Note to Dawkins and Hitchens: THIS!

She has her own YouTube channel, and will do more for secular humanism this week than Hitch might ever, even armed with limitless scotch and something more than resignation and certainty.

Dawkins? Brilliant. Genius. Charming. Erudite. Scholarly. I guess the question becomes who do I want to hear speak in a lecture hall versus who do I want to have this conversation with?

This! You unkempt blithering bastards…arguing the knobby bits with prats like D’Souza, or responding to some blitheringly stupid bit of waste like Ray Comfort or Transubstantiation ….piffle.

Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments.
And having a hot body, crazy hair and sexy accent – we can agree that this makes debating much more enjoyable than anything Hitchens might be able to manage (even with his Amis of choice).

And to be fair – to give the counterpoint its due – if this is Satan tempting me…using all his subtle and evil tools (even beyond those of science, reason, evidence, experimental results blah blah blah…)
If THIS is how Satan tempts me, Satan wins.
First round knock out. Twice on Sunday and three times before breakfast. I keep demanding a rematch just to enjoy tapping out.


2 Responses

  1. yes, she is a better spokesperson than dawkins. Thanks for the video!

  2. Wow, she just creationed a mess in the front of my pants. Does this make her God? Close enough for me to worship her.

    Secular humanism? Is that what she was arguing? My brain shifted into neutral within seconds. I was willing to go along with whatever she was arguing. Secular humanism? White Power? Killing babies and eating them? Whatever she wants.

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