Fight Religious Terrorism – Donate in the Name of Dr. George Tiller

A positive suggestion from PZ Myers on his blog, Pharyngula.

Feministe has an excellent list of pro-choice charities. Want to do something to infuriate the women-hating anti-choicers and do something positive in honor of Tiller’s work? Donate!

It’s well past time that religious fuckwits who seek to impose their holy book inspired ideas of law and justice on everyone else were marched back a few steps. I don’t care what the Jesus freaks think, say, believe or do so long as they keep it in their homes and their churches.
They’ve been trying to shoehorn their stupid fucking creationism into the science classroom, and now their repressed, dirty little sex phobias, condescending, arrogant certainty, and twisted desire to control what women may do with their bodies has contributed to cold-blooded murder.
It is time to do more than object to this sort of fantastic idiocy; this right-wing fundamentalist terrorism in the name of Holy Jesus, meek and mild. The lamb, indeed.

Here’s the sort of disgusting, harassing crap Operation Rescue gets up to in their service of their imaginary friend (from Hilzoy):

…hundreds of [administrative assistant Sarah Phares’] neighbors received an anonymous postcard of a mangled fetus. This is abortion! read the big block letters. “Your neighbor Sara Phares participates in killing babies like these.” The postcard implored them to call Phares, whose phone number and address were provided, and voice their opposition to her work at the clinic. Another card soon followed. It referred to Phares as “Miss I Help to Kill Little Babies” and suggested, in an erratic typeface that recalled a kidnapper’s ransom note, that neighbors “beg her to quit, pretty please.” The third postcard dispensed entirely with pleasantries: “Sara Phares is not to be trusted! Tell her to get a life!” (…)

Before long, protesters from Operation Rescue showed up at her house. They parked a tractor-trailer across the street, plastered with twenty-foot-long images of dismembered fetuses. From its speakers came the kind of sweet, tinkling music that lures children from their back yards in pursuit of Dreamsicles. One protester, a somber man in a tan windbreaker with a three-foot crucifix thrust before him, performed an exorcism on Phares’ front lawn, sprinkling holy water on the grass to cast demons from the property.

Only those motivated by fucked-up Bronze Age fairy tales could possibly consider such things a duty. Keep your damned Jesus off my lawn, out of my hospital and out of our schools. It’s beginning to look like we need many more lions and a dramatic uptick in the number of martyrs.

2 Responses

  1. Fuckers, all of them

    /please excuse my unladylike language

  2. Jesus isn’t to blame here. Killing just isn’t His jurisdiction. If Jesus had a role, it would be:

    “Hi. My name is Jesus. My mom slept around and got knocked up out of wedlock. She could have aborted me, but she didn’t. So, don’t get an abortion. You could be carrying the Second Coming.”

    The Bible’s Lot wasn’t asked by God to destroy Sodom & Gomorrah. He was only asked to get the hell out of there. God did the rest.

    If God exists and if He’s anti-abortion, he would really only want people not to get abortions and probably vote for anti-abortion candidates. He would most certainly take care of the Abortionists Himself because that’s HIS jurisdiction, not mankind’s. Smiting is God The Father’s gig, not the Son’s and it’s certainly not up to the followers to freelance.

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