Jesse Ventura Tortures Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Hasselbeck is a Cheney cock gobbling whore who spouts GOP talking points (swallowed whole, no thinking).
Jesse Ventura is a former governor and ex Navy Seal who knows what he’s talking about.
Watch for the Hasselbeck moment: “Yes, torture is wrong, but we don’t torture…we use enhanced interrogation techniques!”
Ventura wins in a knock out (duh!) I only wish he had completed the sentence, “That’s just Dick Cheney changing the words,” with, “…you ignorant, brainless, myopic bitch.”

7 Responses

  1. ” with, “…you ignorant, brainless, myopic bitch.”

    If Jesse had said that I would have seriously shedded tears laughing and crying on that wonderful historical Daytime TV moment of after nearly 6 yrs on that show of someone FINALLY shutting down Dizzy Lizzy!!!

    LMAO :>)

  2. Hasselbeck did anything but hassle Beck on today’s show. Whoopi gave him shit for being the turd he is, but Lizzy just sat there quiet the whole time until the very end of the segment when she found an opening to make some stupid, offhand remark about Nancy Pelosi.

    As far as this segment, I remarked on another blog that I wish Jesse had poledriven her head right through the table. That would’ve been awesome. I mean, she doesn’t use it anyway, so what’s the harm?

  3. “Enhanced Interrogating” somebody to death is fine with this cunt, but taking the Morning After pill is wrong even in cases of rape and incest because “life begins at conception” and “life still has value. Yeah, right.

    Ultimately, we have Survivor to thank for this bitchy cunt. So, to all the people who watch Survivor, you’re ruining TV (and America) beyond Reality TV programs themselves. So, thanks. Thanks a lot.

    Uh, did I call this cunt a cunt yet?

  4. Sedate Me, let me get this exactly straight. Are you saying Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a cunt?

  5. Yes, LittleJohn, I am. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a cunt!

    I’ve decided I’m taking the word back. (See: Clerks 2) Cunt was one of the first words I learned at school and one of my all-time favourites. It’s sad you don’t see it used anymore because it perfectly describes people like Hasselbeck.

    She comes across as this sweet, innocent, little hottie …and then she opens her mouth and out pops a nasty, sharp toothed, cunt. And when somebody shoves her bullshit back down her throat, she gets all teary eyed and everybody feels sorry for her just because she’s (outwardly) attractive.

    Cunt is the best word I can think of to describe her.

    • My vocabulary is a little deeper…but cunt is definitely in there.
      And reserved (mostly) for just such situations.
      Yeah. I gotta thumbs up. Hasselbeck is a cunt.

  6. I truly love your comments on Dizzy Lizzy. Someone sent me this link on a song dedicated to her. The language is harsh just to give a heads up. But it fits her to the T. The song is called Hasslebeck!! Enjoy!!

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