David Frum – Better Than Tucker Carlson, But No Rush Limbaugh

David Frum, trying desperately to find someone in the GOP willing to listen to his argument that brainless fuckwittery is not a viable path for the future of the party, comments on Rush Limbaugh:

Those two bolded sentences highlight an increasing theme of the Limbaugh broadcast: that President Obama knowingly seeks to do harm to the United States of America. The president even wants to release terrorists to roam free in America’s streets!

There was a lot of wild political hate expressed during the Bush years. I was there, I remember. But short of the crazy 9/11 denialists, no prominent liberal figure – certainly nobody as central to the left as Limbaugh is central to the right – ever accused either President Bush or Vice President Cheney of wishing to do harm to America. To have accused them of such a thing would have been to accuse them of treason.

The comment posted by Kendra Wilder @ 1:34 AM in response to Mr. Frum is here preserved for posterity:

What might be a more accurate assessment does not in any way shape or form involve Rush Limbaugh’s opinion of President Obama’s apparent tearing down of the Unites States of America for some political agenda’s purpose.

Much more accurate, in my not so humble opinion, Mr. David Frum, would be to suggest quite strongly that you have an agenda which, out of necessity, requires the taking out of Mr. Limbaugh and discrediting him and eliminating him as a rival in the realm of Conservative Leadership.

You have this website, the New Majority, which clearly intends to take the initiative in reshaping the GOP, with you as its titular leader. Standing in the way are true GOP Conservatives, with Rush Limbaugh as their acknowledge ‘leader’, within certain parameters given that he has no desire to ‘lead’ the GOP in its contortionist rebirths among the various factions that are attempting to gain control of the GOP’s course and direction.

So, to eliminate your psychotically misperceived (sic) rival, Rush Limbaugh, you have been systematically attempting to distort public perception of the motivations behind why he does what he does on his show, in public speaking, and in responses to the Mainstream Media’s requests for statements or Q&A sessions.

Then what, Mr. Frum? If you, in the highly unlikely to nearly impossible chance, eliminated Mr. Limbaugh as an impediment to your goals, who’s next? Mark Levin? Sean Hannity? Glenn Beck? All of them have a considerably large following.

You’d have to take them all out one by one to have a chance at gaining the numbers of followers for your “New Majority” to even have a ghost of a chance to be able to truthfully call your “New Majority” a majority at all within the GOP.

It’s readily apparent that Rush Limbaugh is the biggest and hardest target with the largest “following”. Truthfully, after reading your website and your articles for several months, I’m convinced that you’re on some induced ego trip that has gotten so out of hand that your attacks on Limbaugh and others have taken on a rather desperate tone. Your assessments and accusations don’t sound reasonable at all, and actually smack of Twilight Zone insanity.

Sorry, Dude. You’re not fooling anyone. You haven’t got a chance, especially with the lame and sophomoric tack you’ve taken.

Excuse me while I put on my happy face.

You see, Frum? You’re not even a real conservative! How could you be? You’re one of them inteleckshul elites (Christ, wait til she finds out you’re Canadian!)
Forget the National Review – magazines are dead…deader than dead.
Dead like cocaine at James Spader’s house in Pulp Fiction. Rush Limbaugh is the new Bill Buckley – he’s the heroin from the Hartz Mountains in Germany. And when you shoot it you will know where those extra brains went.
Mi casa, su casa.
Muchos gracias.

Carville was right. The Dems will rule for 40 years, and what remains of the GOP will follow Limbaugh, Palin, Hannity, Steele, Gingrich, Cheney, Jindal, Boehner, Bachmann and a cast of idiot extras too numerous to mention onto the heap of failure and ranting obscurity – reduced to a radio show and appearances at county fairs to introduce The Knack.

The best part is the schadenfreude!
Nixon walked away with a pardon when he should have been manacled, pimp walked before the camera and sent to Devil’s Island with a pack of smokes up his ass!
One term of JC and it was the beginning of the Reagan years – Cheney and Rumsfeld were back…setting the stage to finish what their mentors got caught doing behind Henry Kissinger lo those many years before.
This clusterfark is entirely of the GOP’s own making and it has been storing up ugly karma for a long time. There is great and perfect pleasure in watching them drown in their own shinola.
Busting into the Watergate was one thing (altho Cambodia, East Timor and Chile were others).
Torturing people to provide false evidence for an illegal war? Very Kissinger…but there’s a difference between this shit and the Gulf of Tonkin incident (in scope if not in principle) that’s not going to play out nearly so well politically for the right. It may be unlikely anyone will drag a simpering imbecile out of Crawford, Texas in chains, but there are other fish (bigger, far more culpable fish) than George that are less likely to escape the gaffing hook.
So it goes, and how that flops is beside the point. The point is the future of the GOP – that it has become the party of indignant stupidity and seems to be Rushing to huff all the paint thinner it can find in the desperate hope to drop a few more IQ points before the first quarter is over.

And what’s the cure for that? Rush Limbaugh, cognitive dissonance, false equivocation, and tea parties. Anyone who says it isn’t is either out for themselves, or actively assisting B. Hussein Obama in the Muslification, degradation and destruction of Amerika!

What did I do with my Double Happy Haha Fun Face?

I don’t mind Frum so terribly much. He’s better than Tucker Carlson.
That ain’t saying much but someone’s got to do it. Sure, he’s a conservative wanker (certainly no Bill Buckley) but at least he tries to make something resembling intelligent arguments for the principles of conservatism, and is smart enough to recognize that blithering, chanting, stupid, disengaged whargaarbl is no way to seek political authority and no justification for holding power even if it were.

I almost feel a little bad for enjoying so very much seeing his plea for reason and perspective go not only unheeded, but actively rejected by people wearing clown shoes. Only almost, though, and only a little.

3 Responses

  1. “Then what, Mr. Frum? If you, in the highly unlikely to nearly impossible chance, eliminated Mr. Limbaugh as an impediment to your goals, who’s next? Mark Levin? Sean Hannity? Glenn Beck? All of them have a considerably large following.”

    It is like taking down dominos since they are all in a line.

  2. Limbaugh is a failed DJ who flailed around until the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine changed the face of radio. It allowed unmitigated, uncontested, bullshit become the dominant radio format. Only then did he find success.

    Not only has he never held an elected office, he has never even run for office and never worked for any government anywhere. To my knowledge, he has never held a job outside of the entertainment industry. (He also has a drug problem and dodged the draft.)

    The idea that he is now one of the most influential Republicans is offensive. I’d be offended if I were a Republican. The fact that most people -even in the upper echelons- PREFER it that way is a glowing condemnation of both the Republicans and society in general.

    The man is a fucking radio entertainer! But even a former VP would rather have him speak for the party than a respected General and former Secretary of State. Surely some Republican out there (at least Frum seems to be trying) is more qualified, more capable AND MORE DESERVING!

    But, even though it’s to their temporary advantage, Democrats should not be happy with this. Any society that replaces William F. Buckley with Rush Limbaugh is ultimately doomed.

  3. I loved Bill Buckley. More for the sound of him than the content, but that snotty Boston Brahmin intonation could make shit on a shingle sound like caviar.
    Sadly, these days, when I think of Bill, all I can hear is him threatening to punch Chomsky. It was a bad move utterly revealing the intellectual rung Chomsky had already nimbly scaled and which Bill couldn’t reach.
    So it goes for even the greatest defenders of conservatism.

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