Why I Don’t Twitter

I never had a thought worth sharing that could be expressed in 140 characters.
Not even this one.


7 Responses

  1. Twittering is for twits.

    And, to avoid saying something meaningful in under 140 characters, anybody who likes to Twitter is an illiterate birdbrain incapable of forming any thought worth more than 140 characters.

    And I think mkhblink ate corn last night. (Have I hit 140 yet?)

  2. “Over on the left wing of the president’s party, there appears to be little curiosity in finding out what was learned from the terrorists.” – Dark Lord Cheney

    Speaking from “the far left”, I am VERY curious what we found out from the terrorists.

    I want to know every single detail about the torture. I want to know how many people were snatched up, how, from where, and why. I want to know where they were taken, who tortured them, the names of the Doctors who oversaw the torture and what methods were used. I want to know how long they were tortured, what happened to them after the torture and how many died.

    I want to know every single word that came out of their mouths. I want to see and hear every single picture, video and audio recording.

    I want to know what percentage of claims held any water and what didn’t. I want to know how many of these people did nothing whatsoever. I want to know how many of them were tortured because of a mistaken identification. I want to know how many were tortured merely because they were just in the neighbourhood or just because somebody dropped a dime on them out of petty revenge. I want to know how many innocent people died.

    I want to know EVERY single detail. I don’t want ANYTHING hidden. I want the true scope of evil to come out. I want to know the names of all the official who ordered it. and, above all, I want to know when they are going to jail.

    I know it will never happen. However, my suspicion is that, after torturing what would probably turn out to be several thousand people, they probably did find out a few things that would have been pretty useful to know….IF THE MERE FACT OF SNATCHING UP SOMEBODY WHO HAS IMPORTANT INFORMATION WOULDN’T MAKE THAT INFORMATION NULL AND VOID THE MINUTE THEIR CO-WORKERS REALIZED HE WAS IN US CUSTODY AND THAT THEY HAD TO CHANGE THEIR PLANS!!!

    Capturing these people rendered what they might have to say under torture essentially mute. The torture happened anyway because torture isn’t done to get information. Torture is done purely for the fun of it.

    “At Abu Ghraib, a few sadistic prison guards abused inmates in violation of American law, military regulation, and simple decency. For the harm they did to Iraqi prisoners and to America’s cause, they deserved and received Army justice.” -Dark Lord Cheney

    That is far and away the funniest thing I’ve heard all year.
    Every single word, and I mean EVERY single word, is so full of ironic humour than I just pissed my pants laughing. Who said torture can’t be funny?

  3. Ooopsy!!!

    I posted that in the wrong place! Sorry.

  4. “I completely agree with you about twitter. Nobody cares what you’re doing.”

    And also nobody should be that interested in witnessing Rush Limbaugh twist himself into knots, yet both are extremely popular forms of entertainment.

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