Palin, Prejean and Brainless Ignorance

Sarah Palin (the thing that would not die) leaps to the defense of Carrie Prejean (the thing that would not go away), and in so yammering reveals that the job of Vice President is not the only thing she doesn’t understand about the Constitution.

“The liberal onslaught of malicious attacks against Carrie Prejean for expressing her opinion is despicable…”
“What I find so remarkable is that these politically-motivated attacks fail to show that what Carrie and I believe is also what President Obama and Secretary Clinton believe — marriage is between a man and a woman. Our Constitution protects us all — not just those who agree with the far left.”

Jumped of Jesus on skis! How fucking blitheringly stupid and yammering batshit nuts does someone have to be before it dawns on them that perhaps it’s a good idea to shut the hell up rather than reveal the embarrassing lack of brain?
First of all, the “onslaught of malicious attacks for expressing her opinion.”
Well…I suppose we could attack Prejean for her coiffed hair, augmented breasts, phony ‘coat hanger in her mouth’ Colgate smile, inability to string together a grammatically correct sentence or her desperate and pathetic need for bikini strutting pageantry fame…but WHY? Why waste time attacking her for such piddling things as those when we have her opinions, what she thinks and says, to attack?
What if she had said something like, “Black people should not be allowed to marry white people”? Or, “People of different religious faith should not have the right to marry.” Or, “No offence to anyone, but I believe that brown people should not be allowed to attend school with normal Americans.”
Clearly, if she had said anything of the sort, there would be no public defense of Carrie Prejean. If she chose to honestly express racist, ignorant, backward opinions like that, no one would ask how I dare attack this poor woman for expressing her opinion. So, it is not the “right to free speech” that is being defended here, it is the content.
Let me be clear: Prejean has the unfettered right to express her opinions on any subject. Should she do so, she may well expect the content of that opinion to be attacked.
Not all opinions are created equal. When I need heart surgery, I do not ask my mechanic for advice. When I need my car repaired I do not turn to a cardiac surgeon for assistance. What Carrie Prejean thinks about anything other than the efficacy of vaseline as emergency lip gloss is beyond her expertise.
As Winston Churchill said, “Your right to an opinion does not obligate me to take you seriously.”
And yet, here’s Sarah Palin and a parade of ignorant fuckwits lining up to denounce attacks on Prejean for expressing her opinion. Duh! Of course they are! Prejeans “opinion” is ugly, poorly considered, based on religious dogma inflicted upon her from childhood, and sourced from a brain that rarely hacks up a thought that isn’t accompanied by the adjective, “Neato!”
So…it isn’t that she has an opinion or that she expressed it that opens her to attack. No one is suggesting that people ought not have opinions, or that they ought not express them. However, when one steps up and expresses, in public, a harmful, hateful, ugly, bigoted opinion, one had better be prepared for a response – an answer. That is simply the nature of opinions, and if you can’t take that, then shut the fuck up.

Palin then doubles down on ignorance and splits her confusion by suggesting that no one should attack Prejean’s opinion because Obama and Clinton hold the same opinion. I’m not sure that’s precisely true – were one to examine their positions on civil unions and accompanying rights, I submit there is a sea of significant difference between those who want to preserve the WORD “marriage” in its traditional sense while extending full legal rights and responsibilities to all, and those who base their position on Leviticus and Jesus and see homosexuality as an abomination against God.
However, even leaving that distinction aside, appeals to authority are a specious defense at best. It does not enhance or support Carrie Prejean’s opinion that anyone else might agree with it, or even that most people might agree with it. Civil rights are not a matter of “If the cool kids think we should,” or, “The majority think that’s how it ought to be.” Civil rights are far too important to be left to a vote.

Lastly, and most significantly, Palin starts blathering about the Constitution – that the 1st Amendment enshrining freedom of speech protects us all, and not only the lefties.
The 1st Amendment does not say that no one shall be insulted or rebuked for expressing an opinion, or that any opinion is as good as any other. The 1st Amendment prevents the GOVERNMENT from abridging a citizens right to express their opinion, and even THAT is not without restriction, subject to laws concerning incitement to riot, treason or criminal behavior.
The 1st Amendment protects citizens from the state, not from other citizens who take issue with the stupid crap sputtered by a Miss America contestant.
That Sarah Palin is under the misapprehension that the Constitution demands that no one object to Carrie Prejean’s ignorance is simply wrong, and bespeaks precisely the sort of uneducated, backwoods Caribou Barbie stupidity that ought to make Sarah Palin recognize that she has no future outside of Alaska (and likely not much there either).


24 Responses

  1. Love your comments!! Keep up the good work!! :>) (smile)

  2. Prejean-Miss Hypocrite
    Carrie Prejean, the Miss California contestant, was correct about homosexuality! It is mortal filth
    and condemned by God’s Word…but Prejean poses semi nude and topless EXPOSING HER
    BREASTS and revealing the bottom of her buttocks…then lied about it…and then she parades
    her body around in the Miss California Pageant EXPOSING HER PARTIAL BREASTS and
    buttocks in a sexual immoral swimsuit before the world! She is 100% a HYPOCRITE and
    she does NOT represent Jesus Christ nor a Christian!!
    Jesus said it this way, “Anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery
    with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better
    for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into Hell.” [Mt. 5:28,29]

    • While I agree that Prejean is a hypocrite (and clinically stupid), the only thing that strikes me as dumber is that anyone (a) believes in your theistic foolisness, (b) quotes the bible as though it’s any sort of authority for anything other than to assist idiots like you to feel undeserved comfort and unearned moral superiority, or (c) thinks parading their imbecilic dogma gobbling cockheaded stupidity in public is any way to make an argument or a point.
      If you want to believe in a sky wizard fantasy, Dane, that’s YOUR business. Keep it to yourself, and keep your proselytizing horseshit off my blog. Your first comment has been permitted in order to show others that your sort is out there, unmedicated, spreading your insipid, corrosive, harmful crap. Preaching will not be tolerated, and any future comments posted by you or other brainless God freaks will be moderated for content.

  3. Dear Sir
    As hate just gushes out of you! Here is a proof of my “stuff” “I love you.” Oow! And you can run and hide and edit my “stuff”…but the fact is my “stuff” blows the living Hell out of your “stuff”.
    I’m not any better than you…but I will challenge you any day to compare the “fruit” of my “stuff” to your Satan brain washed humanistic inferiority. I have 100% joy, victory, freedom from immoral slavery and weaknesses…my “stuff” leads me to travel around the world helping hundreds and hundreds of thousands of hurting people and feeding the poor and loving the helpless and suicidal…now your turn, ha! Match your “stuff’ up with mine.
    What a joke. with love and at your service, Dane Oow!

    • None of that goes one inch to advancing the truth claim upon which you credit your good acts, nor does it detract one whit from the utterly immoral, disgusting, ugly and evil shit that has been done upon the same motive (Jesus told me to!). Furthermore, it fails to surpass the equally limitless list of good acts committed by secular humans, without the threat of hellfire or heavenly reward insulting them or belittling the sentiment.
      Please don’t take my refusal to permit you a platform to preach as hate. It is not. It is an unabiding intolerance for stupidity, delusion and harmful foolishness. Feel free to spread your “word” elsewhere. You shall not do it here.
      That you cannot imagine a refusal to accept your brainwashed gobbledegook as anything other than inspired by another imaginary character only demonstrates your lack of intellect and imagination in sufficient degree to buttress my decision to not permit preaching on the VNV boards.

  4. What a chicken! Back up your delusional, demonic, hate-filled words by your life! You can’t! So you run and hide behind Satan’s skirt. You can’t beat my love for you and you can’t handle truth in your face, so run…you’re sick with hate and you know it…RUN!

    • How very loving of you. I always appreciate it when those who express such fine, high emotions accuse me of hiding behind the skirts of evil incarnate, delusions (when all I do is point out theirs), and spewing hate (for holding a mirror up to dogmatic foolishness).
      How very Godish, as well…to state that I am sick whole holding yourself out as an example of what it means to be well, despite the utter condescension and hypocrisy inherent in your very words – a more childish, spiteful, willfully blind, dogmatic tantrum difficult to imagine. Rather a fine blend of Old Testament Yahweh and gentle Jesus, meek and mild, n’est pas?
      And, in point of logical fact, Dane, you pathetic bit of angry facade, I DO back up my claims with my life. Assuming you’re correct, I’m doomed to eternal hell for refusing to accept your invented god as my personal saviour. Wouldn’t you say that’s making a rather larger than life investment in the error of your fantasy?
      What you’re trying to imply, in the way only the church can so dishonestly contort human thinking, is that because you are some sort of missionary who, like that scamming Albanian dwarf Teresa, has dedicated himself to helping the less fortunate, that you have some sort of inside track on the truth; that YOU (because of your supposed altruism) are in some position to tell people How It Really Is.
      I do good acts, and I do not need to be threatened with hell, or promised heaven to do them. I will neither debase my altrusim by comparing myself to you, nor will I debase myself by suggesting that my good actions stem from either fear of punishment or promise of reward. I do good acts because they are good, and a reward in themselves…not because I hope to be paid.
      How sad for you that it only fear of hell and the promises of a leprechaun that might move you to behave decently towards your fellow man. How terribly, depressingly sad.
      There is nothing you can do that I cannot. There is nothing good that a religious person can do that cannot also be done by a secular human (for secular reasons). There is, however, an almost infinite list of evil things that can ONLY be done by those who claim to heed the word of a Holy Book…that HAVE been done, and done ONLY by those who follow their God.

  5. Also @ Dane

    If one is to take your argument – that because your religious belief has led you to do good acts, and that your good acts outnumber / outweigh my good acts, others should believe as you do…your good acts are evidence of the truth of your beliefs – then you ought to immediately convert to Judaism.
    Jesus was a Jew, as is Eli Weisel (who never served in the Hitler Youth), George Burns (who isn’t God but played Him in the movie) and a long enough list of Nobel Prize winners to suggest something about the intellect of a religion that makes up such a small percentage of the population. And, of course, they totally have that whole “freedom from slavery” thing going about which you were yammering earlier.
    So, on the “contributions to humanity / good acts” scale, hie thee off to the local rabbi, book a mohel for the circumcision, and join the top producers.

  6. P.S. Here is my email if you are afraid to discourse publicly And I challenged you to defend the fruit of your life, not some “secular humans”. I stopped a teen from suicide last month in Bolivia, South America…match that by the fruit of your life sir. Then we will know whose God or philosophy is more powerful!! Oow!!

    • Anecdotal evidence of what you say happened ain’t much of an argument.
      I have no need to list my good acts, nor do I need to make specious arguments about the efficacy of my good acts. I have absolutely no interest in how you would view them, or rank them in comparison to your egocentric assessment of the depth and breadth of your Sermon on the Mount benevolence.
      If that teenager turned to you for help, it was not a suicide attempt. It was a cry for help. Kudos to you for being there when someone needed a shoulder to cry on. Is it your argument that I have never done anything of the sort, despite having worked as both a lifeguard and an EMT? Are we counting saved lives? How shallow of you. How boastful. How very Un-Christlike.
      Philosophies are not powerful. They are either true, in that they represent a functioning and accurate view of the cosmos and out relationship to it, or they are untrue, in that they are founded upon delusional, ignorant, dogmatic falsehoods that present a inaccurate view of the cosmos and one’s relationship to it.
      You have no evidence whatsoever to support your “philosophy” (which is why we have that other word – theology). I have really very lots of tons and tons and more evidence for mine.
      Logic supports me, while denying you all but that barest of consolations, “You can’t prove God doesn’t exist!”
      Nevertheless, in terms of pure truth value, you haven’t a leg to stand on…only a cross we might nail it to had we a hammer to go with your missing leg.

  7. You are absolutely correct for pointing out the stinking hypocrisy of people, money lusting preachers, hypocrites like Prejean and religious and political “nuts.” Religion sucks!!…but by reading through your blog your hate is INTENSE man! Your venom and filthy words run like sewage! And absolutely I will tell you sir exactly like it is…my “stuff’ can set you free from your hate and give you some real love.
    And you are still hiding. Where’s your “stuff”? What “fruit” has your depressing philosophy personally brought you? ABSOLUTELY one’s life fruit is a testimony that can validate reality and prove what’s right and wrong.
    What can’t you do? Ha! Time for comedy central…by my “stuff” I have seen 2 people healed of AIDS, eyes & ears be opened, a crippled man in India get out of his wheelchair, a dead man raised,etc, etc, etc…match this!!
    C’mon show me your god! He is a weak miserable, failed philosophy of hate!
    I’ve got love man! And I will serve you in any way I can. You want some money I will give you some. Love man! Any clue what that is?
    And I am no better than you Cous…I just stumbled on some gooooooood “stuff”

    • Oh, I get it now…believe in Jesus and you get money? Or, if not money, then what?
      And are all those who eschew your religious doctrine – all those who have each and every benefit you have gained and in greater number and amount, yet are Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Atheist or something else – are they to be judged correct or in error upon disagreeing with you?
      The gain or loss of whatever it is you call “fruit” does nothing to advance the truth of your proposition. If it did, then no one who professes faith in your God would be starving, diseased, or suffering in any of the multitude of ways humans suffer. Your argument is stupid and false on its face.
      You have not seen anyone cured of AIDS, you have not seen the crippled walk (else they were not crippled as science employs the term), and you definitely have not seen the dead raised (except in such circumstances where either medical science intervened to save a life, or had erred ab initio in the declaration of death). You lie, either intentionally or not, you lie. You are either a liar, sir, or so muddled and blind as not to be trusted or even taken seriously.
      Your lies and wild, unsupported anecdotal claims only harm your veracity and confirm you as the dogma gobbling imbecile I suggested you are.
      I have no god, and find it so highly unlikely that there is such a thing as to come extraordinarily close to denying that such a thing even could be. Nevertheless, stopping short of that, I can and do say that anyone who says that there IS a god, and further claims to know the nature and desires of that omniscient, omnipotent thing, is not only wrong but clearly mad.
      Utterly delusional, and determined to infect others with your fantastic beliefs may be comforting for you. That comfort is NOT an excuse to spread your stupid delusions to others upon a bed of lies and false promises.
      Would that you were able to see the harm you inflict as you go about boasting of your pure motives and unlimited payoffs. You’re an emotional Ponzi scheme built on the ugliest exploitation of suffering, need and want.
      You should be ashamed of yourself.

  8. Not “believe in Jesus and get money” I just offered to love you! And my love blows your hate filled heart away Cous.
    You are so blinded by hate and demons. Satan has choked the life right out of you. I have seen hundreds of miracles, you cannot produce one…your Intellectual Philosohy God is DEAD! DEAD! DEAD!
    And I can get you the medical and verifiable truth of these miracles. Last month I saw my “stuff” heal a leader named Geraldo in Mexico of Diabetes. He has the medical papers on it and I can get you in contact with him! You are sooooo defeated by this truth in your face I bring you! Let me break it to you TRUTH CONQUERS EVERYTHING! Oow! And verifiable proof of these miracles defeats your demon induced philosophy of hate and intellectual nonsense.
    And I will offer it again, can I send you some money just to love you?
    PS your rejection of the truth has inspired me. Ha! Maybe I’ll start a website and call it TCE Truth Conquers Everything! And here’s some more truth for you my friend, “They perish because they refuse to love the truth…for this reason God sends them a POWERFUL DELUSION so they will believe the lie.”2 Thess.2:10,11
    WOW! That sounds exactly like you Cous! EXACTLY! WOW!

    • I just offered to love you! And my love blows your hate filled heart away Cous.

      What simpering, insincere trash is this? How can you love that which you do not know? Not only do not know, but accuse of being poisoned…hiding behind Satan’s skirt! It is falsehood on its face. That the words are hollow and spoken only for the ideological form – utterly lacking in anything like substance or reality – could not be more clear at first glance. Even if it were true, it speaks to a pathological madness far more directly than any divine guidance. Do you also love those who would murder innocents? In equal measure as the innocents? If you make that claim, I call you a liar or utterly lacking in proper moral judgment.
      Verifiable proof? I challenge you to provide that which you claim exists. Medically documented proof that the power of prayer or faith cured diabetes. It cannot be done, has never been done, and the journals await your proof.

      Lastly, you may not quote scripture as evidence for the truth of scripture. You seem like a bright enough fellow – let’s play by the rules, shall we?

  9. Hey Cous
    I’ve got to wrap this up for now [got to go “save the world”! Ha!]
    In conclusion Truth Conquers Everything!

    (The rest of this comment has been edited for violating VNV policies regarding preaching. Reasonable commentary is acceptable…for that matter unreasonable commentary is also acceptable. Debate and divergent views are encouraged. Bible quoting Jesus inspired rants – more akin to self-hypnotic chanting, and devoid of anything approaching reason or logic – are not allowed here).

    • I’ve tolerated your unfounded ranting about as far as I’m prepared to. Feel free to comment again if you think you can restrain your need to rely on the bible for authority, or ridiculous claims of personally witnessed miracles absent any evidence for same beyond your word (which, sadly, is demonstrably insufficient).
      You do not have the right (nor is it good practice) to define the terms of debate as you wish (“compare your ‘fruit’ to mine”, and further demand that I engage in such pointless comparative self-aggrandizement) and then inflict the conclusions you draw on the merits of the discourse without having the courtesy to actually engage the points.
      Assurance is not proof and neither is faith. If you can’t get your head around that, it becomes ever more readily apparent why you rely on unprovable claims mouthed hollowly from all sorts of pulpits to those in need of a crutch.

  10. Great blog. I agree. People who claim that a mere backlash against freely chosen speech, without gov’t hinddrance is censorship are morons. You have freedom OF speech, you twit Plain/Prejean, you just don’t have freedom FROM taking responsibility FOR that speech. People are allowed to use their freedom of speech rights to counter your speech if they so desire. Palin and Prejean are both idiots.

    • Brother, you wanna see ignorance, read through Dane’s comments above.
      Thanks for dropping by. Fix the eye-bleeding white font pain and I’ll come by more often.
      Reading your blog is like dropping into a house party that has only Pantera CDs.

  11. Sorry about that but I get headaches from light colored backgrounds, You’re not the only one to make that suggestion though, so I’ll try to find a suitable compromise.

  12. I wonder if he loves gays enough to lay hands on them? We’re all god’s creatures, right? lol.

    PS–I changed my blog colors. Hopefully, it won’t be as irritationg for you now. lol. I can still read it without geting a headache, so I’m pleased with it. Peace!

    • 50% lighter on the gray. Arial or Helvetica instead of TNR. Just me…only looking to make whatever the hell you’re posting over there easier to consume.

      Laying on of hands is not worth pursuing. It goes far deeper than that. In the view of a faithful Christian any and all homosexuals are, for their nature, an abomination to God.
      This is not something that can be reconciled.
      For a certain segment of the population, human rights / civil rights / reason be damned, it just ain’t. Ain’t.
      A good thirty percent of those boys are desperate to suck a dick, and twelve percent will beat you to death for suggesting such a thing. This is not the sort of issue that lends itself to proper adjudication by way of state referenda, even without regard to the question of a Massachusetts marriage being enforceable in California.

      I do not question Dane’s sincerity. He strikes me a true believer. I have met the truly faithful before, and they really are more charming than the obvious hypocrites…they really mean it with all their heart and whatever intellect they can muster.
      The significant difference between these folks and the scammers (Robert Tilton et al) is that Tilton knows he’s running a scam. Dane thinks the Ponzi scheme is real.

  13. “Laying on of hands is not worth pursuing. It goes far deeper than that. In the view of a faithful Christian any and all homosexuals are, for their nature, an abomination to God.
    This is not something that can be reconciled.”

    That is one of the things I like about Obama, he seems to agree with me in wanting to bridge gaps between people that have been long fought to remain separated. His speech last Sunday was a very good start.

  14. “I just offered to love you! And my love blows your hate filled heart away Cous.”

    Sounds like an invitation to a little something-something if you ask me.

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