NDP Take Nova Scotia – Zann Wins in Truro

Well slap my lobster and call me Lefty.

In a riding that’s been so dependably Tory blue since the color was invented, getting bets down on this outcome (at least with anyone likely to pay off) involved trading in slanted odds that were deeply immoral, if not illegal. But here we are, the morning after, and that which had been held to be impossible has happened. The New Democrats will form the government in New Scotland.

Having not resided in the old home town for some years, I had no horse in the race beyond being acquainted with one of the candidates (about whom I have blogged before), and considered that she was easily the best choice to represent the riding if for no other reason than she has no shady ties to the sort of ugly trough-feeding bastards who’ve been bellying up to the political buffet for years.

Acclaimed Canadian actor (she played a lesbian on a cable show, which should be enough for most voters) and teenage Prince Street streaker (which apparently brought in the rest), Lenore Zann will sit in the legislature on behalf of Truro-Bible Hill.

In a province dumb enough to elect son-of-a-bagman Peter McKay and send him off to Ottawa where his most notable accomplishment was being publicly dumped by heiress Belinda Stronach and possibly bagging Condi Rice under the boardwalk, it’s nice to see someone who ISN’T in it for themselves win a seat.

Well done, Ms. Zann. Well done, indeed.
Firecrackers tonight in Taiwan.

6 Responses

  1. The NDP winning a solid Majority in Nova Scotia? You’ve got to be shitting me! Have I woken up in a parallel universe? How did this happen?

    As for Lenore Zann, she appeared on the L Word and now she represents Bible Hill. HAHAHA! (In Canada the L Word runs on essentially a basic cable channel. It even ran for a while on local over-the-air TV in my area. Got to love the lack of censorship in Canada.)

    But to be fair, she was also in Pit Pony and the My Little Pony Christmas Special. I wonder which side of her will emerge in office. I could wonder about that all day. Hmm.

  2. Sorry to interrupt the thread, but some shithead shot up the Holocaust Museum in D.C. I remember how the wackaloons howled when we were warned here in the U.S. of domestic, right-wing terrorists. Let’s see, an abortion doctor, now the H.M…. Frankly, I wouldn’t sell a life insurance policy to Obama right now. They’re coming out of the woodwork, as predicted.

  3. @ littlejohn

    Yep. I wonder how Malkin will play this.

  4. I know this is the age of instant gratification, but be patient. I’m sure Cousinavi will get to it.

    Right now the dude is talking about his home and native land….and left-wing, lipstick, lesbians…Yeah, lesbians….In the legislature…after hours…working late in close quarters on an important bill…you can just feel the…tension.

  5. Nice article found your site searching in google I think you could have taken a more neutral view.

    • 1. Accuracy is not biased, nor is honesty.
      2. Exactly how might the bit have been, in your view, “more neutral”?
      3. Why is neutrality something to be desired on my blog?

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