Bay Buchanan Defends Her Pet Racist

I’ve previously smacked Bay Buchanan, the barely closeted racist bitch who whores for Pat Buchanan, Tom Tancredo and anyone else in the GOP who has a hate on for non-whites (that’s redundant).

Now, Bay has come out in defense of her employee, pet intern and protege Marcus Epstein, who is charged with karate chopping a black woman and calling her a nigger.
Bay goes to great lengths to point out that Mr. Epstein is half Jewish and half Korean, as if being a double-barreled minority somehow excuses or mitigates assault and racist insults. She says it doesn’t, but then why mention it?
One suspects the only reason Bay Buchanan has the disgusting little stain on her staff is in order to deflect accusations that she, herself, is a vicious racist cunt – a fact she revealed during the presidential campaign when she said that because Obama’s middle name was Hussein, it was a “fair question to ask” whether he has “Muslim blood.”

Hmmm. Perhaps, Bay, you should look into Epstein’s history to discover if HE has any Muslim blood. You could lay it off on that loathsome part of his character, instead of defending the racist Korean Jew.

Pat Buchanan, Tom Tancredo, Bay Buchanan, and a self-loathing half Korean/half Jew slapping black women and calling them “the n word”. I can smell how badly Bay wants to SAY IT from Formosa.
How odd they should all find themselves working together…defending one another.
A bunch of right-wing racist bastards. Damn…another redundancy.

As a result of Mr. Epstein’s racist assault, Bay yammers and sputters that he’s been having mental health problems, drinks too much and is generally coming apart at the seams. The FACT is that he was having severe mental health problems and hitting the bottle BEFORE the assault.
One must ask why, then, Bay kept him on staff? Is it so important to have a racist in-house minority that she would risk a drunken madman in the office? Apparently so.

She asserts that Epstein is the victim of an “internet lynching” (lovely turn of phrase under the circumstances), and has had his admission to UVA law school rescinded.

As for attending law school: The man is either an unmitigated racist, in which case he has no business being admitted to the bar OR he’s severely mentally ill, in which case he’s a danger to his clients in that he is incapable of bringing the requisite stability and clear insight to bear in handling their files. Either way, and as ugly as his actions were, the practice of law has no need for Bay Buchanan’s racist pet.

For that matter, it’s about time that America woke up and realized that it has no use for ignorant, racist bitches like Bay Buchanan and the rest of her disgusting cohorts.


2 Responses

  1. Sartre once famously wrote, “There’s no need for red-hot pokers. Hell is other people.” I would qualify that further by saying “Hell is conservatives.”

  2. Wait, were you trying to say she’s racist or something? I wasn’t entirely clear on that.

    (She’s an example of why women need to stay in the fucking kitchen and out of politics.)

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