right-wing fucktard took what was said completely out of context in order to twist it to fit his twisted, simple minded, agenda.

    So, in the elementary school tradition of collective punishment, because it seems even many adults are at that intellectual level (Cousinavi excluded) I will soon bore you all to the point suicide with my clarification.

  12. I have the same amount of contempt & direspect for all of you misogynistic cretins as you have of me.

    I view all of you as disgusting pigs trying to defend another disgusting pig who wants to attack women.

    • Misogynistic cretins.

      SARAH PALIN portrays her own daughter as a rape victim, and I’m a misogynist.

      Listen, BITCH…the fact that you have ovaries doesn’t give you the moral high road to come in here and start inflicting your vaginal world-view bullshit on people who CAN THINK.
      If you want to rail against the oppression of women, hie thee down to the local SSAV office and volunteer, or donate some hours to a shelter, or provide day care to some working mother…but don’t you fucking DARE come in here and toss around words like misogynist in your angry fucking Andrea Dworkin, “All men are rapists,” BULLSHIT style.
      Now haul your sickening ass the fuck back where you came from, you pathetic CUNT. Yeah…cunt. Because when you build your politics off of HAVING one, then that’s what you ARE.
      I don’t hate women. But I do have contempt for Sarah Palin – a craven fame whore who considers herself entitled to that for which she is utterly unqualified – sort of like you and reasoned debate. You’re unqualified.

  13. “Misogyny” aka A man says something negative about someone with a vagina.

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